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26. Ksuperior 

27. Dnuisance 

28. M tip

29. Ovisual 

30. Aassociated 


32. Hsensitive 

33. Islight 

34. Cindicate 

35. B examine 



36.Elderly students find it hard…


37.Some believe take-home examsmay  affect …


38.Certainprofessors believe in-class …


39. In-classexams are believed to …


40.The author washappy to …


41.Students whoput off …


42.Differentstudents may prefer …


43.Mostprofessors agree whether …


44.The authordropped out of …


45.Some studentsthink take-home exams…




46. D - In whatway it can be beneficial.

47. C - She got some ideas fromprevious studies.

48. A - She monitored the brainactivity of participants.

49. C - She exposed herparticipants to two different stimulus.

50. B - They tend to perceiveirregular beeps as a threat.

Passage Two

51. D - They tend to pushthemselves beyond the limits.

52. A - They struggle to satisfythe demands of both work and home

53. A - Their unwillingness to sayno.

54. C - men tend to put theirpersonal interests first.


55. B - Their ability todelegate.


长沙新东方国内部 易哲

Section A NewsReports

News Report One

1. B) Her little brother.

2. C) By selling lemonade andpictures.


News Report Two

3. C) Providing clean energy to fivemillion people.

4. B) They can be laid right on topof existing highways.

News Report Three

5. A) Endless fighting in theregion.

6. D) To find evidence of theexistence of the “lost lions”.

7. B) Lions’ tracks.

Section B LongConversations

Conversation One

8. A) Her ‘luckybirthday’.

9. D) Threw her a surpriseparty.

10. B) The trip her husband hasplanned.

11. C) He is eager to learn how thecouple’s holiday turns out.


Conversation Two

12. A) They are sensitive to thedynamics of a negotiation.

13. B) They know when tostop.

14. C) They learn quickly.

15. D) Get to know the otherside.

Section C Passages


Passage One

16. D) How space research benefitspeople on earth.

17. B) They developed objects forastronauts to use in outer space.

18. A) They are extremelyaccurate.


Passage Two

19. C) It marked the beginning ofsomething new.

20. A) They believed in working forgoals.

21. D) Doing needlework by thefire.

Passage three

22. C) Sit down and try to calmyourself.

23. B) You may expose yourself tounexpected dangers.

24. D) Walk uphill.

25. A) Inform somebody of yourplan. 




Located in Huayin city, Mount Huais 120 kilometers from Xi’an. It is part ofQinling Mountains, which divide not only the northern and thesouthern part of Shaanxi, but also China. In the past, Mount Taiwas often worshipped by people, rather than Mount Hua, whose uphillroad is extremely dangerous. However, those people who wish forlong life often go up the mountain. Because many herbs are grownthere, especially the rare ones. Since the cable car was installedin 1990s, the number of visitors has greatly increased.



Mount Tai lies in the west of ShanDong Province. With an altitude of over 1500 meters, it covers anarea of nearly 400 square meters. The majestic and magnificentMount Tai is famous for its history and culture, which has beenworshipped by people during the past 3000 years. According to therecord, a total of 72 emperors once visited there. Many writerscame to Mount Tai to get inspiration in writing poems and articles.Artists also painted there. Hence, there were all kinds of culturalrelics and historic sites. Now, Mount Tai has become a majortourist attraction in China.



Mount Huang lies in the south ofAnhui province. It has a special scenery, especially famous forsunrise and cloud sea. We'd better look upward to enjoy themagnificence of the mountain itself while downward to appreciatethe charming view inside the mountain. Mount Huang, with its humidclimate contributing to the growth of tea plants, is a major teaproducing area of China. There are also a host of hot springs, ofwhich the water is helpful to the prevention and treatment of skindiseases. Mount Huang is one of the main tourist destinations ofChina as well as the most popular theme in photography andtraditional Chinese paintings.





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