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(2006-12-17 22:30:56)
分类: 英语学习园地

   So, my life is perfect. (Yeah.I wish!) Well, it isn't too bad. But can it be better? I've been asking myself this question for several years. The answer is simple:Yes, it can!

  这样看来,我的生活是完美的,(是的,我也希望如此!)其实我的生活也不差,但是可以更好吗? 这几年来我我一直在问自己这个问题.答案和简单:是的,它可以!
  I don't care what we are doing or how we're doing it, there is always a way to improve upon our lifetyle.
   How can it be better? Well, I can share some things I've done that helped me. And, hopefully, if you're dealing with the same chalenges or situations in life, these ideas might help you.
Here are four rules I've come to live by:
First, do what I love
  If I don't enjoy something, I get rid of it or don't do it. Sounds crazy, right? I worked for three years to build up a one-man band act with my saxophone, a keyboard, and my flute. Then, one day, after doing the gig for a corporate Christmas party, I decided that the one-man band act might pay enough, and might be fun, but it would not be the musical outlet I was truly seeking: that of interacting with other musicians and touring around the country (or world). So I stopped doing it. I sold most of my gear, including my P.A. system, flute, and keyboard, for pennies on the dollar. Then, I focused on talking to people about my aspiration to play in a band, to front a band, and make great things happen musically. Two years later,I met Dino, and we started a band called The Olive Club. We;re playing music we enjoy and the band is growing into the type of band I had envisioned.
   However, achieving this vision might have been possible even if I had continued doing the one-man-band act.Some roads, after all, do lead to the same destination-they just take longer to arrive there. My position on our decisions is to just make them and don't look back. Why have regrets? Regret doesn't help us with where we are today. Nor does it help us with where we are going. What does help is to make a decision, and move on, and be satisfied that is was right, no matter what we did.
Second, do the hardest things first.
    I know that when I do the hard things first that my life seems so easy I wonder how it counld have been any other way. Just doing the easy things caused our life to become cluttered. We might as well face our challenges head-on and then cruise through the easy part.
Third, allow myself to feel emotions.
    When I'm happy, I like being happy and laughing. If I get angry, I gave myself permission to scream or break something. Go ahead, really,it is okay to feel! I once heard Kevin Ryerson say, " I believe we were supposed to have emotions. Such as joy, anger, happiness,sorrow. As the Old Testament said, "I am a loving God, I am a jealous God, I am an angry God, etc."--if it is good enough for God, it is good enough for me! When we allow ourselves to feel, yet remain "aware" of what we are doing or saying, we enable ourselves to become fully human.
Fourth, be positive and have faith in myself, and in my ability to manifest.
    I like to look up at the blue sky, see the birds chirping, and smile. And find something to laugh about. If we aren't laughing, we aren't living,. With once ounce of joy we replace a thousand sorrows. Through faith in our self, we enable the world around us to give back to us. Through our belief in our self, we create our world, our life, our potential.
   Taking a look at how we live our lives can be be refreshing. By leaving the things that aren't working((after seriously trying), doing the hard things first, allow our emotions to be real, and smile and laugh along the way, the journey can be better for all of us.
  We welcome your comments and success stories about living an elegant simplicity life and making your life more fun and abundant feedback.


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