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(2011-02-14 20:38:00)


分类: 美文欣赏
 Do you know who is the most well-known person in China?


      The name of this person is a household word all over the country. His name is Cha and his given name, Buduo, which altogether mean “About the Same”. He is a native of every province, every country and every village in this country. You must have seen or heard about this person. His name is always on the lips of everybody because he is representative of the whole Chinese nation.


      Mr. Cha Buduo has the same physiognomy as you and I. He has a pair of eyes, but doesn’t see clearly. He has a pair of ears, but doesn’t hear well. He has a nose and a mouth, but lacks a keen sense of smell and taste. His brain is none too small, but he is weak in memory and sloppy in thinking.


      He often says: “whatever we do, it’s OK to be just about right. What’s the use of being precise and accurate?”


      One day, when he was a child, his mother sent him out to buy her some brown sugar, but he returned with some white sugar instead. As his mother scolded him about it, he shook his head and said, “Brown sugar or white sugar, aren’t they about the same?”


      One day in school, the teacher asked him, “Which province borders Hebei on the west?” He answered, “Shaanxi,” The teacher corrected him, “You are wrong. It’s Shanxi, Not Shaanxi.” He retorted, “Shaanxi or Shanxi, aren’t they about the same?”


      Later Mr. Cha Buduo served as an assistant at a money shop. He could write and calculate all right, but his mathematics were/was often faulty. He would mistake the Chinese character十(meaning 10)for 千(meaning 1000)or vice versa. The shop owner was infuriated and often took him to task. But he would only explain apologetically with a grin, “The character千differs from 十in merely having one additional short stroke. Aren’t they about the same?”

      后来他在一个钱铺里做伙计,他也会写,也会算,只是总不会精细。十字常常写成千字,千字常常写成十字。掌柜的生气了,常常骂他。他只是笑嘻嘻地赔小心道:“千字比十字只多一小撇,不是差不多吗?”       差不多先生传 
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      One day, he wanted to go to Shanghai by train on urgent business. But he arrived at the railway station unhurriedly only to find the train already gone, because he was two minutes late. He stood staring helplessly at the smoke belching from the diminishing train, and shook his head, “Well, all I can do is leave tomorrow. After all, today and tomorrow are about the same. But isn’t the railway taking it too seriously? What’s the difference between departing at 8:30 and 8:32?” He walked home slowly while talking to himself and kept puzzling over why the train hadn’t waited for him for two minutes more.

      有一天他为了一件要紧的事,要搭火车到上海去。他从从容容地走到火车站,迟了两分钟,火车已经开走了。他白瞪着眼,望着远远的火车上的煤烟,摇摇头道: “只好明天再走了,今天走同明天走,也差不多。可是火车公司未免太认真了。8点30分开,同8点32分开,不是差不多吗?”他一面说,一面慢慢地走回家, 心里总不明白为什么火车不肯等他两分钟。

      One day he suddenly fell ill and immediately told one of his family to fetch Dr. Wang of East Street. The latter went in hurry, but couldn’t find the physician on East Street. So he fetched instead Veterinarian Wang of West Street. Mr. Cha Buduo, lying on his sickbed, knew that a wrong person had been brought home. But, what with pain and worry, he could ill afford to wait any longer. So he said to himself, “Luckily, Vet Wang is about the same as Dr. Wang. Why not let Vet Wang have a try?” there- upon, the veterinarian walked up to his bed to work on him as if he were a cow. Consequently, Mr. Cha Buduo kicked the bucket before an hour was out.

      有一天,他忽然得了急病,赶快叫家人去请东街的汪医生。那家人急急忙忙地跑去,一时寻不着东街的汪大夫,却把西街牛医王大夫请来了。差不多先生病在床 上,知道寻错了人。但病急了,身上痛苦,心里焦急,等不得了,心里想道:“好在王大夫同汪大夫也差不多,让他试试看罢。”于是这位牛医王大夫走近床前,用医牛的法子给差不多先生治病。不上一点钟,差不多先生就一命呜呼了。

      When Mr. Cha Buduo was about to breathe his last, he uttered intermittently in one breath, “Live or die, it’s about…about…the same…Whatever we do…it’s OK…to be …just…just about right... Why…why…take it…so seriously?” as soon as he finished this pet phrase of his, he stopped breathing.


      After Mr. Cha Buduo death, people all praised him for his way of seeing things and his philosophical approach to life. They say that he refused to take things seriously all his life and that he was never calculating or particular about personal gains or losses. So they called him a virtuous man and honored him with the posthumous reverent title Master of Easy-Going.


      His name has spread far and wide and become more and more celebrated with the passing of time. Innumerable people have come to follow his example, so that everybody has become a Mr. Cha Buduo. But look(瞧,看看), China will hence be a nation of lazybones

      他的名誉越传越远,越久越大。无数无数的人都学他的榜样。于是人人都成了一个差不多先生——然而中国从此就成为一个懒人国了。     差不多先生传 
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