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《雅思词汇 词根+联想 记忆法》 Word List 24

(2007-10-10 18:12:59)


分类: 英文教学
全部摘自群言出版社 出版,俞敏洪编著的 《雅思词汇词根+联想记忆法》
2007年10月9日背下的句子: Word List 24

Word List 24


01,Those devices have multiple purposes.

02,Hot weather multiplies bacteria rapidly.

03,The murder seemed planned.

04,If your bed doesn’t give enough support, back muscles and ligaments work all night trying to correct spinal alignment.

05,The profit of this company is expected to mushroom to $50 million by 2006.

06,They soon discovered a mutual interest in music.

07,Writers transport their heroes to mysterious realms beyond the Earth.

08,The second flaw in the document is the naive faith it places in its 1,000 core zoos.

09,The luminaries that can be seen by our naked eyes are quite a small part of the universe.

10,Many people feel that it’s dangerous to ride the subway — there have been some nasty attacks.

11,Can you produce any proof of your nationality?

12,All teachers in this school have specialist qualifications in teaching English to foreign students, and are all native speakers.

13,Is extinction a naturally occurring phenomenon?

14,The depth of the navigable channel of this river is 40 feet.

15,As an international student you’ll not necessarily be eligible for all the facilities offered to resident students.

16,This policy had a negative effect on their business.

17,After years of neglect, single speed cycles still manage to function, though not always too efficiently.

Don’t neglect writing to your mother.

18,By no means does everyone in the world know English well enough to negotiate in it.

Tom negotiated the fence with ease.

19,The animal’s optic nerves are highly regenerative.

Rock-climbing is a test of nerve and skill.

20,The feminist took neutral ground during the first interview.

21,He was tired, nevertheless he kept on working.

22,Nickel can be used to make batteries.

23,Traveling on those bad mountain roads is a nightmare.

24,Since the Winter Games began, 55 out of 56 gold medals in the men’s Nordic skiing events have been won by competitors from Scandinavia or the former Soviet Union.

25,The normal noise threshold for private housing is 55 decibels.

26,The most notable of these activities was the Woman’s Exhibition.

27,We go to the notice board to find out about lectures.

28,If the library is not notified and you are 15 minutes late, your time can be given to someone else.

29,The emergence of a new style of architecture reflects more idealistic notions for the future.

30,Tom was a notorious liar.

31,All the children were well nourished and in good physical condition.

32,France derives three quarters of its electricity from nuclear power.

33,Numerous overseas visitors have come to see how the program works.

34,We need to grow and nurture new talents.

35,big/tall/great/large oaks from little acorns grow.(谚语,这句是利用词典补充的)

36,The importance of these acquisitions extends beyond the objects themselves.

37,If no one has any objection against the decision, I’ll declare the meeting is closed.

38,The objective of the Human Genome Project is simple to state.

39,Every government has the right and obligation to run its own internal affairs well.

40,She has observed that if a left-handed person is brain-damaged in the left hemisphere, the recovery of speech is quite often better than that of a right-handed person.

41,Today fibre optics are used to obtain a clearer image of smaller objects.

42,It should have been an occasion for rejoicing, but she could not feel any real joy.

43,There will be occasional congruity between prophecy and fact.

44,In social circumstances, dress has often been used as a role sign to indicate the nature and occasionally the social status of people present.

45,Please state your name, age and occupations on the form.

46,Any individual in any situation occupies a role in relation to other people.

47,Generally, molt occurs at the time of least stress on the birds.

48,We are attracted by the odd behavior of the boy.

49,Some people are known as odour-blind.

50,You should remind yourself not to offend against the customs when you are in the minority region.

51,Prices have risen in order to offset the increased cost of materials.

52,With one right and one left-handed parent, 15 to 20 percent of the offspring will be left-handed.

53,On the horizon are optical computers.

54,Manufacturers usually consider quality control to be an ongoing process.

55,The lift didn’t operate.

The doctor decided to operate on Tom immediately.

His father operates three big companies.

56,We need some advanced operational staff.

57,The American Medical Association represents about half of all US doctors and is a strong opponent of smoking.

58,The film gave them an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

59,Some environmentalists have opposed economic development of any kind.

60,The document does seem to be based on an unrealistic optimism.

61,Psychologists have conducted studies showing that people become more optimistic when the weather is sunny.

62,To increase the output of crops per acre, a farmer’s easiest option is to use fertilizers and pesticides.

63,Students will have a chance to ask optometrists any questions at the end of the lecture.

64,Which orchestra do you think is the finest in our country?

65,The main organs of communication for the WSPU were its two newspapers.

66,This insect is on a list of organisms known to be harmful.

67,Classes are organized according to ability level.

68,The course focuses on preparing its graduates for work, so we’re oriented very much towards employment.

69,This information is all in the handout which you should have received at the orientation meeting.

70,The origins of what is now generally known as modern architecture can be traced back to the social and technological changes of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Word List 24


01. 这类装置具备多功能性。

02. 炎热的天气导致细菌迅速繁殖。

03. 这场谋杀显然是蓄意策划的。

04. 如果你的床不能提供足够的支撑,那么背部肌肉和韧带就会整晚工作来校直脊椎骨。

05. 这家公司的利润到2006年有望猛增到5,000万美金。

06. 他们很快发现对音乐有着共同的兴趣。

07. 作家们将其笔下的英雄流放到地球之外的神秘地域。

08. 这一文献的第二个瑕疵就是,它天真地信任了所谓的1000家核心动物园。

09. 我们肉眼所看到的天体仅仅是宇宙中很小的一部分。

10. 很多人认为乘坐地铁很危险,因为那里发生过一些可怕的袭击。

11. 你能出示可以证明你国籍的证件吗?

12. 这所学校所有的老师都具备教外籍学生英语的专业资格,且均为本土人。

13. 物种灭绝是一种自然现象吗?

14. 这条河的可航行河段的水深为40英尺。

15. 作为留学生,你将没有资格享受当地学生享受的所有便利。

16. 这一政策给他们的生意带了消极影响。

17. 在经过多年的被忽视之后,单速自行车尽管往往效率不高,但依然发挥着其作用。


18. 要让世界上每个人的英语都好得可以用它来进行谈判是不可能的。


19. 这种动物的视觉神经的再生能力非常强。



21. 他累了,但仍然继续工作。



24. 从首届冬季奥林匹克运动会开始,男子北欧滑雪比赛所产生的56块金牌有55块被斯堪的纳维亚和前苏联的选手收入囊中。


26. 在这些活动中,最引人注目的是妇女活动展。

27. 我们去公告牌那儿看看课程情况。

28. 如果你没有通知图书馆,那么在你迟到15分钟后,你的时间就会给其他人。

29. 一种新建筑风格的出现反映了关于未来的更多的理想主义观念。

30. 汤姆是声名狼藉的骗子。

31. 所有这些孩子都营养良好,身体健康。

32. 法国四分之三的用电量来自核能。

33. 众多海外游客来到这里来观看这个项目是如何运作的。

34. 我们需要增加和培养新的人才。


36. 这些收获的重要性超过了事物本身。

37. 如果没人反对这个决议,那么我将宣布会议结束。

38. 人类基因工程的目标很容易说明。

39. 每一任政府都有管理好国家内政的权利和职责。

40. 她观察到,如果一个左撇子的大脑左半球受损,他的语言恢复能力会比右撇子好很多。

41. 现在,纤维光学被用于获取更小物体的更清晰图像。

42. 原本应该是高兴的时刻,她却丝毫未感到快乐。

43. 预言与事实偶尔会一致。

44. 在社会环境下,服饰常常作为一种角色标记,被用来表现个性,又时而用来显示人的社会地位。

45. 请在表格里填写姓名、年龄和职业。

46. 任何环境中的任一个体都在与其他人的交往中扮演着某种角色。

47. 通常,换羽期发生在小鸟压力最小的时候。

48. 男孩古怪的行为吸引了我们。

49. 一些人闻不到气味。

50. 当你在少数民族地区的时候,要提醒自己不要冒犯他们的风俗。

51. 为补偿原料成本的增加而提高了价格。


53. 即将诞生的是光学计算机。


55. 电梯坏了。



56. 我们需要一些高级操作人员。

57. 美国医生协会代表着美国一半左右的医生,这一机构强烈反对吸烟。

58. 电影给了他们一个纵情驰骋想象力的机会。

59. 一些环保主义者反对任何形式的经济发展。


61. 心理学家已进行的研究显示,人们在阳光灿烂的日子里会更加乐观。


63. 讲座结束时,学生们将有机会向眼镜商提问。

64. 你觉得我国最棒的管弦乐队是哪一支?








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