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The Priest Who Gambled With a Life 以女人作赌注的牧师(2)

(2007-09-16 17:16:37)






分类: 我的译文(佛教故事)

The Priest Who Gambled With a Life 以女人作赌注的牧师(2)



The next morning, when the serving lady went out to do her shopping, the playboy dramatically fell to the ground before her. Grabbing her knees he tearfully cried, "Oh my dear mother, it's so wonderful to see you again after such a long time!"



Then his cronies chimed in, "Yes, this must be she! She looks the same - her hands and feet and face and type of dress. Yes, this must be she!" They all kept saying how amazing it was that her looks had changed so little in all that time.



The poor woman must have had a long lost son, for soon she was convinced this must be he. She hugged the king's clever playboy, and both sobbed tears of joy over their miraculous reunion.



In between bouts of sobbing, the man was able to ask her, "Oh dear mother, where are you living now?" "I live next door," she said, "in the royal priest's mansion. Night and day I serve his young woman. Her beauty is without equal, like the mermaids sailors love to praise."



He asked, "Where are you going now, mother?" "I'm going shopping for her perfumes and cosmetics, my son." "There's no need, mother," he said, "from now on I will give you the best perfumes and cosmetics free of charge!" So he gave them to her, along with a bouquet of lovely flowers.



When the priest's lady saw all these, much better quality than usual, she asked why the priest was so happy with her. "No," said the serving woman, "these are not from the priest. I got them at my son's shop." From then on she got perfumes and cosmetics from the playboy's shop, and kept the priest's money.



After a while the playboy began the next part of his plan. He pretended to be sick and stayed in bed.



When the servant came to the shop she asked, "Where is my son?" She was told he was too sick to work, and was taken to see him. She began massaging his back and asked, "What happened to you, my son?" He replied, "Even if I were about to die, I couldn't tell you, my mother."



She continued, "If you can't tell me, whom can you tell?" Then, according to his plan, he broke down and admitted to her, "I was fine until you told me about your beautiful mistress — 'like the mermaids sailors love to praise'. Because of your description, I have fallen in love with her. I must have her. I can't live without her. I'm so depressed, without her I'll surely die!"



Then the woman said, "Don't worry, my son, leave it up to me." She took even more perfumes and cosmetics to the priest's lady. She said to her, "My lady, after my son heard from me about your beauty, he fell madly in love with you! I don't know what to do next!"



Since the priest was the only man she had ever seen, the lady was curious. And of course she resented being locked up by force. So she said, "If you sneak him into my room, it's all right with me!"



The woman guards at the seven gates searched everything the servant took in and out. So she had to have a plan. She swept up all the dust and dirt she could find in the whole mansion. Then she began taking some of it out each day in a large covered flower basket. Whenever she was searched, she made sure some of the dust and dirt got on the guard women's faces. This made them sneeze and cough. Pretty soon they stopped searching her when she went in and out.



Finally one day she hid the playboy in her covered flower basket. He was trim and fit, not heavy at all. She was able to sneak him past all seven guarded gates, and into the priest's lady's private chamber. The two lovers stayed together for several days and nights. So the playboy was able to destroy her perfect faithfulness, which had been forced on her by the cold-hearted priest.



Eventually she told him it was time to go. He said, "I will go. But first, since the old priest has been so mean to you, let me give him one good blow to the head!" She agreed and hid him in a closet. This too was part of his secret plan.




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