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(2007-10-20 16:09:18)
 Jeans: A Fashion Icon Loved for a Century




by  Thaddy Pincher



A little over a century ago, Levi Strauss invented the first modern jeans. Introduced originally as 1)rugged, durable clothing for hard-working men and women, today all social classes feel comfortable in jeans. Trends and fashion icons come and go, but wearing stylish, comfortable jeans is still 2)favored by many people. While their 3)charisma springs from their 4)legendary American roots, their commercial strength rests on 5)innovation and 6)interpretation in the hands of jeanswear makers around the world.


While the basic structure of jeans has remained the same, there have been some colorful innovations. Consider the bell bottoms of the 1970’s with their tight waists and wide flaring bottoms. Yes, jeans are 7)versatile and durable, which is why they are such a hit with so many people. Who hasn’t enjoyed the feeling of slipping on an old comfortable pair of trusted jeans on a lazy Saturday morning? They fit well and they look great.


Shop for jeans, flared jeans, hipster jeans, bootleg jeans, classic cut jeans, low rise jeans, bellbottom jeans, stretch jeans, 8)maternity jeans, straight cut jeans and more. There are so many styles of jeans to choose from. Whether you want to 9)mow your 10)lawn or dress up for a business meeting, jeans fit the bill perfectly.









1) rugged [5rQ^id] a. 粗糙的

2) favor [5feivE] v. 喜爱

3) charisma [kE5rizmE] n. 超凡魅力

4) legendary [5ledVEndEri] a. 传说中的,具有传奇性质的

5) innovation [7inEu5veiFEn] n. 改革, 创新

6) interpretation [in7tE:pri5teiFEn] n. 解释

7) versatile [5vE:sEtail] a. 通用的,万能的

8) maternity [mE5tE:niti] a. 孕妇的

9) mow [mau] v. 刈,扫除

10) lawn [lC:n] n. 草地,草坪


Blue Jeans


Everybody loves blue jeans and every decade has its favorites.


Jeans have become such a key element in the American 1)wardrobe.


As West Coast bureau chief of Women's Wear Daily, Rose Appadacka Jones understands how important jeans are to the modern woman.


Jeans have become such a style essential in our wardrobe that I can't imagine living without them. Women alone spend $4.8 billion in denim, in jeans last year actually and that works out to about a little under three pairs for each woman.


Now you gotta admit there's nothing like finding just the right pair, and if you know how to wear them they'll never let you down. So we're gonna tell you everything you need to know about jeans, but first, let's take a look at how this wardrobe 2)staple has stood the test of time.


What is today the fashion must have begun life in the 1800s as the absolute 3)antithesis of style. Levi Strauss brought denim waste overalls to San Fransisco where gold miners put them to work. When Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis patented the process to put rivets in men's denim work pants, they created the world's first blue jean. Blue jeans, the word sounds so 4)modest yet they're one of the most 5)versatile enduring fashion items ever created. Whatever your style if you pay $30 a pair or ten times that, odds are you have more than one in your closet and they're probably your favorite thing to wear.


We love them because they make us look great. And we're going to share our secrets for making sure your next pair is your dream pair.


Jeans are one of the best 6)investments you'll ever make, if you take the time to find the right pair and the right fit, they can take you from day to night. No wonder most girls have a closet full of them, a pair for every 7)occasion.


You can really wear them with anything.


Fabrics and cuts is so endless in its variety, it's easy to develop an 8)addiction especially when 9)contemporary companies like Seven, Juicy Couture, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Earl make products that are irresistible to the eye and flattering to the figure.


You know today there are so many different types of jeans to choose from and they really do function as an individual style statement. So remember the jeans that you pick should really reflect your own 10)unique look.


So remember these helpful hints when looking for your perfect jeans. For a petite frame avoid weather treatments, look for pin-tucking and a slim cut. If you have curves stay away from back pockets that are large and too far apart, try jeans in a stretchy fabric. For short torso, steer clear of boxy fits, low-waisted jeans are best. And for a tall frame avoid crop jeans, look for boot-cut styles.


No matter what you're wearing during business hours, if you're like most girls, after work you're in jeans. The perfect pair could easily take you from day to night then back to day again, still looking good while making you look great.


So you can have a great beautiful pair of embellished jeans to wear at, at night, all the way to our favorite pair that we kick around in.


So it's really a matter of finding the classic jean that's gonna work the best for you and that's gonna be your fashion classic, that's gonna be your fashion staple.


You know I think that jeans have become the modern alternative to the little black dress and for every woman to feel sex she needs to have at least one amazing pair that fits like a second skin. I hope we've inspired you to find yours.










牛仔裤的质地和裁剪的变化无穷无尽,尤其是当同时期的Seven, Juicy Couture, Paper Denim & Cloth和Earl公司生产出引人注目而且让你身形漂亮的牛仔裤时,很容易就让人对它上了瘾。










1) wardrobe [5wC:drEub]  n. 衣柜,衣厨,衣室

2) staple [5steipl] n. 主要产品,主要成分

3) antithesis [An5tiWisis] n. 对立面

4) modest [5mCdist] a. 谦虚的,谦让的,适度的

5) versatile [5vE:sEtail] a. 通用的,万能的,多才多艺的

6) investment [in5vestmEnt] n. 投资

7) occasion [E5keiVEn] n. 场合,时机

8) addiction [E5dikFEn] n. 沉溺,上瘾

9) contemporary [kEn5tempErEri] a. 当代的,同时代的

10) unique [ju:5ni:k] a. 唯一的,,独特的


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