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zz susan miller 8月 狮子

(2009-08-01 00:34:39)




分类: 魔法护卫

Leo (July 23- August 22)
Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller
Leo Horoscope for August 2009
By Susan Miller

This year has been a crazy rollercoaster year when one moment things looked quite wonderful, and the next moment, quite dreadful - a point that may have made you contemplate the idea of disappearing into thin air. That was probably followed by a positive development, only to be followed by an event that was spiraling down again. So it went up and down and up again. It's enough to make you lose your mind.

2009是一个很疯狂的年头,前一刻看起来非常的不错,而后以后又让人沮丧,这一点可能让你考虑的想法消失得无影无踪,这可能是随后的一个积极的发展, 也可能是随后的继续下跌。 所以事情起起伏伏,足以让你崩溃

Happily, August will be a solid, productive month, but you will need to act quickly before the cosmic storms come to blow in September. September will demand a practical approach and more than a few adjustments, but once made - you guessed it - October will find you on the way up again!


Mercury will be retrograde the whole month of September, a configuration that will cause one delay and frustration after another. Nothing you do will stick in September and you will feel as though you are walking through glue. If Mercury were the only problem with September, the month would be fairly easy to navigate, but that won't be the case at all. Next month Saturn will argue with Uranus and both planets will give the mighty Sun and gracious new moon a very hard time from September 14-23, with September 17 being the worst day.


By the time September is done, your outlook for the balance of the year will actually be quite bright, but, alas, you'll have to make it through September. The whole month will be challenging from start to finish, with Mercury creating an environment of smoke and mirrors. Knowing this, you will need to clear the decks in August. Do not schedule any vital meetings from September 14-23. I am trying to tell you now so you have time to get ready.


Now that you know what's due next month, let's turn our attention back to August. After all, this is your birthday month, and I know you will be eager to celebrate. This month will be a big one because there'll be another eclipse, this time in Aquarius. Last month brought two eclipses, July 7 and 21, and it is unusual to see three eclipses in a row. Let's see what's in store for you.

现在你知道了9月份的一些问题,让我们回到8月份吧。毕竟这是你的生日月对吧,而且我知道你已经迫不及待的想庆祝一番了。由于宝瓶座上会又有一个月食,这个月将是很牛逼的。上个月有2次月食了,大概在7月7 和21号,所以3个月食排成一列是很不寻常的啦,让我们看看这个月食给你带来了什么。

A major eclipse will arrive on August 5 in the form of a full moon, and this one should affect you more than the other two that occurred in July. This eclipse will be related to other eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius family that came by this year on January 26 and February 9, 2009, and to those that arrived last year, on August 1 and 16 of 2008.


This one, arriving August 5, will be a lunar eclipse, a full moon, in your house of partnership and marriage. Eclipses stir up our emotions, but they also bring truth to light, often quite suddenly. The outcome of what you learn will be up to you, but there is indication that there will be a surprise or two to give this full moon a twist.


Uranus, the planet ruling Aquarius, and therefore ruling the eclipse AND your house of committed relationships, is currently retrograde. This suggests you will need to look back to an earlier problem and find a solution. Alternatively, you may need to compare what you learn now to what you assumed to be true when the relationship started, and then reconcile the two.


If you feel this alliance has future potential, you will want to talk things over to find a solution. This, being an eclipse, suggests that the process won't necessarily be easy, but still possible. Uranus is not due to go direct until December 1, so it could take that long to unravel the issue at hand. Still, there's nothing that says anything will come up. If you have a strong relationship, you will know it, and it would be the right time to bring it to the next level.


If you have been very unhappy in a relationship but not sure what to do, things may get a bit worse now, but enough to show you the path out. If things are beyond repair, this eclipse could mark the end of the relationship. If anyone walks out, it will be the woman in the equation - this is an eclipse of the moon, and moon is female, so she will be the one to "eclipse" out of the alliance. (Of course, in a relationship between two women, it would be unclear which one would leave.) This need not be a romantic relationship but rather could be a business one.

如果你现在对现在的关系很不满意,而且不知道如何去做,那么事情可能会变得更糟。但足以为你显示清晰的路径 。如果事情是无法修复的,偏食会可能标志着此关系的结束。如果有人走出来,可能是关系到女人的事情。满月关系到女性的,所以她将会是唯一一个走出此次关系的人。(当然,这是2个女人之间的关系,还不清楚谁先第一个退出。)这不一定是一个浪漫的关系,而可能是一个生意伙伴

At the time of the eclipse, Mars will be beautifully angled, showing that friends will be an amazing source of strength and comfort to you. Groups and clubs will also be a very positive influence - let that be a clue to you, and see how it fits.


Still, I feel this full moon eclipse could prove to be very positive for you, for Jupiter is in the same house of close committed relationships and marriage, protecting it. I wish Jupiter were closer - he will be at 23 degrees Aquarius, and the eclipse will be at 14 degrees Aquarius - a little far away but still "in the vicinity." I always give big planets leeway of 10 degrees. While other astrologers may disagree, my research shows that plus or minus 10 degrees is the right amount of tolerance.


If your birthday falls on August 5, or within five days of this date, you will feel this eclipse more powerfully than other Leos. This year will be one that you see a culmination to an important chapter of your life. Even if your relationship is strong, it's possible a woman who is prominent in your life will leave. This could be just about anyone, perhaps a friend or relative or a female boss.


Eclipses are a kind of acid test. Their job is to evolve us to a new level, and to give us missing pieces of information to a puzzle (even if you didn't think you had a "puzzling" situation before the eclipse came - the eclipse will decide that!) Everything will become clearer afterward. For that reason, so much depends on how things have been going all along.

月食是一种严峻的考验。他们的工作是我们发展到一个新的水平,并给我们某个谜题所缺少的信息(即使你不认为你有一个“谜题”在月食来到之前-月食将决定这一切! )多有的事情都将变得更加清晰。因此,这大部分取决于事情一直以来是如何发展的。

If your relationship is strong and pure, this eclipse will only underscore its strength. You may get engaged or married, or make plans for the future together. In a business sense, you may make plans to sign papers. I prefer to sign papers after an eclipse is over. Try to leave a few days space in between the date of the eclipse and the date of the signing.


In your case, when it comes to signing papers, I would suggest you do so on the very best day, August 12 or 13, when Mars, the planet of action, now based in your house of hopes and wishes, will send a beautiful, shimmering beam to Jupiter, the planet of happiness, now based in your house of partnerships.


Whatever you do, do not sign any papers on August 10, 17, 18, or 21. Keep a few days clear around these belligerent days when Mercury, Mars, and Uranus will be in very bad shape.

不管你怎么做,千万不要签署任何文件,在8月10日, 17 , 18 ,或21 。保持这几天的清醒在这些几大行星交战的日子,此刻水星,火星和天王星将处在非常糟糕的情形。

The new moon this month will fall in Leo at 28 degrees on August 20, so that's your big day to make announcements. If the full moon on August 5 was a time to listen, this one will give you your turn to speak. While the other eclipse will help you see your partner in a new light, this one will allow you to show others what you want to happen next.


This new moon will be in very fine angle to Pluto, the planet of transformations. Pluto will be operating at an extra strong level because it is at the critical zero degree of a cardinal sign, Capricorn.


The Sun and new moon will represent sublime "out of sign" harmony that may help your health and vitality. Your home situation is also due to improve. None of these things will happen without your involvement, of course, as you will have to show your intent to the universe to get the help, but it is there for you if you want it.


Mars will also be Mr. Friendly at this eclipse, and that means again you will see that your friends are the very best part of life these days. You can count on them to sing your praises and to go out of their way to help you. Bless them, they will clearly be the salt of the earth.


This new moon of August 20 in Leo 28 degrees would be a superb time to launch new projects and relationships. Put a star on this date - it really is your big green light to proceed ahead. When you see 28 degrees, it tells you that it is a degree of completion, so it looks like you are ready to set the wheels in motion now.


If your birthday falls on August 20 or within five days of this date, your whole year ahead will be filled with fresh starts. You are tired of the same old things, and you're ready to forge ahead into the future.


There will be a lot going on this month, so when Mars enters Cancer on August 25, it will be a signal to wind down and rest. In this position Mars will fill your twelfth house of reflection, considered an ideal place for quiet contemplation or research that requires solitude to finish. Mars will remain in this area of your chart from August 25 to October 15. During that time, particularly in September, it would be a perfect time to take a vacation, but not the active kind - plan a trip that would allow you to sleep late, read, take walks, swim or do other sports for fun, but that would not tax you that much.


Romantically, as said, August 5 plus or minus one week will tell the tale, but that will only be the case if you are attached. See it as a litmus test for your relationship. If nothing comes up, congratulations - you will know you have a strong tie.


If you are single, friends hold the keys to a richer, more satisfying social life. Let them make introductions, too. Once Venus moves through Leo from August 26 through September 20, your love life should show signs of life. Having said that, however, there will be so much stress for every sign in mid-September that I wouldn't count on anything being upbeat then - make use of Venus in your sign in August, while the other planets will be behaving more nicely.


Your very best romantic days will be August 1, 4-6 (wild card, due to the eclipse August 5, so things could go either way), 12, 13, 14, 15, 22-23, and 28. If you can slip away for a fun weekend at a friend's house, do it over August 22, my favorite day of the month for socializing.

你的最最最浪漫的日子将在8月1,4-6号12,13,14,15,2-23 和28号。如果您可以溜掉了一个有趣的周末待在在朋友家, 8月22日会是不错的日子,因为我最喜欢的这天做应酬。

Financially, things will be very volatile and could bring on disastrous results from any plan made on August 10, 17, 18, 21, and 26. Don't sign anything, don't have presentations, and simply, well, hide! As I mentioned earlier, September will be a workout for finances.

财务上,事情变得反复无常,并且可能导致灾难性的结果,如果你有计划爱听8月10,17,18,21 和2号。千万别签什么合同啊!!!!!!!也别做什么报告陈述,简单的把自己隐藏起来吧,我已经提到过,9月将会是财务的一次考验。可能会出现财务危机。

With Jupiter, a financial planet, in retrograde since June 15 and not due to correct its orbit until October 13, this would be a better time to look back to correct areas that have been unproductive, or to leave an arrangement you had made that never panned out as well as you had expected.


I do like the financial days of August 22-23, but admittedly, those days are weekend days. See if you can make those days work for you. Over that weekend the Sun will be in perfect angle to Pluto, and because you are ruled by the Sun, you will have access to some awesome power here to make changes and to also generate profit-making opportunities. If you can't make a financial decision on August 22 or 23, you can't use August 21 because on that day Mercury will oppose Uranus. In that case, focus on August 28 instead, a good runner-up day.

我非常喜欢8月22-23这个财务日子,但显然,这几天是周末。看看你是否能在这几天里找点事情干。在这几天里,太阳完全进入冥王星,由于你的守护星是太阳,所以你会得到很强大的力量并却能够获得收益机会。 如果你不能利用8月22日或23号,那么你也不能用8月21号,因为这一天水星将与天王星做抗争。如果那样的话,关注下8月28,又是一个不错的日子啦。

Here is a day that could be stressful. Mars in hard angle to Pluto on August 26 could possibly bring a tense altercation with a co-worker or underling at the office. This is brute force meeting brute force, so be careful in what you say and how you say it, especially to team mates or anyone who reports to you. The person could take offense and trigger a complete meltdown. This, again, will be one of those aspects that will put everyone, of every sign, on edge.


Creatively, Leo is often quite gifted. Two days when you're likely to find coming up with innovative ideas to be easy as pie will be August 16 and 17, when Neptune will partner with the Sun, and Mars will beam radiant vibes to Neptune and the Sun. At the very least you should feel quite energized to apply those innate talents! Hooray! We all want to see what you come up with, Leo!


Remember, dear Leo - THIS is your special month, not September. If you can't get things done now, table them for October. It's a rare month that will be as tough as September, but that's the picture that is shaping up. September 1 will be the hardest.

记住:亲爱的大狮子,这是你的特殊月份,不是9月份。 如果你不能把事情做好,那么留到10月份吧。 很少有像9月份这么难的日子了,唉。。。9月1号更是糟糕的很!

This will be a huge month for the future of one key relationship. There'll be no way to put off a decision, as the full moon lunar eclipse, August 5, will force you to state your intentions. If you are dating in earnest and in love, you will likely make a commitment and make plans to wed, a perfect time to do so. If you see no future together, you'll leave, perhaps quite unexpectedly. If you're already married, your partner may bring big news that will affect you both.

The closer your birthday falls to August 5, the more likely it is that this eclipse will affect you. Many Leos work in the entertainment, design, or other creative fields, so the upcoming eclipse may alternatively concern a creative collaboration. Jupiter's position shows that teaming up could be quite lucrative and productive.

Eclipses speed timetables, so no matter what your original plan was prior to this month, it will change. Many happy group events will dot your schedule in August too, so you'll have plenty of time to kick back, socialize, and have fun. Watch finances, however - next month could bring an untoward surprise - so you may want to create a little stash of cash.

Leo Dates to Note
A major change in your relationship will take your full attention over the full moon lunar eclipse August 5, plus or minus four days. If you are not attached, it may be a business alliance rather than a romantic one that captures your thinking.


You will have a chance to set your compass for a new future at the new moon in Leo on August 20 and in the days to follow. If your birthday falls on or near this date, you will see a year filled with new experiences.

Venus in Leo from August 27 to September 20 will make your charm much more visible. In September, Mercury will be retrograde, so before that happens, use August 27-31 for buying flattering new clothes for fall and, for women readers, to choose some new makeup. Men or woman readers: You may want to have your hair styled for a new, fresh look.

Financially this could prove to be a tricky month. Pay particular attention to money matters on August 18 and 21 when adverse news could rock you. Avoid August 10, 17, and 26, too. Do use instead the days of August 22 and 23, or if you can't, then the runner-up day, August 28.

Creatively, August 16 and 17 should be the best days to generate fresh ideas.

On August 26, co-workers and subordinates are likely to be super-sensitive and quick to take offense.

Your very best romantic days will be August 1, 4-6 (wild card, due to the eclipse August 5, so things could go either way), 12, 13, 14, 15, 22-23, and 28.


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