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Magicians of Love 愛情魔髮師 (December 2006)

(2006-12-15 18:45:50)

Characters Introduction :

Xiao Bei [Qiao Qiao]
Due to her dad being called Lao Bei, her nickname became Xiao Bei. Her mother left the house after she was just born and only left a black and white photo behind. Although her father uses “army style teaching” on her, she wasn’t frightened at all. At Zhong Nan Salon’s influence over the years, Xiao Bei inheirited her father’s hair cutting abilities and her work all made Lao Bei very proud. After shaving off 1000 soldiers’ hair, she won the “Jun Zhong Lover” title.

Xiao Bei has always been very frustrated at heart as there have been conflicts between old fashion cutting style and the newest haircutting methods. She was very interested in the new ways to design a person’s haircut but didn’t want to upset her dad and could only keep her interest hidden. When Neo-Image appeared, Xiao Bei always tried to criticize them in front of her dad and hid her true feelings. However, the more she push her feelings away, the more unrest she felt as Xiao Bei had to think about Zhong Nan Salon’s danger and future. One day, she accidentally bumped into her friend Tong Tong, who was at Neo-Image’s salon to have her hairstyle designed. Xiao Bei was angered and used their friendship to request that Tong Tong stop having her hair cut. Ya Si who was standing at the side couldn’t stand this ridiculous request and made a bet with her. If Tong Tong under Neo-Image has a new successful outlook, Ya Si wants Xiao Bei to be a hairwasher here. Unfortunately, he won the bet and Xiao Bei stepped into Neo-Image to begin her life’s changing point.

Du Ya Si [Ming Dao]
28 Years old.English nickname – Artz
Famous hair salon branch, Neo-Image’s, top hairstylist.

A car accident made his mother and twin brother Ya Jun died suddenly. In order to prevent his grandmother from learning this scary truth, Ya Si ended up changing into his brother’s hairstyle and usual clothes style to visit his grandmother and make her not be worried.

His work forces him to be strict & cool, cold and straightforward so much so that no one can get near him too. He never remembers anyone that looks ugly or is disfigured. There is a place in Ya Si’s heart for his one and only empress, Qing
Kong who is waiting to return to the country. Qing Kong is pretty and direct too, and her strict attitude towards work and her fighting spirit does not lose to Ya Si at all but Ya Si has already accepted Qing Kong’s attitude towards him and the tough training she gives him towards love. He has always been waiting for Qing Kong to fulfil her promise and return. The Ya Si that’s missing Qing Kong a lot would go to the Water Chamber daily, the place where the two person had proclaimed love. There was a legend here that says
that standing at the chamber’s door must be your true love. Only then, can you make it true the chamber’s test to find the exit. On one sunny afternoon, Xiao Bei wanted to find Ya Si for revenge and accidentally walked through the chamber to find Ya Si who was standing at the entrance. Xiao Bei walked into Ya Si’s life just like that.



Ritchie Lin Er Qi [Wang Shao Wei]
26 Years old.English nickname – Riche.
Neo-Image’s frontline hair stylist, Hong Kong’s designer school’s lecturer.

When Er Qi was nine, his father and Hong Kong’s gangster Chen Ge gambled and lost Er Qi to Chen Ge. From then onwards, Er Qi had a gangster background. Years later, he finally managed to escape from Chen Ge and went to Taiwan. However, Chen Ge was trying his best to get him back to Hong Kong.

All the girls guessed that Er Qi was an undercover detective because of his look, and Er Qi never denied it. Despite this, Er Qi’s talent is still a well-acknowledge fact. Er Qi had a pathetic childhood and his kind and caring side was finally brought out again by sweet and innocent’s Xiao Bei. Er Qi’s

“There’s no tomorrow” lifestyle also changed. His tomorrow wants to be spent with Xiao bei.

Er Qi has a eight year old kid, Chuan Feng. He didn’t even know that he had a kid of of wedlock till his first girlfriend from his teenage life sent him to Er Qi because she was getting married. This made Er Qi shocked and caught off guard. It was only till Xiao Bei accidentally found out and had Chuan Feng to stay at Zhong Nan that the secret was revealed. Thus, when Er Qi is in public, he and his son call each other “Brothers” only.


Fernando Fei Nan Du [Jacky Zhu Fan Gang]
28 years old. English nickname : Fernando.
Neo-Image’s frontline hair stylist

Fei Nan Du, a playful person, thinks that to flirt and have more than one girlfriend is a fact of life and totally correct. From his point of view, all girls in life have their attractive side and his love is selfish and unkind, never concentrated on one.

At Neo-Image, Fei Nan Du fought with Ya Si as the two of them have different opinions on the management of the salon. Fei Nan Du looks upon the outlook of everything, and feels that spending money on advertisements are a must and strictly requires the hair-washer girls to style themselves up. However, Ya Si values the outcome, and feels that even without lavishing on advertisements and other things, as long as the hair design and style is up to standard, it would naturally win the customers’ heart over... In Neo-Image, the two of them frequently have two different own opinions.



Zhe Ming [Huang Yu Rong]
23 years old.
Zhong Nan Salon’s Lao Bei’s disciple.
Grew up with Xiao Bei and they are close friends.
Calls Xiao Bei as Tai Ke girlfriend in public.

When Zhe Ming was young, his school grades wasn’t good and he aspired to be Tai Ke, act brave and fight a lot. However, after Lao Bei fiercely punished him, he put Lao Bei as his idol and put protecting Xiao Bei as his duty instead. Although he turned over a new leaf, he still could not change his gangster-like personality.

He worked hard to chase after Xiao Bei and told everyone in public that Xiao Bei was his future wife. However, this didn’t work on Xiao Bei. When he learnt that Xiao Bei was rotating between Ya Si and Er Qi’s side, he lost faith as he felt that his career wasn’t as successful as Ya Si and his acting fierve wasn’t as good as Er Qi. Zhe Ming thus decided to become stronger.

Magic Room’s magic isn’t just in changing people’s look. It can change a person’s attitude towards life. When Zhe Ming changed his thinking, he decided not to be playful and troublesome anymore and reset his life time goal. In the end, Zhe Ming went to support Neo Image’s three front line hairstylist and became Neo Image’s fourth frontline hairstylist.

Tong Tong [Xiao Jie]
Twenty years old
Neo image’s hair washer

Tong Tong’s hobby is to beautify herself and she could use a few more boyfriends. As she has always wanted to be pretty, Tong Tong has always wanted to be a professional hairstylist since young but she could never leave her hometown. She studied Hair design as her main degree when she was at Bei Shang and became Xiao Bei’s colleague. Tong Tong is a very easygoing girl and after the graduated, she went to live at Zhong Nan Salon. She didn’t mind being ordered around by Xiao Bei at all.
Tong Tong was attracted by Ya Si’s talent in haircutting and didn’t obey her promise to Xiao Bei, which was to not go to Neo Image for a haircut. This made Xiao Bei lose her bet and Xiao Bei had to become Neo Image’s hair washer and in the end, she herself entered Neo Image. Tong Tong is Xiao Bei’s most loyal and faithful friend.

Ke Lan[Sui Tang]

Twenty-seven years old.
Ex-famous model

Ke Lan has a good and attractive figure. She rose to fame in a short time after she stepped into the modeling world as she had talent. She became famous immediately and was asked by lots of TV and Movie stations to be their advertisement girl. When she was at the peek of her modeling career, she met Fei Nan Du. She quit her job immediately without regrets. However, Fei Nan Du didn’t change himself for Ke Feng’s sake and continued with his flirty personality.

Living in a beautiful palace’s Ke Lan, was like a jailed bird. After she met Er Qi though, she mistakenly thought that Er Qi
went all over the world before and had a dangerous and carefree life. This was the future that she wanted. Er Qi’s appearance made Ke Lan open up her heart to him. She had been very lonely at heart for a long time. She pushed aside all her fustrations and decided to let Er Qi know of her feelings for him and have the freedom to follow her heart again. When Ke Lan realized that Er Qi likes Xiao Bei, she was heartbroken. However, she made the brave choice to follow the most true and pure her that’s hidden in her heart.


Emma[Sun Ai Hui]

A top fashion model and became favoured by the media recently. She is officially recognised as the model that replaces the ex-model Ke Lan as the No 1. To get herself to be in the media's limelight, Emma revealed her love with Fei Nan Du and told everyone how Fei Nan Du was having more than one girlfriends. Her competitive attitude and personality is fully showcased through this.



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