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分类: 英语教学

101、It is better to know one thing than to know about ten thousand things.深入了解一件事情强于一万件事情一知半解

102、She drove direct to school, so that she was not directly affected by the traffic jam.她直接驾车去学校,所以并没有直接受到交通拥挤的影响。

103、They were divided into 4 groups, though they were not actually separated.他们被成四个组,尽管(在空间上)并没有分离

104、The necklace is worth 1000 dollars at most and 500 dollars at least.这项链至多值1000元,至少500元。

105、After a few days he came back, but he said he said he would leave again in a few days.几天后他回来了,可他说他将在几天后要再度离开。

106、He collected waste paper as a means of living, and he liked such a way of living.他以收集废纸为生(活手段),并且喜欢这种生活方式

107、We stayed there and begged Mrs. Denver’s to reconsider our suggestion, but her answer remained “no”.我们呆在那乞求丹佛夫人重新考虑我们的建议,但她的回答仍然是“不”。

108、He is working on a math problem, and I don’t doubt he can work out it.他正忙着一道数学题,我毫不怀疑他肯定能解答出来。

109、He got up late yesterday and when later he got to school, he found he was half an hour late.他昨天起得之后当他到学校的时候,发现自己迟到了半小时。

110、The wind arose and raised the fallen leaves from the ground.风了,刮地上的落叶。

111、On Monday morning, we were watching the children raising the national flag, and we saw it rising slowly in the wind.星期一早上,我们在观看孩子们国旗,我们看到国旗在风中徐徐升起

112、After the collision, he examined the considerable damage to his car. Fortunately it was not completely ruined.撞车之后,他检查了受重创的车,所幸的是车还没完全报废

113、I asked Lily to fetch me an English book, but she brought me a Chinese book, so I asked her to take it back to the teacher’s office.我让莉莉去给我一本英语书,她却来了一本汉语书,于是我让她回老师办公室。

114、Why not weigh the baby to find out how much it weighs?怎么不称称看婴儿有多呢?

115、They are determined to effect their plan though it has been much affected by the present conditions.他们决心实施他们的计划,虽然目前的条件对此不利。

支持例句巧辨词语_Let's do it together

1 .the students were much too tired after they finished too  much homework 

2it is the third time that I've been to beijing,Iwant to be there for a fourt time  

the+序数词+time表‘第N次’ A+序数词+time表“又一次”

3 A number of scientists are present today ,the number of them is   300

4 all the possible means have been tried , but not a means has worked . means 用作 ‘方式,方法’时单复同形。

5 *Before he lefthe put on his overcoat that he once wore ten years before.

 *The  man wearing a black jacket is dressing the boy.

put on 表示“动作”    wear 表示“状态” dress表示给"人"穿衣服

Actions speak louder than words .let's just go for it

1.it's my fault to make such a mistake .

faul 指过错强调过失应负的责任.mistake 指不正确理解而造成行为或认识上的错误。

2love sees with its heart and not with its mind

heart 指情感之心  mind 指理性之心

I took part in the meeting at which I joined the League.Then I joined  in the disscusion at the meeting which all the League member attended.

take part in积极参与 attend 参与 join 加入并成为成员join 

 in 加入某个活动

4 Tom asked me if i agreed to spend  a holiday in the south .I said I agreed to the idea.So we agreed on a date for it ,and my wife agreed with what we did.

agreed to do sth  同意做某事 agreed to sth 接受  agreed on sth  协商一致  agreed with sth  同意赞成

Tom asked me if i agreed to spend  a holiday in the south .I said I agreed to the idea.So we agreed on a date for it ,and my wife agreed with what we did.


126、Suddenly I heard a strange sound downstairs, then came a man’s voice, “Who is there?”我突然听到楼下有一种奇怪的声音,然后传来了一个男人的声音:“谁在那儿?”

127、Mother is preparing us a meal. We may wash our hands and prepare for the meal.妈妈在为我们准备饭菜,我们洗手准备吃饭吧。

128、It’s hard to get in touch with Lily, since We haven’t been in touch with each other since graduation.很难与李丽取得联系,因为自毕业后我们没有保持联系

129、At one time he was a good eater, he would eat 4 cakes at a time.曾经有段时间他很能吃,一次能吃4个蛋糕。

130、Many animals and plants are in danger. We should take measures to save the endangered animals and plants.很多动植物处在危险中。我们应该采取措施挽救这些面临危险的动植物。

131、Children should be forbidden to play with fire, for it is easy to cause fires. Fire 作讲为不可数,作可数名词意为火灾,炉火

132、What really interested Shylock was the interest people owed him.真正使夏洛克感兴趣的是人们欠他的利息

133、We all went there except him last time. This time we’ll all go besides him.上次他没去外,我们都去了。这次他去以外,我们也都将去那儿。

134、An earthquake happened when I happened not to be there.碰巧不在那里的时候发生了地震。

135、Their house was burnt, so the family had to make their home in a hotel for a time.他们家的房子被烧掉了,于是他们一家人暂时在旅馆里安了

136、Mother wants me to water the trees which want watering.母亲我给那些需要浇水的书浇水。

137、The changes of quantity cause the changes of quality.量变引起质变

138、He lit/lighted a candle and handed the lighted candle to me.他点燃一支蜡烛,然后把燃烧的蜡烛递给我。Light的过去分词是lit或lighted.作定语只能用lighted.

139、You are a green leaf filled with the tinges of spring; you are a drop of water full of golden glowing.你是一片绿叶,盈满着春天的气息;你是一滴水珠,包含着金灿灿的光点。

140、She tore at the cloth but couldn’t tear it. tear at表示动作,意为撕,扯;tear表示结果,意为“撕开,扯开”。

141、The cook tasted the soup to see if it tasted tasty.厨师尝汤看看汤是否可口。前一个taste表示“尝”,及物动词;后一个表示“尝起来”,连系动词

142、 He paid the doctor and paid for his medicine, too.他酬谢了医生,并付了买药的

143、The player is in very good condition, but his living conditions are very bad.这位选手的健康情况非常良好,但生活条件非常糟糕。

144、No one who returned from the front failed to express admiration for Doctor Bethune whenever his name was mentioned and none remained unmoved by his spirit. no one只用于指,后不可接of短语;none后可接of

145、That mean wasting a lot of labor. –Really? I don’t mean to waste any labor.-mean doing sth.“意味着干什么”; mean to do sth.“打算干什么

146、The rich are rather possessed by their money than possessors.富人与其说是金钱的占有者,不如说是金钱所占有

147、My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants.我的财富不在于财产之多,而在于欲望之少。

148、This is a valued gift though it is hardly valuable.这是件很珍贵的礼物,尽管它几乎不什么

149、“Please take your place, everyone,” said John Smith. “From now on I will take the place of Mr. George as chairman of the meeting.”“诸位请坐,”约翰史密斯说,“从现在起我将代替乔治先生担任会议的主席”。

150、The foreigner enjoys Beijing opera very much although he does not appreciate it.这位老外很听京剧,虽然他听不


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