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Exclusive: Holiday Message and Photo from Daniel Radcliffe

(2006-11-24 19:42:50)
As you all know Christmas is just around the corner, and we are all gearing up for a terrific holiday season. This weekend I will begin our site's festivities with our Demelza and ACED projects for Daniel. In the meantime, Daniel decided to send his wishes to the fans before he goes on vacation.

Included with his wishes is a brand new photo. This photo will go out to the fans who write to him, starting in January 2007. Please keep in mind, if you do write to Daniel, or send him anything (he really, really prefers you donate to Demelza Children's Hospice instead), he will not get it until after the holidays so the reply will be delayed until after the New Year.

You can view the photo

Dan wrote to me:

"Dear Jenna

As I have now finished on HP5 and am about to take a break, I wanted you to have a copy of my new fan mail photo which will be sent out with a new newsletter from the beginning of next year. It was taken by Emma Hardy who took my photo for the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

As Christmas approaches, I would again urge my loyal fans not to send me presents but make a donation to Demelza House (which always needs support).

It has been a very exciting year for me. I had a great time making 'Order of the Phoenix' and working again with Gary OIdman, and for the first time Imelda Staunton, was simply fantastic. David Yates was an inspired director who I would walk on hot coals to work with again.

As many of you know I am going on stage next year, to appear in Equus and the letters of support I have received since the announcment, from many fans have been very exciting to read. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Later next year I will film MY BOY JACK and again am completely thrilled to be working on this fantastic and very moving script. It is going to be a very full year and I will relish every moment.

Thank you Jenna for your honest and straightforward reporting of events this year - leaving the speculation to others. Thank you also for not jumping on the slightest bit of news and reporting it as fact before having it confirmed. I appreciate everything you do and know I can rely on you to present the truth to my fans without sensationalism - that is why we continue to enjoy working with you.

As I embark on projects outside the Potter franchise (DECEMBER BOYS, EXTRAS, EQUUS and MY BOY JACK) I would like to thank my loyal fans for continuing on this journey with me and following my career with interest.

I hope everyone has a happy, peaceful and fun Christmas and New Year!

Much love


Of course we all wish Daniel the very best this holiday season, as well as every other day throughout the year. Since it is still technically "Thanksgiving", I would just like to say how thankful I am for this wonderful letter from Daniel, this most excellent photo and most importantly - Daniel, one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the extreme privilege to meet.

Stay tuned over the next few days for more on the upcoming holidays, and another little exclusive you might find interesting as well!

独家的: 来自丹尼尔拉德克利夫的假日信息和相片
藉着 jenna 寄在 23/11/06之上

 当你全部知道,圣诞节刚好即将来临,而且我们全部正在为一个非常的假日季节作好准备。 这周末我将会用我们的 Demelza 开始我们的位置欢宴而且为丹尼尔通过计画。 在此际中,在他继续进行假期之前 , 丹尼尔决定送他的希望给狂热者。

和他的希望包含在一起是商标新的相片。 这一张相片将会对写信给他的狂热者出去 ,在 2007 年一月开始。 在思想中请保存,如果你确实写信给丹尼尔, 否则派遣他任何事 ( 他真的, 真的偏爱你改为捐赠到 Demelza 孩子的收容所), 他将不拿它直到在假日之后因此答复将会在直到在新年之后被延迟。



"亲爱的 Jenna

就如我现在已经在 HP5 上完成并且正要休息一下的,我想要你我的新狂热者有副本邮件将会与来自明年的开始一个新的时事通讯一起送出的相片。 它被艾玛轮流了难的谁在国立肖像回廊对于展览轮流我的相片。

就如圣诞节接近的, 我再一次会驱策我的忠诚狂热者不把礼物派遣给我但是作捐赠物给 Demelza 众议院。 ( 总是需要支持)

它已经是我的非常令人兴奋的年。 我再一次以Gary OIdman渡过美好时光制造 '凤凰社' 而且工作,而且第一次 Imelda Staunton, 只是奇妙。 David Yates是我会在热的煤上走再一次合作的得到灵感的指导者。

正如你之中的许多所知,我正在明年继续进行阶段, 在 Equus 和支持的信中出现我自从~以后 announcment 已经收到,从许多狂热者已经非常令人兴奋的读。 谢谢鼓励的你所说的话。

比较稍后往后的年我将会拍摄我的男孩杰克并且再一次完全地被震颤处理这个奇妙的和非常感人的手写体。 它将要是非常整年,而且我每片刻将会品尝。

对于你的事件今年的诚实和笔直报告谢谢你 Jenna-对其它离开推测。 也谢谢你为不跳上最微小一点点的新闻而且报告它当事实在确认它之前。我感激你做的每件事物而且认识,我能仰赖你不需要追求轰动效应就将事实呈现给我的狂热者 -那是我们为什么继续喜欢与你合作。

当我在我想要为和我继续这一次旅程而且用兴趣跟随我的事业谢谢我的忠诚狂热者的波特许可 ( 十二月男孩,临时演员, EQUUS 和我的男孩杰克) 之外开始着手计画。




当然我们全部愿丹尼尔那非常最好的这假日季节, 连同一整年每隔一日子。 既然它仍然技术上是 " 感恩节 " ,我会仅仅喜欢说如何感谢的我是给来自丹尼尔的这封令人惊奇的信, 这大多数的优良相片和最重要 - 丹尼尔 , 最令人惊奇的人之一我曾经已经有极端的特权遇见。

在即将来临的假日为更多在往后的几天以来停留调谐, 和另外的小独家的你也可能找起来有趣的!

Exclusive: <wbr>Holiday <wbr>Message <wbr>and <wbr>Photo <wbr>from <wbr>Daniel <wbr>Radcliffe


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