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分类: 新概念英语第二册

New words
Lesson 1  A private conversation
1. Arrest  逮捕,拘留
The policeman arrested the thief.
2. Piano 钢琴
The man played the piano well.
3. Immediately  立即,马上
He left immediately.
4. Corner 角落
He planted a tree in the corner of the garden.
5. Spoil 损坏
The cook spoil the soup.
6. Greedily 贪婪地
The little boy ate an apple greedily.
7. Beautifully 美好地
8. Draw 拉,画
She draws beautifully.
9.Armchair 扶手椅子
10.Suffer 遭受,任受
11.Polite 礼貌
He wasn’t very polite

Lesson2 breakfast or lunch
1. Frequently  经常地,频繁地
We frequently have lunch at this restaurant
2. Landlady 女房东,女地主
3. Rarely 很少的,罕有的
I rarely listen to the radio.
4. Collect 收集
5. Nephew 侄子
6. Niece 侄女

Lesson 3  please send me a card
1. Post 
The driver of that car hit that post over there.
2. avoid 避免
3. pavement 人行道
4. collection 收藏,征收
5. shopkeeper 店主
6. prize 奖赏
7. assistant 助手
8. curtain 窗帘
9. material 材料
the shop assistant found some curtain material for me.
10. promise 允诺,答应
11. reward 报酬,奖金
She promised a reward to the finder.
12. Bunch 束,捆成一捆
13. Paragraph 段落,节
Read me the fist paragraph
14. order 订购,定单,次序,顺序
I’ve ordered some soup for you
15. mustard 芥末
pass the mustard to your father.
16. final 结局

lesson 4 an exciting trip
1. prison 监狱
he has been in prison.
2. comb 梳子
3. globe 球体,全球
4. present 礼物
5. mechanic 机械工,技工

lesson 5 no wrong numbers
1. concert 音乐会
2. in the way  在路中央
3. on the way  在路上
4. in this way  用这种方法
5. by the way 顺便提一下
6. in a way 在某种意义上
7. get one’s own way 用自己的方法
8. in the family way 指女士怀孕
9. prisoner 囚犯

Lesson 6 Percy buttons
1. refreshing 提神的
milk is very refreshing.
2. Parcel 小包,包裹
3. Duke 公爵
4. Coin 硬币
5. Album 集邮本,相册
Come and look at my photograph album.
6. Knock off
7. Knock at
8. Unconscious 不省人事的
9. Flowerpot 花盆
10. Candlestick 烛台
11.  Neighborhood 邻居关系
12. Seldom 很少,不常
13. Midday 正午
14. Route 路线,路程,通道


Lesson 7 too late
1. interrupt 打断,中断
2. slipper 拖鞋
3. permission  许可,允许
he asked for permission to leave.
4. Prevent 防止
5. Rob  robber   robbery

Lesson 8 the best and the worst
1. compare 比较
2. comparison 比较,对比
3. boxer 拳师
4. examination 考试,检查
5. athlete 运动员,运动选手
6. beat 敲打,击打
7. gain 得到,增加,获利

lesson 9  a cold welcome
1. Eve 黄昏,前夕
2. Hobbies  业余爱好
3. Deny 拒绝,否认

Lesson 10 not for jazz
1. Deliver 递送,交付
2. Punish 惩罚
3. Headmaster 校长
The headmaster has punished by the boy
4. Made in 表示产地
5. Made of  表示所用的制造材料
6. Made from 表示用数种材料制成
7. Made by  由谁制造
8. Destroy 毁坏,消灭
9. Mending 修补工作
10.  Balcony 阳台,包厢
11. Closet 壁橱,储藏室
12. Water closet 厕所
13. Prisoner 囚犯的

Lesson 11 one good turn deserves another
1. Pronunciation 发音,读法
2. royal 皇家的
3. cheer 愉快,欢呼
4. Taj  Mahal 
5. Ruler 统治
6. Call in 召集
7. Emperor 皇帝
8. Honour 尊敬,荣誉
9. Expert 专家
10. Construct 建造,构造
11. Dome 圆屋顶
12. Complete 完全的
13. Fortune 财富,运气
14. Dig 挖
15. Allow 允许
16. Wage 薪水
17. Earning 所赚的钱,收入
18. Laptop 膝上型电脑
19. desktop (tabletop)桌上型电脑

Lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck
1. escape  逃,逃亡
2. whale 
3. reform 改革,改善
4. concert  音乐会
5. capable 有能力的,能干的
6. create 创作,创造
7. voyage 航海,航空

lesson 13

1. pianist 钢琴家
The pianist gave us a wonderful

【闪英】lily(592739039) 21:02:46
2. decorate 装饰
we will be decorating this room tomorrow.
3. iron 铁,熨斗,烫平
I will be ironing the skirt this afternoon.
4. workman 工人
The book belongs to the workman.
5. toy 玩具
This toy is very lovely.
6. Tool 工具
Whose are these tools?
7. minced 搅碎的
Would you like some minced meat?
8. poetry= poem 诗
Whose poetry do you like best?
9. poet 诗人
She is a poet.
10. uniform 制服
These uniform is his.
11. soldier 士兵
That soldier is very handsome.
12. attract 吸引
13. mainly =most of =nearly all 大部分的,
The pop singers will attract mainly the young people in the town.
14. Beijing opera 京剧

Do you like Beijing opera?
15. Folk 民间的
They are folk singers.
16. Recital 独唱会
They will give five recitals.
17. Execution 执行

Executions used to be held in public.死刑过去常常当众执行。
18. Situation 情形,境遇

The situation is very difficult.处境很困难。
19. Conditions 条件,情形

The car is in very good condition.这辆汽车情况良好。


Lesson 15 good news
1. Restless 得不到休息的
I am restless.
2. Uneasy 心神不宁的,不自在的
You are uneasy.
3.Examination 考试,检查
Examinations make me nervous.
4. irritable 易怒的
he is such an irritable person, you can hardly speak to him.
5. Peace 和平,安宁
I often read in the study when I want peace and quiet.
6. Rent 租,出租
7. Illness 疾病,生病
8. Temper 脾气
Don’t lose your temper.
Lesson 16 a polite request
1. Disturb 打扰
Sorry to disturb you.
2. Blame 过失,责备
It’s my blame.
3. Confuse  搞乱,使糊涂
4. Misuse 误用
Words often confused and misused.
5. Lies 谎言
You must never tell lies
6. Occasionally 有时候,偶尔
7. Seldom 很少,不常
Traffic police are occasionally (seldom)very polite.
8. Quarrel 吵架
He quarreled with his friend yesterday.
9. Allow 允许,承认
Cars aren’t allowed in this street.
10.  Kingdom 王国
Here is his kingdom.
11. Remain 保持,逗留
How long will you remain here?
12. Souvenir 纪念品
Here is the souvenir.
13. Remembrance 回忆,记忆力
14. Resist 抵抗
15. Deny 否认,拒绝
16. Withdraw 收回,撤消

Lesson 17 always young
1. Personally  亲自
2. Mad 疯子
3. Fool 傻子
I personally think he is a fool.
She is a mad.
4. Suggest 建议,暗示
I suggest you had better to work hard.
5. Costume 装束,服装
I brought a new costume yesterday.
6. Ready-made 现成的,做好的
My brother never wears ready-made suits.
7. Fancy-dress化装舞会上穿着的服装
8. Hire 租金,租用,雇用
9. She hired a costume for the fancy-dress party.
10. Goof 混,打发时间
We just goofed around till the train time.
11. Statement  声明,陈述
One of these statements is true.

12. Opinion 观点
In my opinion, it’s right.
13. Adolescent 青春的
She is an adolescent.
14. Teenage 十几岁的
Tom is a teenage.
15.  Adult 成年人
We are all adults.


Lesson 18 he often does this
1. Possess  占有,拥有
He possesses a lot of money
2. Surrender 投降
He will surrender.
3. Composition 作文
When do we have to give in our
4. Yummy  美味
I like yummy food.

Lesson 19 sold out
1. Delight  快乐,高兴,喜悦
2. queue 队列
There’s a long queue at the ticket office.
3. bravo 好啊,妙(喝彩)
4. hooray 万岁
5. hip
6. disappointed 失望的

Lesson 20 one man in a boat
1. cod 鳕鱼
I like cod very much
2. keen 渴望的
3. cycling 骑自行车
I am very keen on cycing.
4. Alone 单独的,孤独的
She is afraid of staying in that house alone
5. Capable 有能力的
He is capable of doing anything
6. Apologize 道歉
7. Interrupt 打断,妨碍
I must apologize for interrupting you.
8. Congratulated 祝贺,庆贺
He congratulated me on having won the
9. Faint
After hearing the news, she fainted.
10. Dash for 冲向目标

On I seeing the plane coming towards me, I dashed for cover.
11. Explorer 探险家
He is an explorer, he leads an exciting life.
12. Affair 私事
I am not interested in other people’s affairs.


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