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Travel around the UK  走遍英伦之四

(2006-06-09 11:10:43)
分类: 英/美国常识

Big Ben—the world’s most famous clock 大本钟世界最出名的钟表


Beacon of "the mother of all Parliaments", Big Ben is possibly London’s most famous landmark. and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. You even know when parliament is in session, because a light shines above the clock face.


作为所有议会的母亲”, 大本钟可能是伦敦最著名的标志性建筑。夜晚当钟面的灯全部亮起来的时候,大本钟看起来尤其漂亮.你甚至可以知道议会正在开会,因为钟面上面闪着一道光。


The four dials of the clock are 23 feet square, the minute hand is 14 feet long and the figures are 2 feet high. Minutely regulated with a stack of coins placed on the huge pendulum, Big Ben is an excellent timekeeper, which has rarely stopped.


钟盘面积为23平方英尺, 表针长14英尺,读数2英尺高. 钟摆上有一叠硬币随时调校时刻, 因此大本钟是一个准确异常的时计, 几乎从不会停.


Tower of London 伦敦塔


Ceremonies At The Tower   在伦敦塔举行的仪式

Each night at 22:00 the Tower of London is made secure by means of a 600-year-old ritual called the Ceremony of the Keys. The Chief Warder, wearing a Tudor bonnet and scarlet coat, marches with a rifle-armed guard to lock first the outer gate, and then the gates of the Middle Tower and the Byward Tower, both of which are on the perimeter. The Warder’s party marches back to the Bloody Tower, where a sentry challenges them with the words, ‘Halt! Who goes there?’ The exchange then runs its historic course, as follows:

  ‘The keys.’

  ‘Whose keys?’

  ‘Queen Elizabeth’s keys.’

  ‘Pass, Queen Elizabeth’s keys. All is well.’

  The Chief Warder and his escort next meet the main guard, who present arms to them. The Chief Warder raises his bonnet and cries, ‘God preserve Queen Elizabeth.’ The others reply, ‘Amen.’ A bugler sounds the Last Post and the keys are lodged with the Resident Governor, as the chief officer of the Tower is called. The Tower is now deemed secure for the night, and only those equipped with the password may come and go.

    To see the Tower’s other principal ceremony, that of Beating the Bounds, the visitor may have to wait nearly three years. Every third Ascension Day the ancient boundaries of the Tower are proven by a party of boys who tour the grounds and tap the thirty-one Crown Boundary Marks with willow wands. The boys are members of families living in the Tower; the ceremony has its origin in the Middle Ages, when there were few reliable maps, and the physical act of marking the boundaries was thought to carry greater weight.

   An odd story surrounds the Tower’s ravens. It is said that should they leave, the Tower will fall, and with it the nation. Six ravens are therefore kept, the responsibility of the Raven Master, who ensures the survival of Britain by keeping their wing feathers clipped so that they cannot fly off at will.















An airline pilot finishes talking to the passengers after the plane has taken off, and forgets to turn off the intercom. He said to the co-pilot, “I think I’ll go take a dump and then put the make on that new blonde stewardess.”

The stewardess hears it, and runs up the aisle to tell him the intercom is still on. She trips and falls in her haste.

A little old lady looks down at her and says, "There’s no rush, honey. He said he had to take a dump first."







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