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(2006-07-06 17:06:27)
分类: 英语学习
Offering network solutions and associated services
1. Here are the three hard copies of LogisTech network upgrade solutions we are offering. Let's go over them one by one, okay? 这是我们提交的三套LogisTech网络升级方案的打印文本,我们一个一个地过一遍,怎样?
hard copy 打印出来的文件
美语称已经打印出来的文件为hard copy,尚未打印的电子版文件为soft copy。同一个文件打印在不同的打印纸上,打印在质地较硬的打印纸上的那份文件也可以成为hard copy,另一份为soft copy。copy在美语中也可以做量词表示“份”“套”
例:I need five copies of training materials. 我要五套(份)培训教材。
we are offering 我们提供的、我们提交的(方案)。offer 作为动词是提交方案,作为名词是提交的方案、议案。美语也称公司给某人提供的职位为offer。
go over 走一遍、过一遍。其本意是复习、重温,此处引申为审阅方案
2. Which one goes first? We have three of them lined up. 先来哪个?我们这儿有三个排着队呢。
line up 排队、列队。line作为名词指队伍、队列,作为动词指排队、列队
例: Are you on the line? 你排着对吗?
   We have a bunch of things lined up. 我们要做的事情都排成队了。
3.Why don't we kick off with Ethernet replacement one? It popped up first. 我们从Ethernet更新换代方案开始怎么样?它是第一个被提出来的方案。
pop up 弹出来、蹦出来。互联网上跳出来的广告就叫popup ads
例:His name popped up everywhere. 到处都有他的名字。
4. So we underlined our compelling advantages in system configuration, installation, online testing, and follow up support. The drawback is that, as you can tell from the price quotation part of the handout, it's a bit too costly compared to other options. 因此在本方案中我们突出本组在系统配置、安装、联网测试及后续服务等方面的绝对优势。本方案的缺点,相对其他两个方案而言,就是费用高了点儿,你从方案的报价部分也能看得出来
compelling advantage 绝对优势、压倒优势
follow up support 后续支持服务
drawback 缺点
5. It's a big bucks project though. 这可是个大手笔的项目啊。
big bucks 昂贵的、大手笔的。美非正式用法,相当于形容词,后面一般跟名词,如big bucks DVR高档数码摄像机、big bucks car豪华车
6. This solution is soft of straightforward. Since we just need to let the telephone carrierswitch your current T1 subscriber line to T3, your existing network infrastructure is pretty much untouched.本方案比较直观,因为我们只要让电话公司把你们目前的T1专线换成T3专线就行了,所以你们现有的网络基础架构几乎不动。
telephone carrier 电信运营商
7. Dead right! We could be ripped off by the soaring T3 monthly subscribing fees in the long run, despite its low installation charges. We got to watch it closely. 千真万确。尽管安装费用低,但从长计议,持续飙升的T3月租费有可能把我们榨干了,我们可不能掉以轻心。
dead right 千真万确/一点儿不错 (非正式用法,类似的用法还有 dead wrong 大错特错)
subscribing fee 租用费
installation charge 安装费(charge作为名词是费用,作为动词是收取费用)
例:We'll charge associated feesforrush delivery. 对特快发货,本公司将收取相关费用。
8. As a matter of fact, the Web caching option is based on his idea and experience. It is the most challenge-orientated solution in your case, although it costs extra bucks for you guys. 其实万维网高速缓存方案就是根据他的意见和经验敲定的。尽管本方案费用高一些,但就你们的情况而言,这是个最具针对性的方案。
most challenge-orientated solution 最具针对性的方案(challenge 在此指面临的问题、待解决的困难)
9. He listed the advantages and disadvantages of each option in terms of product features, application environments, system stability, and TCO with exact data for product specifications, operating speeds, function consolidation, and price quotations. 他引用产品性能指标、运行速度、功能整合及报价等精确数据,对两种方案在产品特性、应用环境、系统稳定性及总体拥有成本等方面的利弊进行了总结。
function consolidation 功能组合、整合
10. Did you notice thetwo different system configuration charts? 你是否注意到两套不同的系统配置图?
system configuration charts 系统配置图
11. From device placement to system wiring, everything is crystal clear. Technically, it's a very thoughtful solution. I bet Clint must be a vet in systems integration area. 从设备摆放到系统综合布线,一切都一清二楚。从技术角度讲,这是一个很周密的方案。我想Clint一定是系统集成业的老将了。
crystal clear 一清二楚
I bet 我敢说(非正式用法,表示语气相当肯定)
12. He joined my team as a sideman, but now he is the front and center at least in the Web caching area. 他刚来我们组时是二线人物,至少在万维网高速缓存方面,他现在是领军和核心人物。
sideman 二线人物、替补人选(非正式用法)
13. You got another big time sidekick. 你又多了个精明强干的左膀右臂。
sidekick 助手、帮手(非正式用法)
14. I'll let him run the Web caching show. 我让他来主持万维网高速缓存项目。
run ... show 控制、主导
例:I am running the show there, remember? 别忘了,这儿我说了算。
15. Smart choice! His offer could be the best approach to fix our ailing network from a system performance standpoint. As forthe TCO concern, however, it's another story. I'll let my boss crack this hard nut. 明智之举。从系统性能出发,他的方案是解决我们运转不良的网络的最佳途径。但从总体拥有成本方面考虑,又是另一回事儿。我还是让我的老板来啃这块儿硬骨头吧。
crack this hard nut 处理这个棘手问题、啃这块儿硬骨头(美口语用法)
16. We just briefly reviewed all possibilities, and they are all workable for LogisTech. In terms of costs, system behaviors, administration overheads and other key network gauges, none of them has the dominating advantages over the others. 我们刚刚把三种方案都过了一遍,这些方案对LogisTech都适用。从项目成本、系统性能、管理费用及其它关键网络性能指标来看,没有一个方案具有压倒性优势。
gauge 规范、量规、标准(专业性极强的词)
相关词语:gauge length 取样长度、标点长度
         gauge group 规范群
         gauge factor 量规因数
17. I'll report to my boss the progress on this mission right after our meeting and let our corporate big guys pick an overall offer based on our particular case as we have done before. 我会后马上把本项目的进度向老板汇报,让我们公司的决策层根据我们的具体情况来选择一个综合性方案。我们以前也是这么做的。
big guys (公司)最高层、决策层、大头头儿们(非正式用法,即时公司的决策层均为女性,也可用big guys)
overall offer 综合提案、全方位议案(overall为形容词,总体的、全体的)
相关词语:overall efficiency 整体效率
         overall testing 总体测试
         overall reference equivalent 全程参考当量
         overall yield 总产量、总产值
         overall settlement 彻底解决
18. We have to watch closely what happens next and gear up all the time to implement any of these solutions, since none of them is behind the sideline yet. 因为每个方案目前都还没有出局,所以我们得密切观察项目的下一步进展,时刻做好准备以便随时实施任何一个方案。
behind the sideline 淘汰出局、尚未参与(sideline 边线)
19. I am jut an email or a phone call away. 给我打个电话或发个电子邮件就找到我了。
an email or a phone call away 只有一个电子邮件或一个电话之遥
在美国,当某员工离开公司,与同事告别时常说I am jut an email or a phone call away,言外之意是我并没走远,联系很方便。
20. Having carefully studied the bids from all sides, our big guys eventually picked NetWorld's offers as our top choices. 经仔细分析来自各方的投标,我们公司的决策层最终将NetWorld公司的方案作为首选。
the bids from all sides 来自各方的投标(side在此指参与投标的组织,也可用party、direction代替)
21. That makes my day. 今天我抄上了。/今天我撞上了。/今天我合适了。(美语非正式用法,表明说话人今天运气特好,撞上大运了。)
22. Particularly, Clint's Web cache deployment option impressed our decision-making level pretty much based on the fact that it's the most ailing-network-curing solution for LogisTech. 由于Clint提交的配备万维网高速缓存器方案是根治本公司故障网络的最佳方案,所以该方案给我们决策层的印象犹为深刻。
decision-making level 最高层、决策层(与big guys意思一样,也可以说 decision-making panel、decision-making set等)
23. Therefore, it's very likely that Clint will win the bid. The only concern for his solution at present is the service items outlined in Clint's documentation. They drove me nuts. 因此,Clint的方案很有可能中标。目前我们对该方案的唯一顾虑是方案中列举的服务条款,我被它们搞得晕头转向。
drive me nuts 把我整得一塌糊涂、把我闹蒙了(美俚语)
例:This music drives me nuts. 这音乐把我烦得快发疯了。
也可以说 drive me crazy,年轻人多用drive ... nuts
24. I don't blame you. 我不怪你。/我理解你。(口头禅,表示理解、同情某人)
25. We were supposed to detail the jargon despite of the solution deadline. Just let me know your confusions, and I'll clear them up for you. 即便出于方案截止日期方面的考虑,我们也应该在方案中详细说明这些行话。你只管把不明白的地方告诉我,我来给你讲清楚。
jargon 专业术语、行话
26. Our systems engineers conduct on-site support within three business days after the support request is made. We also charge for the labor. 我们的系统工程师也是在接获支持请求的三个工作日之内才进行现场技术支持并且我们还要收取人工费用。
charge for the labor 收取人工费用
labor charge 表示各行各业的人工费用。labor也指劳工、劳动力,如 labor market 劳务市场、labor-intensive industry 劳动力密集型产业。Labor Union 美国工会、Labor Department 美国联邦(federal)劳工部、Labor Certificat(申请绿卡的)劳工卡、劳工纸
27. We'll take care of software upgrading and patching afterwards by either providing a remote guide via the phone or period hardware replacement is covered by insurance. 在硬件更换保险期内,我们要么通过电话进行远距离指导,要么我们的系统工程师亲临现场为客户提供项目完成之后的软件升级及修补服务。
software upgrading and patching  软件升级及修补
28. Great! This is a comprehensive solution for all facets. I am sure my boss will be convinced by your stuff. I'll let you know the latest. 太好了。这是个面面俱到的综合性方案,我确信它一定会让我老板动心的,我会把最新进展告诉你的。
comprehensive solution 综合性方案、总体方案
美国有的大虚要求攻读硕士学位的学生在完成了所有必修课(core courses)及相关选修课(selective courses)后,还要通过一个comprehensive exam 才授予学位(degree)。
相关词语:comprehensive diagnosis 全面诊断、会诊
         comprehensive traffic simulation 整体话务模拟法
         comprehensive radio 全波段无线电台
all facets 各个方面、所有因素(facet的本意是平面、刻面,本文将其引申为事物的各个方面、侧面、角度)


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