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(2007-09-09 10:43:59)




  • Draft - Aaron Brooks, Carl Landry, Brad Newley
  • Free-agent signings - Steve Francis
  • Trade - Mike James, Justin Reed, Jackie Butler, Luis Scola

Subtractions: Jake Tsakalidis, Juwan Howard, Vassilis Spanoulis

Off-Season Dealings:  Good point guards can be hard to find in fantasy leagues, and the Rockets apparently have gone out of their way to make it even harder.  By bringing Mike James and Steve Francis on board this summer, the Rockets shored up their depth, but killed the fantasy value of multiple players.  One could argue though that James and Francis already killed their fantasy value after poor showing by both last season.  Mike James fell flat on his face in Minnesota after a breakout year for Toronto in 2005-06.  At this point, it is probably safe to call the Toronto season a fluke.  As for Francis, he has gone from fantasy stud to fantasy dud the last two seasons.  The Franchise will look to rediscover his confidence and game by returning to Houston.  However, he'll be sharing time with the aforementioned James as well as Luther Head, Aaron Brooks and possibly Rafer Alston.  Odds are Francis will fail to see enough consistent playing time to be a fantasy factor this season.  The James and Francis acquisitions have an even bigger negative side effect though.  Rafer Alston will now see scant minutes due to the glut of points and his own off-court transgressions (more on that later), rendering him useless from a fantasy standpoint.  What's worse, Luther Head will have to fight to get burn as well.  Head is no star, but he was a good (and cheap) source of threes who did just enough to fill out the rest of the boxscore to make him a viable option at point for managers needing a boost in three-pointers made.  It is also important to note that Houston will be playing under a new coach this year.  Jeff Van Gundy's defense-first system is gone and Rick Adelman's high-tempo offense is in.  That could mean a boost for Houston's secondary players, like Shane Battier, as their will be more shots to go around and Adelman will emphasize more ball movement (meaning more assists).  Bonzi Wells also has a chance to recapture some value as he excelled in his one year in Sacramento under the tutelage of Adelman.

Draft Picks:  Aaron Brooks was Houston's first-rounder, but don't expect much from the University of Oregon product this season.  Brooks figures to sit behind the veteran point men in Houston for most of the season.  In a few years though, Brooks could be nice bench option for some scoring and three-pointers at the point guard position.  Second-rounders Carl Landry and Brad Newley will be lucky enough just to land on the opening night roster, much less contribute in any meaningful way.

Random Stat:  Two arrests in a month.  That impressive stat was put up by point guard Rafer Alston this August.  In so doing, Skip to My Lou just skipped right off the fantasy radar (and possibly right into a jail cell).  Alston had been a solid reserve fantasy point guard the last few seasons, but his legal woes combined with the logjam at point in Houston make Rafer persona non grata come draft day.

Potential Sleeper:  Not all of Houston's dealings revolved around the point guard position, even though it feels like it.  The Rockets jettisoned the declining Juwon Howard and replaced him at the power forward position with Luis Scola.  Technically, Scola will be a rookie, but he has widely been considered one of the best big men in international ball the last few years.  If his recent MVP performance at the FIBA Americas Tournament are any indication, that sentiment is right on and Scola will represent an upgrade over Howard.  If Scola can adjust quickly to the NBA, his all-around game could make him a quality fantasy starter for years to come.  Don't get too itchy of a trigger finger though.  Scola will be starting the season behind Chuck Hayes on the depth chart.  It could take some time for Coach Adelman to decide if he prefers the well-rounded Scola or the one-dimensional Hayes.




1、            选秀——布鲁克斯、兰德里、纽利

2、            签约——弗朗西斯

3、            交易——詹姆斯、里德、巴特勒、斯科拉






  • 草稿- Aaron 溪, 卡尔・Landry, 曲头钉Newley
  • 职业运动员signings - 史蒂夫・Francis
  • 贸易- 麦克・詹姆斯, Justin 芦苇, Jackie 男管家, Luis Scola

减法: Jake Tsakalidis, Juwan 霍华德, Vassilis Spanoulis

季节往来:  好观点卫兵能是困难发现在幻想同盟, 并且火箭明显地出去了他们的方式做它更加坚硬。  由带来麦克・詹姆斯和史蒂夫・Francis 在这个夏天上, 火箭支撑了他们的深度, 但杀害了广泛球员的幻想价值。  你能争辩说虽则, 詹姆斯和Francis 已经杀害了他们的幻想价值在粗劣的陈列以后由两上季节。  2005-06 麦克・詹姆斯平展跌倒了他的面孔在明尼苏达在一包围突破年以后为多伦多。  这时, 它大概是安全称多伦多季节比目鱼。  至于Francis, 他去从幻想螺柱到幻想臭弹前二个季节。  特权将看再发现他的信心和游戏由返回到休斯敦。  但是, 他与上述的詹姆斯分享时间并且Luther 头、Aaron 溪和可能Rafer Alston 。  可能性是Francis 不会看足够一致的演奏的时间是幻想因素这个季节。  詹姆斯和Francis 承购有一个更大的消极副作用虽则。  Rafer Alston 现在将看缺乏分钟由于点和他自己的法院违反供应(更在以后那), 使他无用从幻想立场。  什么更坏, Luther 头将必须战斗得到烧伤。  头是没有星, 但他是做刚够填好boxscore 剩余做他一个可行选择在点为经理需要助力在三尖被制作threes 的一个好(和便宜的) 来源。  它还重要注意到, 休斯敦今年演奏在一位新教练之下。  杰夫・范・Gundy 的防御第一个系统去并且Rick ・Adelman 的高拍子进攻是。  那能意味一个助力为休斯敦的次要球员, 象Shane 更加古怪, 因为他们的意志是更多射击四处走动并且Adelman 将强调更多球运动(意味更多协助) 。  Bonzi 井并且有一次机会夺回一些价值当他擅长了在他的一年在萨加门多在Adelman 监护下。

草稿采撷:  Aaron 溪是休斯敦的更一圆, 但不期待从俄勒冈产品大学这个季节。  溪计算坐在退伍军人点人之后在休斯敦为大多数季节。  在几年内虽则, 溪能是好的长凳选择为一些计分和三尖在得分后卫位置。  二rounders 卡尔・Landry 和曲头钉Newley 将是足够幸运正义的登陆在首场演出花名册, 较少贡献用任一个意味深长的方式。

任意Stat:  二次拘捕在一个月。  那印象深刻的stat 由得分后卫Rafer Alston 投入了这8月。  这样作, 跳对我的楼跳了幻想雷达(和可能入牢房) 。  Alston 是最后几个晒干的一个坚实储备幻想得分后卫, 但他的法律愁楚与木材堵塞被结合在点在休斯敦做Rafer 不受欢迎的人来草稿天。

潜在的睡眠者:  不是所有休斯敦的往来围绕得分后卫位置, 即使它感觉象。  火箭抛弃了下降的Juwon 霍华德和替换了他在前锋位置用Luis Scola 。  技术上, Scola 将是缺乏经验的运动员, 但他广泛被考虑了最佳的大人的当中一个在国际球过去几年。  如果他的最近最有价值球员表现在FIBA 美洲比赛是任一个征兆, 那种情绪不错打开并且Scola 将代表升级在霍华德。  如果Scola 可能对NBA 迅速调整, 他的全能游戏能使他质量幻想起始者几年来来。  不要得到太痒触发器手指虽则。  Scola 开始季节在Chuck 海斯之后在深度图。  它能需要某个时候为教练Adelman 决定如果他更喜欢圆满完成的Scola 或一维海斯。



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