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(2007-04-12 15:22:56)






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  This is a very small memory on Sunday. The blue sky is reflecting streets and the pure clouds are blazed with gold lace. Silenus is watching her hyacinths, which are permeating fragrance. Look! A green bird is flying past my eyes -it is enjoying the green jollity.
September 23, 2004


  I am enjoying a sunny day in the park and it is good for my health. The falling leaves of September bring the peaceful afternoon and the sweet day emanates incomparable cheerfulness -such is a nice symbol. Look, a little girl is sitting on the lawn reading The Little Mermaid; leaves with the green breath are casting the rose pink shadow on her eyes. An old locust is singing “LA, LA, and LA!” It is the last jocundity. —Yes, the winter is coming!
Sep 25, 2004


  This night I stay alone for some time again and it is precious to me. The easy life has already left me and now it is filled with business instead. I am happy to be engaged in writing when I’m in the best mood; even I can feel: the exquisite sentences the nib spills are like spring rain to attack my heart and get thought to grow new leaves. Right now I try writing some easy sentences in English and it is good for practicing the grammar -although they are just made up of some fragments of pictures together and all the art is allowed to keep their voices. However, I well try to keep something pure with enchanting verses and if you are not an acerbic anti-hero, Evgeny Onegin[1], who gets satisfaction of sneering, I believe you can find a kind of brand-new joy there, as a literature-fancier.
Sep 29, 2004


Dear friend,
  As you see, I will try to continue writing however and it is the all-joy of my life. Albeit I need to learn a complex grammar and some useful vocabulary for at least another year, and it is like a child prattling anxious to show the internal aim of himself when he is still unable to talk. Yet please be sure that nothing can change one’s faith to attempt! I know I was never the impatient before and still am now; sometimes taking tranquility and freedom from a pat solitary walk, whereas I am gladder to lie on the bench under bamboos. At the moment, nature seems like an aria full of poetry, a pastoral, or others… that means supposing there are not a big wasp turning around me. I had a little sore throat at night yesterday, but that is Ok this morning; as for where the ache has gone, who knows? Good luck to you! I do not hope you will be tired of reading my platitude -just behold it as a four-leaf clover!
October 23, 2004


  Right now I find some things delighting me again and my mind is filled with happiness. How wonderful it is for I have gotten works by Homer, Euripides or Goethe. O I praise the Muse, the immortal one; do heroes honour, who achieved brilliant exploit in ancient wars; and compliments to sages taken up with seeking truths, who made spirit contrasted with matter to be eternity. -“Aeternitatem, hoc est, infinitam existendi, sive, invita latinitate, essendi fruitionem.[3]” Those magnificent, modest poems are showing harmonious beauty hankered and heroic forthrightness. I am attracted by the verse of intonation and grandeur of epic with profound pity for agony which heroes have to suffer because of the doom or mistake. -Ho, Thou Greece! -Thou Hellenism! The words are significant for me, and it has been burning with the flame of TROJAN deep in my soul.
November 4, Thursday, 2004


[1] Evgeny Onegin by Aleksandr Pushkin (1799-1837).
[2] 出自俄国诗人普希金的《叶甫盖尼·奥涅金》。

Romain Rolland: Above the Battle; Letters of Romain Rolland and Malwida von Meysenbug, etc. The Open Court Publishing Co, 1916, Henry Holt & Co., 1935, etc.


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