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(2006-04-20 13:07:42)
分类: 思想的成长


That's a piece of cake

That's as easy as pie!

I can do it with my eyes closed


Who do you think you're talking to?

Don't get fresh with me (get fresh with 大多用于母亲对孩子的斥责之时)


you'll see

Time will tell


(It is) None of your business

Mind your won business

Who asked you?

This has nothing to do with you


Do I look like a fool?

Who do you think I am?

What kind of a fool do you take me for?


Don't tell anybody (about it)

This is just between you and me

This doesn't leave this room

This is for your ears only


you bet

you know it

you betcha


you are kidding(joking)

you have got to be kidding(joking)

Are you kidding(joking)


you got that right

you wit the rail on the head


It is a small world

Small world!

You never know whom you will bump into


Do it yourself ,then


That is more like it


That is going too far


See I told you(so)


So what?


I'm counting on you

You're my only hope


Do something (about it).

Don't just sit there.


Stop playing the food

Don't act stupid


Any complaints?

Do you have anything to say?


Thing will work out

It will work out

Everything will be fine


you caught me


I'm fully(well) aware of that

You don't have to tell me

I wasn't born yesterday


Beats me

You got me

You got that right

I can't hack this

(hack 是完成任务的俗语)


Don't beat around the bush

Get to the point

What are you try to say? 你以为你是谁?

who do you think you are?


祝新年新气象:As the new year begins, let us also start anew.

一元复始,万象更新;祝新年财运佳: Happy New Year and hope you strike it rich!

 May wealth and riches be drawn your way./May you walk the path of prosperity.招财进宝 ;

May a river of gold flow into your pockets. 财源广进 ;

祝新年好运到: May you succeed at whatever you try./May all your wishes come true.

心想事成 ;Hope everything goes your way.

万事如意 ;May the New Year bring you good fortune.

迎春接福 ;祝福禄双全: I wish you good fortune and every success.

大吉大利 ;May you always get more than you wish for. 年年有余;

I don't know. 我不知道;

 I'm not sure. 我不确定;

Who knows? 谁知道啊;

Don't ask me! 别问我!

It's not certain.还不确定。

 Nothing is set yet. 事情都还没有定案。

 It hasn't been decided yet. 还没有决定呢。

 It's not clear. 事情还未明朗。

It's up in the air. 情况还混沌未明。

It's hard to say. 很难说。 只要是朋友都能用的:How's everything? 一切都好? What's up? 近况如何? What's new? 有什么新鲜事? What's happening? 在忙什么? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: How are you? 你好吗? 适用于第一次见面: Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: Nice to see you again. 很高兴再见到你。 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: How have you been? 你过得怎么样? 适用于很久没见的朋友: Long time no see. 任何人都喜欢听好话,你的老板当然也不会例外。下面的句子你可以在合适的时候说说看,不过由此产生的任何后果我们可不负责任。 It's really impressive the way you run this company. 您经营这家公司的模式真是令人印象深刻。 I look forward to coming to work every day. 我每天都迫不及待来上班。 You're the best-dressed boss around. 您是这里穿得最有型的主管。 You're my idol. 您是我的偶像。 I really admire your decision-making ability. 我很钦佩您的决策能力。 You're too young to be a professor... 您当教授实在太年轻了…… Could you autograph your book for me, please? 能否帮我在您写的书上签名? Your teaching is so inspiring. 您的教学真是让人如沐春风。 You look so much younger than my classmates' moms /dads. 你看起来比我班上同学的妈妈∕爸爸年轻多了。说再见除了说Goodbye之外…… 九句最常用的道别语 一般的用法: Take care. 保重。 Later. 回头见。 So long. 再见。 Until we meet again (next time.) 下次见。俏皮的说法:See you later, (alligator.) 回头见,(鳄鱼。)(英文的部份押韵) 约定下次见面时间的用法: See you tomorrow (next week, on Monday, etc.) 明天(下星期、下星期一……)见。非常隆重的说法(或是开玩笑的说法): Farewell. 再会。异国风味的说法: Adios (西班牙文的「上帝祝福你。」) Hasta la vista! 西班牙文的「下次再见。」) 最直的说法: I love you. 我爱你。有感情,但不确定有爱情的说法: I have a crush on you. 我对你有点动心。 I care about you deeply. 我非常关心你。保守含蓄的说法: I'm fond of you. 我对你有好感。强烈的、戏剧化的说法: You light up my life. 你照亮我的生命。 I can't live without you. 我没有你活不下去。 You mean the world to me. 你对我来说是最重要的。 My heart belongs to you. 我的心属于你。 You take my breath away. 你让我忘记呼吸。每天都该对自己跟别人说的话 You are great. 一般的用法: You're great/errific. 你好棒/好厉害。 I admire you. 我佩服你。 You're really cool. 你真酷。 You're amazing. 你真了不起。 You're awesome. 你真了不起。 完成一项任务后的说法: You did a great job. 你做得很好。 You really impress me. 你令我印象深刻。 You're an outstanding individual. 你真是杰出人材。 You are a great asset to our company. 你是本公司的重要资产(台柱)。 直接杀价: That's unreasonable! I'd take it for (100.) 这真是卖得太贵了!如果(一百块)我就买。 How about (100)? 卖(一百块钱)如何? I'd buy this if it were cheaper. 再便宜一点我就买。 拐弯抹角地杀: Lower the price, and I'll consider it. 价钱低一点我才会考虑。

It's a little overpriced. 这标价有点贵。 I like everything about it except the price. 这东西除了价钱之外我都喜欢。 尔虞我诈地杀: I've seen this cheaper (in) other places. 我在别家有看过更便宜的。 I heard other stores were having great mark-downs on this item. 听说别家的这个东西在大减价。 If I buy more than one, will you give me a discount? 多买一点有折扣吗? Sorry, I'm (really/so/terribly) sorry. 对不起。我感到(实在∕很∕非常)抱歉。 Apologize./Please accept my apology. 我道歉。∕请接受我的道歉。 I feel really bad about... 我对(某件事)感到非常抱歉。 间奏曲:争取同情说抱歉 I didn't mean it. .我不是故意的。 It's all my fault. 全是我的错。 How could I be so thoughtless? 我怎么会那么粗心大意呢? How can I make it up to you? 我要怎样才能补偿你? 终曲:请求原谅说抱歉 I'll never forgive myself. 我永远不能原谅自己。 Will you ever forgive me? 你会原谅我吗?我们结婚吧! 单刀直入法︰ Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给(娶)我吗? Would you be my wife/husband? 你愿意当我的妻子/丈夫吗? 迂回暗示法︰ I think it's time we took some vows.我想是我们该许下誓言的时候了。 I think it's time we settled down... 我想是我们该稳定下来的时候了…… I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 我要与你共度余生。 I want to be with you forever. 我要永远与你相守。 咬文嚼字法︰ Let's get *hitched! 我们成为比翼鸟吧! Let's tie the knot! 我们结为连理枝吧!强迫中奖法︰ I want to have your children. 我要跟你生宝宝。 (*hitch(v.) 系住、栓住) I support you. 我支持你。 I'll stand by you. 我会帮助你。 I'm with you all the way. 我会一直支持你。 I'm behind you all the way.我随时在后面支持你。 I'm there for you. 我随时听候差遣。 You have my support. 你会得到我的支持。 You have my vote. 我这一票是你的。〈这句话除了字面上的意思,也可以表示「我支持你」。〉 You can count on me. 你可以信得过我。 You got my back. 我给你当靠山。〈上面这句话是一种较为口语的用法〉受不了我受不了: I've had enough of your... 我受够了你的…… Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁啊? How dare you! 你好大的胆子!你是我今生的累赘: You worthless piece of.... 你这没用的东西…… You infuriate me. 你气死我了。 You're really full of it! 你满口胡言! 忍无可忍破口大骂︰ Shut your face! 住口! Get out of my face! 给我闪一边去! Stuff it! 闭嘴!搭讪九句,让你越夜越美丽…… 似曾相识:拉近和对方的距离。 You look like someone I know. 你跟我一个朋友长得好象。 Haven't we met before? 我们之前见过吧? 借题发挥:只要有心,总是有借口。 That's a great haircut. 你的发型很棒。 (To the bartender) I'll have what the handsome gentlman (beautiful lady) is having. (对酒保说)我要跟这位帅哥(美女)点一样的东西。略施小惠:说这话可是有目的。 Can I buy you a drink? 我可以请你喝一杯吗? You have a great smile. 你的笑容很美。趁虚而入:此句可以列入防狼手册,单身MM注意了。 Are you here alone? 你一个人在这儿吗? What's a handsome guy (pretty girl) like you doing here alone? 像你这样的帅哥(美女)怎么会落单?单刀直入:太直接了吧? What do you say we go somewhere quiet... 我们另外找个安静的地方如何……坚不摧,撒娇九句注意GG不要用,否则后果自负。我欠你: Just this once. I'll never ask again.就这么一次。我不会再这样要求了。 I'll make it up to you. 我会报答你的。 I'll give you a massage if you... 如果你……我就帮你按摩。 你欠我: You never...for me. 你都不帮我……。 If you loved me, you would... 如果你爱我,你就会……。 咱俩搏感情: (kids) I'll be your best friend if you... (adults) I'd love you forever if you (小孩用)如果你……我就跟你好。(成人用)如果你……我就永远爱你。鸡皮疙瘩掉满地: Pretty please with sugar on top! 拜托你最好了! Oh, come on! 哎唷,拜托啦! Don't be so mean. 不要这么凶嘛。开门见山说分手 I want to break up. 我要分手。 It's over. 我们缘分已尽。 Don't call me anymore. 别再打电话给我。 There's someone else. 我有了别人。 We're not meant for each other. 我们命中注定不适合。 旁敲侧击说分手 I need some time alone. 我需要一个人过一阵子。 We're better off as friends. 我们做朋友比较好。 You're too good for me. 我配不上你。 You deserve a better man/woman. 你应该找个更好的对象。假期快乐!直截了当说贺节︰ Happy New Millennium! 千禧年快乐! Happy *Hanukkah! (如果对方是犹太人)献殿节(光明节)快乐!每逢佳节倍思亲︰ I'll have a blue Christmas without you. 没有你圣诞节我会过得很郁卒。 I'll / We'll be thinking of you during this Christmas season. 在这耶诞时节我(们)会想念你的。甜言蜜语贺吉祥︰ Wishing you peace and happiness during the holidays. 祝你假期幸福平安。 Stay warm, safe and healthy during the holidays! 祝你假期温暖、平安、健康。 May your Christmas be filled with joy and warmth! 愿你圣诞节充满喜乐与温暖! Hope the holidays find you happy and healthy. 祝你期健康快乐。 探询新年新气象︰ So, what's your New Year's resolution? 那么,你的新年新希望是什么? *Hanukkah犹太教的献殿节(或称光明节),假期在每年12月左右,为期八天,纪念公元前165年犹太人战胜叙利亚人以后,在耶路撒冷寺庙的重新奉献。神秘兮兮求我我就告诉你︰ Guess what! 你猜怎么着! I know something you don't know! 我知道一些你不知道的事情! Ask me what just happened. 你猜刚刚发生什么事。 Have I got news for you! 我有事要告诉你呢!支支吾吾吞吞吐吐︰ You'll never guess... 你绝对猜不到…… You won't believe... 你不会相信…… The weirdest thing just happened... 最怪异的事情发生了…… 面有难色难以启齿︰ I don't know how to tell you this... 我不知如何对你启齿…… There's something that's been eating at me for a long time... 有件事情在我心里藏了很久


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