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Achalasia - Describe Your Experience

(2010-04-13 09:57:08)


分类: 国外资料
 Comment from: Quarlinda, 25-34 Female (Patient)

我是25,当我第一次与贲门失弛缓症的诊断。 I was 25 when I was first diagnosed with achalasia. 它开始吞咽困难,进展为偏头痛。 It began with difficulty swallowing and progressed to migraine headaches. 我最初的医生立刻知道什么是发生在我的食管,说我将是一个Heller术胃底折叠包装用的是对切片手术括约肌和总结它在我的肚子,使括约肌保持开放好的候选人允许食品通过。 My initial doctors knew right away what was happening in my esophagus and said I would be a good candidate for a Heller Myotomy with a fundoplication wrap which is a surgery to slice the sphincter muscle and wrap it around my stomach so that the sphincter remains open to allow the passage of food. 尽管手术费用昂贵,其影响是phenominal。 While the surgery is costly, the effects are phenominal. 我是一个为Heller术胃底折叠包装的好选择,因为我的年龄,健康,积极的生活方式。 I was a good candidate for the Heller Myotomy with fundoplication wrap because of my age, health, and active lifestyle. 经过3年的结业,失去相当数量的重量(从120到80磅,非常不健康)和可怕的偏头痛了,一开始时肉毒杆菌胃肠病的治疗,让我将持续两个星期。 After three years of passing out, loosing considerable amounts of weight (down from 120 to 80 pounds and very unhealthy) and awful migraines, a gastroenterologist began with a Botox treatment that allowed me to last for two weeks. (我太远了球囊扩张。)然后,我做了手术。 (I was too far gone for balloon dilation.) Then, I had the surgery. 这种手术救了我的生活。 This surgery saved my life. 我是一个认证的教师,一个母亲,一个贲门失弛缓症的幸存者。 I am a certified teacher, a mother, and a survivor of achalasia. 虽然我仍然有贲门失弛缓症,我现在可以吞咽和消化食物,因为我的括约肌被永久开放。 While I still have the achalasia, I can now swallow and digest food because my sphincter is permanently open. 我有一个全新的生活和健康方面的食物! 发布时间:12月04:: I have a whole new respect for food and healthy living! Published: December 04 ::

评论者:古斯,35-44岁的女性(病人) Comment from: gus, 35-44 Female (Patient)

我30岁的时候,我被诊断为贲门失弛缓症。 I was 30 years old when I was diagnosed with achalasia. 我刚生下第一个孩子后,我的几个星期里,我开始有吞咽困难,并认为这是有关生育。 I had just given birth to my first child and after a few weeks I began to have trouble swallowing and thought it was related to giving birth. 当我意识到我正在失去的重量不只是出生体重这是由于我不能够让我的食物了。 After I realized the weight I was losing was not just birth weight it was due to me not being able to get my food down. 有一次,我什至不能得到水下来,我知道有什么错。 Once I could not even get water down I knew there was something wrong. 我是为不同的回流和肠胃问题的测试,我得到了一种治疗心脏病药物的肌肉放松我吃,但很快就不再工作,使我的皮肤疹。 I was tested for different reflux and gastro problems, I was given a heart medicine that relaxed my muscle to eat but that soon no longer worked and made my skin rash. 最后,我得到了一个气球扩张第一次是不足够大,所以我回来了,只有这是第3次较大规模扩张时,终于松了一口气,采用了我。 Finally, I was given a balloon dilation the first one was not large enough so I was back in. It was the 3rd dilation when a larger size was used that finally relieved me. 现在已14年,曾经在一段时间出现的症状。 It has now been 14 years and once in a while the symptoms occur. 我只饮用常温水,因为我的冷饮食管癌肌肉紧张。 I drink only room temperature water because cold drinks tense up my esophagus muscle. 它往往会与某些食物发生,所以我有我的水在任何时候,我吃的东西准备好了。 It tends to happen with certain foods so I have my water ready at all times that I eat something. 它也会发生争论时,孩子们吃的时候,我因为我的食道肌肉的时态。 发布时间:2月19:: It also occurs when the kids are arguing when I am eating because it tenses my esophagus muscle. Published: February 19 ::

评论者:bri1,35-44岁的女性(病人) Comment from: bri1, 35-44 Female (Patient)

我开始遇到了约9000年前的吞咽困难。 I started experiencing difficulty with swallowing about 9 years ago. 我是吃了火鸡三明治,刚得到我的喉咙里的一根食物。 I was eating a turkey sandwich and the food just got stuck in my throat. 我想水,帮助吞咽食物推下来,但水会回来了,我吐水了。 I tried swallowing water to help push the food down, but the water would come back up and I had to spit the water out. 然后我起身走动试图移动或按摩身体的食物了我的喉咙里。 Then I would get up and walk around trying to physically move or massage the food down inside my throat. 我有我的食管拉和我已经有24小时做运动的研究,但没有任何帮助。 I had my esophagus stretched and I've had the 24-hour motility study done, but nothing helps. 我的症状可能会消失了几天,但他们总是回来。 My symptoms may disappear for a few days, but they are always back. 上个月,我被送往急诊室,因为我的食物卡住,但现在我不能正常呼吸,当食物滞留。 Last month, I was rushed to the ER because my food was stuck, but now I can't breathe properly when the food is stuck. 有一种痛苦,从我的胸部和颈部辐射武器。 There is a pain that radiates from my chest to arms and neck. 这感觉就像一个心脏病发作。 It feels like a heart attack. 我只是觉得好,但我丢了4倍左右,我可以松一口气。 I only felt better after I threw up about 4 times and I could breathe again. 我有一个胆囊超声,并没有胆结石。 I've had a gallbladder ultrasound, and there were no gallstones. 我等待着,找出没有结果的或HIDA胆测试的,医生检查,看看是否我的胆囊运作。 发布时间:2月19:: I'm waiting to find out the result of the HIDA tests where the doctors checked to see if my gallbladder is functioning or not. Published: February 19 ::

评论者:Rzbuddz24,女25-34(病人) Comment from: Rzbuddz24, 25-34 Female (Patient)

我一直患有贲门失弛缓症两年。 I have been suffering from achalasia for two years. 这得从我的女儿后大约两个星期。 It started about two weeks after having my daughter. 当它被触发时,我已经几天没有吃或喝任何东西。 When it was triggered, I have gone days without eating or drinking anything. 虽然我去了约9个月前的测试后,在我的食道中的食物嵌塞急诊室观察。 I went though the tests about nine months ago after being seen in the emergency room for food impaction in my esophagus. 一年多来,他们接受治疗胃酸倒流,胃灼热我,恶心。 For more than a year they treated me for acid reflux, heartburn, and nausea. 似乎没有人理解我在说什么。 No one seemed to understand what I was saying. 我发现了一个在美国加州大学欧文分校的伟大的医生。 I found a great doctor at University of California, Irvine. 他们redid测试,并建议Heller术。 They redid the test and recommended a Heller myotomy. 我有程序的最后一周。 I had the procedure last week. 我仍然在恢复流质饮食,然后食物泥的食物,然后软的食物。 I am still in recovery with liquid diet, then pureed food, then soft foods. 我有严重的心脏病烧伤,大约每一天,该走了约8个月的时间在手术前。 发布日期:1月30日:: I am having severe heart burn about every other day, which had gone away for about eight months before the surgery. Published: January 30 ::

评论者:19-24女(病人) Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient)

我被诊断为贲门失弛缓症时,我痛苦后症状为一对夫妇年8或9岁。 I was diagnosed with achalasia when I was 8 or 9 years old after suffering symptoms for a couple years. 它始于吞咽困难,并发展到反流,胸痛,并最终通过食物回来了,晚上我的鼻子。 It started with difficulty swallowing and progressed to regurgitation, chest pain, and eventually food coming back up through my nose at night. 我有两个肉毒杆菌注射,然后帮助了一年或两年终于有Heller术。我现在23,我的食物停留下来,但我绝对依赖于水吞下任何东西。 I had two Botox injections, which helped for a year or two then finally had the Heller myotomy. I am now 23, and my food stays down, but I absolutely depend on water to swallow anything. 我经常得到胸口痛,这似乎是压力引起的。 发布时间:1月30日:: I frequently get chest pains, which seem to be stress-induced. Published: January 30 ::

评论来自:病人Judog从伦敦,25-34岁女性() Comment from: Judog from london, 25-34 Female (Patient)

我刚刚离开医院后,今晚的内窥镜。 I just left the hospital this evening after having an endoscopy. 我也吞下了一个钡上周。 I had a barium swallow also last week. 医生说做了胃镜真的认为我有贲门失弛缓症,而该法案的衣服,因为我有这样严重的吞咽年11现在的情况。我觉得可怕的难以吞咽液体和固体两种。 The doctor that did the endoscopy really thinks I have achalasia and the bill fits because I have had this serious swallowing condition for 11 years now. I find it horribly difficult to swallow both liquids and solids. 我觉得在我的胸部急性疼痛和背部,我只得到缓解后,我已啜饮水等等。当我吃,(我每次做)我觉得食物滞留在我的喉咙,有时感觉就像我不能呼吸。 I feel an acute pain in my chest and back and I only get relief after I have taken a few sips of water. When I eat, (every single time I do) I feel the food is stuck in my throat and sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. 我需要水,将有力地推动烤火进食,并需要20多秒,我硬推,吞咽食物前一再现在觉得很喜欢它的下降和大多数时间我确实听到了我的胃进入沉闷食品下降。 I need mouthfuls of water to forcefully push the food down and it takes over 20 seconds of me pushing hard, swallowing repeatedly before the food now feel likes its gone down and most times I actually hear the food drop with a thud into my stomach. 它的痛苦,它觉得我不正常,我不知道如果我能继续这样,但我很高兴现在已经取得了一个诊断,我们会看到什么管理方法的治疗,他们愿意给我。我相信我能做成什么事是1月前结束。谢谢你分享这个机会,我的故事发布时间:12月17日:: Its harrowing, it feel like I am abnormal and I wonder if I can go on like this but I am glad now that a diagnosis has been made and we'd see what method of treatment and management they are willing to give me. I am sure I will get something done before January is over. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story Published: December 17 ::


Comment from: ukkate, 55-64 Female (Patient)

我是第一次诊断约3年前。 I was first diagnosed about 3 years ago. 我的症状是感觉'在堵塞'我的喉咙疼痛和吞咽时和夜间和液体,特别是在反流的食物时睡着了。我有一种肉毒毒素注射治疗的工作年奇妙约1。 My symptoms were pain and a feeling of 'blockage' in my throat when swallowing and regurgitation of food and liquids, especially at night when asleep. I had a Botox injection treatment which worked wonderfully for about a year. 这是无痛的,一个门诊手术,我是家中2小时。当我的症状又出现我打电话给医生,并免费安排在第二次治疗,这也是解决问题的。这是2年以前,不幸我又遇到症状。 It was painless, an outpatient procedure and I was home in 2 hours. When my symptoms reappeared I called the doctor and was scheduled for a second treatment, which also was problem-free. That was 2 years ago and unfortunately I am experiencing symptoms again. 我有吞咽困难,疼痛和不适,偶尔呕吐。 I have difficulty swallowing, pain and discomfort and occasional throwing up. 最可怕的是在晚上,当我醒来返流窒息,甚至当我还没有吃或睡觉前有几个小时什么。 The most scary is the regurgitation at night when I wake up choking, even when I haven't eaten or had anything for a few hours before bed. 我已安排在下一个星期的治疗。唯一的症状,我不与其他记者分享是减肥。 I have scheduled a treatment for next week. The only symptom I don't share with other correspondents is weight loss. 我现在太胖了,真的需要减肥,但显然我必须通过足够的东西越来越高热量,以维持我的大量!它似乎没有问题我吃什么食物,有时我可以吃任何东西,甚至有时一生菜叶子一水的SIP将为小时关闭。 发布日期:12月17日:: I am overweight and really need to lose, but obviously I must be getting through enough high calorie stuff to maintain my bulk! It doesn't seem to matter what food I eat, sometimes I can eat anything, other times a lettuce leaf or even a sip of water will set it off for hours. Published: December 17 ::

评论者:Anali,女55-64岁(病人) Comment from: Anali, 55-64 Female (Patient)

我遭受失弛缓症在过去25年。 I suffered from achalasia for the last 25 years. 我花了一年时间寻找一个外科医生谁可以进行手术治疗方法。 It took me a year to find a surgeon who could perform the surgery to treat it. 据我手术后近4年了,我现在可以吃无疼痛,窒息或呕吐。 It has been almost four years after my surgery, and I can now eat without pain, choking or vomiting. 我现在唯一的问题是轻微胃酸倒流,我没有收到我的手术。 发布时间:12月04:: My only problem now is mild acid reflux that I did not have before my surgery. Published: December 04 ::

评论者:ferret4073,男13-18(病人) Comment from: ferret4073, 13-18 Male (Patient)

我被诊断为贲门失弛缓症,当我7岁左右,但因为我出生时,我的父母一直告诉我,我总是呕吐。 I was diagnosed with achalasia when I was around 7 years old, but since I was born, my parents have been telling me I was always throwing up. 当我四,我告诉他们,我曾在我胸口这些痛苦。 When I was 4, I told them that I had these pains in my chest. 经过3年左右的被测试,以找出什么我做了,他们终于说,这是贲门失弛缓症。 After about three years of being tested to figure out what I had, they finally said it was achalasia. 他们认为做了手术,我因为我只是个孩子,但当时我13岁,我没有能够完成甚至吃得过饱。 They held off doing surgery to me since I was only a kid, but by the time I was 13, I had not been able to even complete a full meal. 我接受了手术,这大约一年的工作。 I had surgery, and it worked for about a year. 然后,我开始有问题了。 Then I started having problems again. 这不是坏事,因为它曾经是,但它越来越多月以来不断恶化。 It's not as bad as it used to be, but it keeps on getting worse over the months. 我最近曾在一个月前完成有关测试,并告诉我他们的食物渐渐在我的食道的最上部卡住了。 I recently had a test performed about a month ago, and they told me the food was getting stuck on the uppermost part of my esophagus. 他们说他们可以做什么可以为我在选择的时候与技术和治疗。 发布日期:1月30日:: They said they could do nothing for me at the moment with the technology and treatment options available. Published: January 30 ::

评论者:wood57, Comment from: wood57,

我是一名52岁男性和程序进行了切开术24年前。 I am a 52 year old male and had a myotomy procedure performed 24 years ago. 我的医生花了10年或以上的症状的诊断是正确的。 It took 10 or more years of symptoms for my doctors to diagnose it correctly. 这次手术非常成功。 The surgery has been very successful. 为你的体重增加小心,它是你最大的敌人。 Be careful of your weight gain; it's your biggest enemy. 我一直跟进与内窥镜手术以来,每隔三至四年。 I have been following up with endoscopies every three to four years since the surgery. 该手术是非常困难的经历,甚至在年轻的年龄。 The surgery was very difficult to go through, even at a young age. 它可以是非常令人沮丧。 发布日期:1月30日:: It can be very frustrating. Published: January 30 ::

评论者:sherbear,女25-34(病人) Comment from: sherbear, 25-34 Female (Patient)

我29岁。 I am 29 years old. 在2007年11月,我开始有吞咽困难。 In November of 2007, I started having trouble swallowing. 一个短的时间之后,我看着有胃灼热。 A short time after that, I stared having heartburn. 经过几个月的医生去,我被诊断为贲门失弛缓症。 After months of going to the doctors, I was diagnosed with achalasia. 我将不得不在2009年1月esophagomyotomy手术英寸发布日期:1月30日:: I am going to have esophagomyotomy surgery in January of 2009. Published: January 30 ::

评论者:Firetiger13,女13-18(病人) Comment from: Firetiger13, 13-18 Female (Patient)

我是谁被诊断少年在2月中旬,今年的贲门失弛缓症。 I'ma teenager who was diagnosed this year in mid-February with achalasia. 我在我的喉咙并发症的感情,并开始投掷成该疾病的第3个月不知道这是什么。 I had complications of feelings in my throat and began throwing up the third month into the illness without knowing what it was. 这是7月下旬时,他们肯定知道这是贲门失弛缓症。 It was late July when they knew for sure it was achalasia. 我不能吃东西,睡觉或喝太多。 I couldn't eat, sleep or drink much. 我一直都是很轻的头脑,失去了一天多的重量。 I was always light-headed, and losing more weight by the day. 我没有快乐和精力做任何事情。 发布时间:11月29日:: I had no joy or energy to do anything. Published: November 29 ::

评论者:电汇,55-64岁女性(照顾者) Comment from: TT, 55-64 Female (Caregiver)

我妈妈是55岁,并与大约两年前贲门失弛缓症诊断。 My mom is 55 years old and was diagnosed with achalasia about two years ago. 我们曾尝试(对抗疗法和顺势疗法)各种药物,但他们没有帮助。 We have tried various medications (allopathic and homeopathic), but they have not helped. 顺势疗法药品的一些吞咽时提供一些帮助,但只有很少的。妈妈进行了球囊扩张术15个月前。 Some of the homeopathic medicines give some relief when swallowing but only marginal. Mom had a balloon dilation performed about 15 months ago. 它似乎解决了约4个月的问题,但随后的症状又回来了,咄咄逼人。 It seemed to resolve the issue for about four months, but then the symptoms were back with a vengeance. 她以前经常呕吐(泡沫和水样呕吐),约3至4次。 She used to throw up regularly (foamy and watery vomits), about three to four times a day. 现在,泡沫状分泌物了,但它仍然疼痛她的每一次她燕子。 Now the foamy discharge is gone, but it still pains her every time she swallows. 而且只要她有第一对夫妇的叮咬,括约肌堵塞了。 And as soon as she has the first couple of bites, the sphincter jams up. 她似乎已辞去自己对这些症状,我们正在试图改变她的饮食与补充液,因为她已失去了去年的份量。 She seems to have resigned herself to these symptoms, and we are trying to alter her diet with fluid supplements as she has lost a lot of weight over the last year. 我们保持我们的手指穿过她的健康饮食调整,改善与这些未成年人。 发布日期:11月29日:: We are keeping our fingers crossed that her health improves with these minor adjustments to the diet. Published: November 29 ::

评论者:BMAC,55-64男(病人) Comment from: BMAC, 55-64 Male (Patient)

我已经失弛缓症,因为我是7岁。 I have had achalasia since I was 7 years old. 我曾在11岁行动放宽到膈肌入口处的肌肉。 I had an operation at age 11 to relax the muscles at the entrance to the diaphragm. 我发现我可以再吞下,如果我被迫吞下风由过去的收缩的食物。 I found I could then swallow if I forced the food past the constriction by swallowing wind. 这可以是相当痛苦的,但它的作品。 This can be quite painful, but it works. 我现在62岁,我曾在不同场合与不同程度的成功数进行扩张。 I am now 62 years of age, and I have had dilatations performed on a number of occasions with varying degrees of success. 他们只减轻吞咽疼痛,他们不能治愈它。 They only lessen the pain of swallowing; they don't cure it. 我的食道下部收集胃食物,如第二,和时间,然后在一个时期,我可以强制通过膈肌缓慢。食物进入我的胃风和吞咽食物下举行的风压力,同时通过发布日期: 11月29日:: The lower part of my esophagus collects the food like a second stomach, and then over a period of time, I can force the food into my stomach by swallowing wind and holding the wind under pressure while the food slowly passes through the diaphragm. Published: November 29


Comment from: 35-44 Female (Patient)

我要为我的手术明天。 I am going in for my surgery tomorrow. 很显然,我是误诊了好几年。 Apparently, I was misdiagnosed for several years. 我终于确诊,当我把我的左肺和发展肺炎或类似的送气。 I was finally diagnosed when I aspirated into my left lung and developed pneumonia or something similar to that. 我被释放从一个月前的医院。 I was released from the hospital a month ago. 我期待着能够吃没有窒息或呕吐。 I am really looking forward to being able to eat without choking or vomiting. 我很高兴我发现这个网站和我的感觉会更好地了解英寸发布日期:2月19日:: I am glad I found this site and am feeling better about going in. Published: February 19 ::

评论者:45-54岁女性(病人) Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient)

我已经超过25年贲门失弛缓症。 I have had achalasia for over 25 years. 我有所有的治疗扩张,球囊扩张,多内窥镜各种课程,Heller术8年前。 I have had all the various courses of treatment dilatation, balloon dilatation, multiple endoscopies, Heller myotomy 8 years ago. 在切开术帮助与吞咽问题,这很不错。 The myotomy helped with the swallowing problems which was great. 不过,我有严重的疼痛常,一直未能够追踪到任何特定类型的食品。 However, I have severe pain often, and have never been able to trace it to any particular types of foods. 模仿的痛苦心脏病发作,并在其最坏的直接原因头痛和恶心。 The pain mimics a heart attack, and at its worst causes immediate headache and nausea. 我想是一种处理疼痛。 What I would like is a way to deal with the pain. 我能处理的吞咽困难。 I can deal with the swallowing difficulty. 我有2个月前胃感可怕的案件和反复呕吐造成如此严重的胸部疼痛我结束了在急诊室。 发布时间:2月19:: I had a terrible case of stomach flu two months ago and the repeated vomiting caused such severe chest pain I ended up in the emergency room. Published: February 19 ::

评论者:斯内尔森,35-44岁的女性(病人) Comment from: snelson, 35-44 Female (Patient)

我其实是扭曲的食道内,所以当我尝试喝水,其实你可以听到声音,好像在下降漏斗。 My esophagus is actually twisted inside, so when I try to drink water you can actually hear sound as if going down a funnel. 我是一个液体和软食物的饮食了。 I am on a liquid and soft food diet now. 我是在否定了一会儿试图假装痛苦时,人人有葡萄。 I was in denial for a while trying to pretend that everyone has pain when having a grape. 现实的情况,我可以控制我与我的饮食简单的改变胸部疼痛给我回了一些控制。 The reality that I can control my chest pain with simple changes to my diet gave me back some control. 我知道这听起来不可思议,但是我感觉好多了。 发布日期:11月14日:: I know that sounds weird, but I feel better. Published: November 14 ::

评论来自:龙,女35-44岁(病人) Comment from: jc, 35-44 Female (Patient)

第一天我遇到这种疾病有可能不明白我的交易是什么。 The first day I encountered having this disease I couldn't figure out what the deal was. 我作呕减肥和没有工作。 I was gagging, losing weight, and nothing worked. 我是药,而没有工作,他们伸出了小规模黑管没有改变我的食道,然后在未来的大小黑管之后,我不得不看专科医生。 I was medicated and that didn't work they stretched my esophagus with a small size black tube nothing changed then the next size black tube after that I had to see a specialist. 然后,他做了球囊扩张而感到不舒服工作了8年现在我的胃打击和其本身的,所以回来我去看了医生,他们再次进行肉毒杆菌,我觉得现在的好。 发布日期:11月14日:: He then did a balloon dilatation which worked for eight years now my stomach blows up and its very uncomfortable, so back I went to see the doctor again they performed Botox which I think its okay for now. Published: November 14 ::

评论者:比特里,女45-54(病人) Comment from: beetree, 45-54 Female (Patient)

我已经有好几年。 I've had this for years. 9年,但它似乎走一段时间了,但现在它回来。 9 years, but it seemed to go away for awhile, but now its back. 我坐下吃晚饭,晚饭一咬,它集其关闭。 I sit down to eat supper and one bite of dinner and it sets it off. 它的坏它会持续很长时间。 It's bad it lasts a long time. 我不能解除的话,我扔了,它伤害了我自己,我不断尝试和1983-2000起床不管是什么,这样我就可以减轻的感觉,它的可怕和恐怖。 I can't relieve it, I throw up and it hurts and I keep gaging myself to try and get up whatever it is, so I can relieve the feeling, its awful and scary. 最后,无论是在一个小时后出现下降,有时会出现。 Finally whatever was down there after an hour sometimes comes up. 我没有这一切的时候,虽然。 发布日期:11月14日:: I don't have it all the time though. Published: November 14 ::

评论者:足球迷,45-54男(病人) Comment from: football fan, 45-54 Male (Patient)

我已经有了大约十年贲门失弛缓症。 I have had achalasia for approx ten years. 我是48岁。 I am 48 years old. 我还以为是几年前腹腔镜切开术。 I had a laparoscopic myotomy a few years ago. 帮助一对夫妇多年,但现在症状回来了。 Helped for a couple years, but now symptoms are back. 我还以为是辛辣食物引起的,但它可以是任何东西了。 I thought it was caused by spicy foods, but it can be anything now. 我想整脊,看看,这将有助于肌肉和神经。 I am trying chiropractic to see if that will help the muscles and nerves. 那里有任何积极的脊骨贲门失弛缓症的反馈? 发布日期:11月14日:: Anyone out there had positive feedback from chiropractic for achalasia? Published: November 14 ::




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