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Susan Miller——摩羯六月运势

(2009-06-02 19:33:11)







分类: Astrology~幸运星语
Capricorn Horoscope for June 2009
  By Susan Miller
  June could well go down as one of your happiest months of the year. All parts of your chart will be glowing and everything should be clicking, from work to romance. Where shall I begin? There is so much to tell you! Let's start with your career, an area of life almost every Capricorn is eager to hear about.
  六月将会进行的不错,(go down怎么翻?)如是你一年里最幸福的月份之一。你星图里所有的部分将会变得热烈,一切都会是叮铃动听的。从工作到浪漫。我该从哪儿开始呢?有这么多要告诉你们!!让我们从事业开始,事业是生命里摩羯座永远最渴望听到的区域。
  Venus rules your solar tenth house of profession and this month Venus will move through Taurus, an earth sign like yours. That's very auspicious, for Venus will be communicating directly with your Sun in a very friendly way, indicating a big boost to your career. Authority figures will see you in the best light in June, so it's a good month to present ideas. Last month Mercury was in retrograde, making May a messy month for any important moves, but this month brings an open road and blue skies at every turn.
  金星掌控着第十宫-职业宫,本月进行将会通过土星,你本命星座的象征星,这是非常吉利的,因为金星会直接与太阳星座用一种友好的方式交 流,暗示着你事业上一个巨大的契机。权威人士将在六月最愉快最无忧时见你,所以这是一个表达思想创意的好月份。上个月水星在逆行,造成一个对于任何重要进 展都是混乱的五月,但是这个月,在每个方向,都打开了一条开放的路和蔚蓝的天空。
  Moreover, Venus will orbit tightly with Mars, also in Taurus, a rare situation that all signs will benefit from, but especially the earth signs - that's you. This combination will give an enormous amount of energy to professional interests and allow you to move ahead quite assertively.
  Venus and Mars will be based in an area of your chart ruling original ideas and concepts, indicating that you will be quite a creative dynamo now. Ideas will come to you easily and some will prove to be superb. Lest you forget any, write down those ideas as they arrive, and later you can choose the best ones to develop. Mars and Venus will be signaling Pluto, planet of renewal, so taking an entrepreneurial approach could bring you into a whole new realm and literally change your life from the inside out in months to come. The world runs on ideas, dear Capricorn, and you'll have an abundance of them now.
  金星和火星会进驻你星图里掌管创新想法和概念的区域,包括现在你会变成非常地积极且经历充沛。你很容易想出主意,有些想法会被证明是非常 卓越的。你唯恐忘了这些好主意,一旦它们到来,你就要写下来,然后你可以选择最好的去发展。火星和金星会与冥王星进行信号交流,冥王星代表重生,所以采取 创业手段,会引领你进入全新的领域,并会在后面的几个月里从里到外改变你的生活。亲爱的摩羯,这个世界靠想法运行,而你现在有丰富的想法。
  Financially, you still have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your solar second house of earned income. The ruler of that house is Uranus, now in your house of speaking, writing, and selling. These activities are the sort you need to get involved in if you want to make more money. Plan to be out and about, showing your face to the world.
  If you are a writer, put pen to paper. If you own your own company, you will be the best spokesperson for yourself. No one will be able to sell your ideas better than you! It would be a great time to do a publicity or advertising campaign or to develop a website or blog.
  Here are two dates to circle on your calendar. On June 2, when Venus and Jupiter will converse in the sweetest way, you may be able to pick up an extra side job that brings you a tidy sum of cash. Go for it!
  June 17 will also be special, when you will get another chance to do side work, and best of all it will pay well, too. On June 17 Jupiter and the Sun will be in perfect sync, so it's a perfect day to talk about money with just about any client or person at work.
  You appear to be thinking seriously about merging energies with another very special person, either as a romantic or business partner, or as a collaborator that can bring you business expertise. The pieces of your plan will take flight at the new moon, June 22.
  That will be a very energetic new moon, to appear at 1 degree of Cancer in your seventh house of serious commitment. This house rules both business partnerships or collaborations and romantic partnerships, such as would be indicated by an engagement, marriage, or very serious promise. The house of the horoscope involved rules all sorts of contractual commitments. View what is shaping up as an exciting development.
  Next month there will be a second new moon in Cancer, not at 1 degree but at 29 degrees, the degree of completion. What makes next month's new moon so special is that it will be a solar eclipse, and a very friendly one at that. To see two new moons in a row in the same sign, falling in the same house, is rare, but for one of them to be an eclipse is even rarer. Wow - this is surely an indication of a big trend that is just cranking up for you now! But wait, there's more!
  下个月会有第二轮的新月在巨蟹宫,不是呈1度角而是呈29度角,一个契约或手续正式完成的角度。下轮新月的形成的特别之处在于,会有一次 日食,一个非常友好的日食在那儿。接连看到两个同样征兆的新月,落入同样的宫,非常少见,但更少见的是其中一个将会有日食。哇!这绝对是一个重大趋势的暗 示,此趋势正在为你缓慢摇摇来到(??),但等等,还有更多的!!
  While the emphasis on partnership will be strong in June and July, it will also be from late August through mid-October when Mars will highlight this same area. Actually the emphasis will go even beyond those months. The eclipses are about to move into a new family of signs, to Capricorn and Cancer, beginning next month, and continuing for a full two years.
  Next month you will have a lunar eclipse on July 7 in Capricorn, and on July 21 a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer. These events will help shake you out of a rut and help you see your goals, talents, and priorities in a new light. They will help you move your life forward in a very assertive way.
  We will talk more about the coming eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer next month, but let's just say for now that you haven't seen eclipses in your sign since 2000 and 2001, and prior to that, since 1991 and 1992.
  Change is an essential element of life, for the planets continually are on the move. Think back to times you were forced to make changes and worried, only to see that change brought you into an exciting new sphere, and that it was all for good. You probably ended up thankful that you were asked to make them.
  Eclipses speed up our evolution toward more mature individuals, and they bring enormous enlightenment in the process. They are very special configurations capable of bring significant, life-changing events that you long remember.
  This month, the new moon on June 22 will be opposed to Pluto in Capricorn, so there could be a tendency for you to come on a bit too strong with a partner or collaborator. Perhaps it will be your eagerness to get things rolling that will make you get a little ahead of yourself. If you see that your partner is not quite ready for your ideas, deliberately hold yourself back. The trend toward your forming a union is strong, so I don't think you will need to push to make it happen.
  6月22日的摩羯座新月,会与冥王星相反(相对?),对于你来说,会来到与另一半或合作人稍微强烈的情势。或许是你渴望让事情变得定期, 好让你对自己有点预见(??这里翻得不太对)。如果你发现你的另一半对你的此主意没什么准备,小心地把你自己拉回来吧。你想形成一个团体的趋势是强烈的, 我认为你无需去推动它发生。
  The Sun and new moon will be beautifully oriented toward Jupiter, so if you do form an alliance for business, you should be able to create solid profits together. It appears you do need a reliable partner, agent, or other middleman to help you create and stabilize your finances.
  If this alliance is not for business, but for marriage, the aspects at play will also seem to work to stabilize your finances. While guests and family will be generous, transiting planets also suggest that one or both of you will prosper and that you have the power to build a firm foundation for long term financial security.
  If you were born on December 22 or within five days of this date you will feel the powerful energy of this month's new moon, June 22.
  If you were born on January 19, you will feel the new moon solar eclipse of next month, July 21, more directly than other Capricorns you know.
  If you were born somewhere in the middle between these dates, you will feel this month's new moon as it will bring in a new influence.
  If there were any message of the month and of the coming period, it's that no man is an island. Sometimes, to get ahead or to achieve some of life's goals, it might be wise to build enduring alliances with others and work together to make those dreams a reality.
  Remember, though - you are always in charge. There is nothing destined here. Astrology is the study of influences that you can choose to make work for you, or to sit out.
  Now let's move on to other aspects of the month.
  Earlier in June, you need to watch your health. The June 7 full moon will be in Sagittarius and be in hard angle to Saturn, your ruling planet. This can make you very run down and tired, especially if you have neglected your health. It will be important that you shore yourself up with rest and good nutrition. You are a very disciplined soul, but at this time of the month, cut yourself a little slack.
  The time near June 7 would not be a time to agree to sign a contract, because the ruler of the sign of the moon, Sagittarius, is Jupiter, and Jupiter will orbit close to Neptune, the planet of confusion. It would be best to wait until the end of the week, to sign on June 12 or 13. Be sure to act then, however, for Jupiter will turn into a weak retrograde orbit on June 14. You will want a strong Jupiter behind you when you do sign, so there will be no time beyond June 13.
  Also near June 7, you may find that you are visiting someone who is confined in a hospital, rehab center, nursing home, or other institution. You seem to be interacting with medical personnel at the time, a bit more than usual. Perhaps it will be that you have a dental exam or plan to go in for routine tests. Actually, this would be a good time to do so.
  Romantically, this month will be so strong it may amaze you, even if you are single. I want to address single readers now, for you certainly won't be left out! If you are hoping to find someone truly right for you, this month will give you an outstanding chance. In fact this will be the most important month of 2009 for the start of an important romance.
  Mars will tour your fifth house of true love, helping romance to flourish in a very affectionate, dramatic way. What makes this month so extraordinary is that Mars and Venus will be traveling together, within a few tiny degrees of one another. This is the one combination of planets that is said to fan the fires of love. This is sensational!
  This month will be ideal for improving your appearance in any way you see fit. You can cut your hair, buy something new to wear, go to a spa for a treatment - you decide. Venus in Taurus is a lovely place for you to increase your charisma. Not only is Taurus an earth sign like yours (perfect!) but Venus also rules Taurus, so she'll express her best qualities quite naturally in this sign. You will have Venus in Taurus from June 6 to July 5. Take advantage!
  As said earlier, an engagement or marriage is very likely in June or in coming months this year. If you've been dating seriously, even if you never thought that it would happen this soon, if you are ready, the universe will show you there are no more reasons to wait.
  If you are already married, the topic of having a baby may come up in June. It's a lovely time to summon the stork, for planets in Taurus are very fertile and loving. If you want a baby, this month would be the time to make that dream a reality.
  Romance will be best: June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13-14, 19, and 27-28.
  You and I will continue this discussion about the very exciting and imminent changes due to your personal life. If you are married, you will hear news about your partner. He or she will be the person who leads the headlines in your life. More next month, dear Capricorn, but you will see some evidence of this in June too, especially if you were born near December 22.
  You have an enviable chart at the moment, with Mars (energy and enthusiasm), Venus (popularity and love), and Mercury (communication and travel) brightening your house of true love. Romance will be in the air, so plan to socialize much more than usual. That would be easy for other signs, but not so much for the ambitious Goat, who has a habit of staying late at the office perfecting every memo, adding to every presentation, and making to-do lists for the morning. Continual career progress is important to you, but taking time now to relax will allow your mind to clear and refresh. You'll come back feeling more resourceful and creative. In fact, June will be one of your very best months of 2009 to find love, or to enjoy love you already share.
  If you were hoping to have a baby, this would be a month to seriously prepare for that child's arrival. If you already have children, find a way to surprise them, for no particular reason. It doesn't matter what their ages - this is the month to enjoy your private life and make it richer, closer, and warmer. So get tickets to the circus or the ballet, or take your child to your corner pizza parlor or for a posh dinner in a restaurant where your child can use all the table manners you so carefully taught. Laugh and be silly together. Your child will only be this age once.
  Watch your nutrition and overall health, because you may feel a bit drained over the weekend of June 6-7 when the full moon will bring challenging vibrations. Travel, research, and academic endeavors involving higher study or examinations will be fraught with obstacles and difficulties, so you'd do best to remain home and stick to solitary pursuits. Your creativity will be high all month, but especially at that time, and you'll be capable of truly original, outstanding results if you focus in on a pastime you love. For best results you need to be alone, behind closed doors while you work, so screen out any people who burn your time.
  The new moon in your marriage and partnership house on June 22 could make you seriously consider becoming engaged or married in the days and weeks to follow that date. You are clearly ready for a life transformation, and doubly so if you were born early in your sign, say, near December 22-25. You seem anxious for the next chapter of your life to begin and happily, there is no more reason to wait. Indeed, everything in your chart is showing that you are biting at the bit, ready to bolt out of the gate.
  Capricorn does not make any moves before they have considered all details thoroughly, so chances are, you're more prepared for your next big step than you may have guessed. Whether you are combining energies for business or personal reasons, Jupiter's position attests to prosperity from your union, too. Proceed!
  Dates to note:
  Romance will be best: June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13-14, 19, and 27-28.
  Creativity will be very high all month.
  Financial news will be excellent: June 2.
  Take care of your health: June 5-10.
  A side job could be unusually lucrative: June 17.
  Think about forming a serious partnership in love or business: after the new moon June 22.


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