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Jennifer Beals演讲:第11届女人之夜

(2011-05-09 20:00:35)







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Jennifer Beals


Jennifer <wbr>Beals演讲:第11届女人之夜


I think I am an actor because I have always loved the idea of being part of a story. When I was a young girl, when my mother would tell me a bed time story I would beg her to make me a character in the story. Put ME in the story I would say. And as a result when she wasn't reading Greek myths to me she would make up stories with me in them. Jenny walked through the forest. Jenny fought dragons, and in another more practical story Jenny always counted her change when she went to buy milk from the store. There were a variety of fictions. I think from an early age we all see our life as a narrative and the narratives to which we are exposed oftentimes shape the narratives we create for ourselves. Through our imagination and through exposure to the imaginations of others we are constantly in the process of creating ourselves.

As I got a little older and was more aware of television and magazines I searched for images of girls that looked like me. As a biracial girl growing up in Chicago there wasn't a lot there, positive or otherwise. I mean, I had Spock. That was kind of it. . My theme song was Cher's Half-Breed. As for being a female, the only women who had any kind of power were either witches, or scantily clad blonde genies running around furniture to escape certain rape from some horny guy. Really weird. Given the choice, I guess I'd be a witch.

Somehow my story wasn't there. I was too young to start reading Faulkner, I hadn't seen Imitation of Life and so I wasn't aware that I was supposed to be the insane, oversexed tragic Mulatto gal. Certainly my otherness sometimes was so palpable it was a wonder that anyone could see me. I was that invisible. And certainly when society fails to write your story there is an unspoken message that the story is not worth telling. And yet somehow--I think it was either the Greek myths with all the powerful shape shifters and half-human, half-beast deities or the Jenny makes perfect change storyline-I thought perhaps, just MAYBE I was different for a reason. Like it wasn't some horrible mistake to go undocumented in the world.
但是我的故事却并非如此。我还太年轻读不懂福克纳,我也没看过Imitation of Life,我不知道我是否注定成为那个疯癫的悲惨的混血女孩(指电影中的女孩)。当然我的与众不同(肤色)是那样的明显,有时我相信人们会了解这一切,我却如隐形人一般存在。人们理所当然的认定,当这个社会不在意你的故事的时候那是因为它根本不值得一提。就像是是希腊神话中强大的斗士还有那些半人半兽的神,或者是关于jenny的小故事,我相信,我的不同总有个原因。它并不是什么可怕的不被人承认的错误。

As an actor I have been very aware of the stories of which I am a part. As an actor I have been very aware of the times when I am able to play the 'other' and happy to have those opportunities the majority of which have come from Showtime. When I met with the producers of the L Word, led by Ilene Chaiken to talk about the show my character Bette was initially not biracial. I suggested that the character be made biracial so I could serve all those people who were like me and had never seen themselves represented except for maybe in a Benetton ad. Ilene embraced the idea because she is that kind of spirit. She knew that I too wanted to feel a sense of belonging- not just belonging in a corporate sense but belonging in a true sense both as an individual and as a part of her story. I am so happy, so honored that I am a part of Ilene's stories week after week, and that we have people like Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner to help tell those stories.
作为一个演员我总是很了解我要讲述的故事,作为一个演员我总是很珍惜饰演不同的人的机会,而且我很高兴能从Showtime得到这些机会。当我最初遇到由IC领衔的the l word的创作团队时,我的角色Bette并非一开始就被设定为混血。我建议把Bette作为一个混血儿加入到故事中去,这样我就可以帮助那些像我一样的人,那些从来没有人代表她们说话,除了只在广告中提及的人。Ilene很欣赏我的想法,她是那样的有智慧。她知道我同样也想找到一种归属感,不单单是合作,而是作为一个个体把自己真实的故事和想法带入角色中。我很高兴也很荣幸自己能加入ic的故事,而且我们拥有Rose Troche和Guinevere Turner帮我们讲述这些故事。

I am extremely grateful to my family at Showtime, Matt Blanc, Gary Levine and Faye Katz. I am particularly indebted to Jerry Offsay who gave me so many opportunities to play in an array of amazing stories including Twilight of the Golds and A House Divided. I am grateful to him for suggesting me for the part of Bette. I am equally grateful to the innovative and groundbreaking Robert Greenblatt for using his vision to guide the L Word to the next level. His knowledge and enthusiasm have ignited the second season and I feel very proud to be a part of the L Word.
我万分感激我在Showtime的大家庭Matt Blanc, Gary Levine and Faye Katz,特别是Jerry Offsay。他给了我这么多参演如此美妙的故事的机会,包括Twilight of the Golds 和A House Divided。我感谢他对我扮演的角色Bette的建议。我也同样感谢富有革命精神的Robert Greenblatt,因为他用它特有的方法使tlw达到了一个新的高度。他的学识和热情点燃了这个第二季,我很骄傲能成为the l word的一员。

The notion that I am part of a narrative where I can offer up some sort of mirror, however imperfect to someone who may have never before seen themselves represented is very exciting. To know that you EXIST and then to know that you exist in a larger, beautiful context and then finally to know that WE ALL exist as one larger, extended group is very fulfilling. To elucidate those connections that lead us all into the state of belonging to the family of humanity is one of the things the L Word strives to accomplish.

To love, to love to love, even when you think the heart is exhausted by anger and fear and hurt and disappointment and the latest presidential election. To love. That is the larger task which connects us all. That is the narrative to which I hope we all can strive.

Love is large, love defies limits. People talk about the sanctity of love...love is by definition sacred. Not some love between some people but all love between all people. How can anyone say one person's love is more sacred than another person's? If indeed it is love it is sanctified. If it is indeed love the right to marriage is not questionable. In my mind nothing pleases God more than love. I do not think it pleases God to codify bigotry. I do not think it pleases God that fear guides the hand of the law in the name of a cultural war.

Desmond Tutu once said that the great problem of our age is one of belonging. Who is the insider and who remains on the outside? Who will exact the spoils and who will suffer? These groupings are realities but they are also fictions put forth by people who benefit from the politics of division. The audience who watches the L Word are a diverse group. And what does that mean? Despite all the shameful efforts to divide this country over issues like who gets to choose, who gets to call themselves a patriot and who does not and who gets to marry and who does not, people, not just gay people, not just horny hetero guys but a lot of people are interested in the stories about a group of lesbians in West Hollywood. And in those stories about a group of lesbians in West Hollywood people recognize their own humanity.
Desmond Tutu曾经说过我们时代的很大一个问题是归属感。谁是内在的你,你的外在表现又如何,谁在享受着欢愉谁又在痛苦。这种分裂是现实存在的,但同时又是虚幻的被那些想从政治上获利的人兜售。喜欢看the l word的人属于不同的群体,这意味着,不去管那些让人觉得羞耻的,为了诸如谁能够选择,谁能自称为一个爱国者,谁又有权利结婚所做的努力,人们,不单单是同性恋者,亢奋的异性恋者,而是对一个讲述女同性恋的系列剧感兴趣的人们,在这个讲述西好莱坞的女同性恋生活的系列剧中,人们又重新意识到了自己人性的光辉。

It has been said, "History is written by the victors". I take this to mean we can make ourselves victorious by writing, and then rewriting our own stories. In a country and culture so dominated by media, by the manipulation of words and stories, telling the tales of people whose stories historically have not been told is a radical act and I believe an act that can change the world and help rewrite history. Imagine if all of our stories were told? Like the Chart on the L Word one day all the narratives would intertwine and we would discover the power of our collective imagination and we would see that to be victorious is not to have won simply for your own sake but for the sake of others.
人们相信,历史是由胜利者书写的。这种观点之于我就意味着,我们可以通过写下我们的故事,不断讲述我们的故事成为胜利者。在一个如此受控于媒体的时代和国家,以这种讲故事的方式告诉人们那些从来没有被人提起的事是一种激进行为。我相信这是可以改变世界和改写历史的。想象一下要是我们每个人的故事都被展现出来,就像是the l word上的那张图表,当所有的故事纠结在一起,我们会发现我们自己集合的想象力的力量,不单单是为了自己,也为别人赢得一点东西。

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