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THIS IS AMERICA - Poker and the 'November Nine'; S

(2010-07-27 09:35:58)



THIS IS AMERICA - Poker and the 'November Nine'; Steinbrenner and the Price of Winning

这就是美国--扑克的'November Nine(进入11月份比赛的9位高手)',斯泰因布里纳和取胜的价格


Written by Mike DeFabo, Steve Schy and Caty Weaver


The final nine players of the World Series of Poker reach for the tournament bracelet held by Jack Effel, center, in Las Vegas on July 18. The players, from left, are Jason Senti, Joseph Cheong, John Dolan, Jonathan Duhamel, Mike Mizrachi, Matthew Jarvis,
The final nine players of the World Series of Poker reach for the tournament bracelet held by Jack Effel, center, in Las Vegas on July 18. The players, from left, are Jason Senti, Joseph Cheong, John Dolan, Jonathan Duhamel, Mike Mizrachi, Matthew Jarvis,


FRITZI BODENHEIMER: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I'm Fritzi Bodenheimer with Mario Ritter. This week on our program, we deal with the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada.

欢迎收听今天的VOA特别英语的“这就是美国”。这是Fritzi Bodenheimer和Mario Ritter.这一周在我们的栏目里,我们讲一讲内华达州拉斯维加斯的世界扑克系列赛。

MARIO RITTER: We also talk about the defending champions of baseball's World Series, the New York Yankees. We look at the effects that team owner George Steinbrenner had on the business of sports.


MARIO RITTER:我们还要谈一谈世界棒球系列赛的卫冕冠军,纽约扬基队。我们了解一下扬基队的主人乔治斯坦因布里纳对体育生意的影响。

FRITZI BODENHEIMER: More than seven thousand players competed this month in the World Series of Poker Main Event. To enter, they had to pay ten thousand dollars. For thirteen days, player after player competed in games of no-limit Texas Hold 'em. Finally, in the early morning of July eighteenth, only nine remained.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER:这个月有7000位选手在世界扑克系列赛的主要赛事竞技。为了参加比赛,他们每人要付1万美元。在13天的时间内,一个选手接着一个选手比赛德克萨斯牌。最后,在7月18日清晨,会只剩下9位高手。

These card players -- all men -- will return to Las Vegas in November for the final table. The winner will leave with almost nine million dollars and the title of two thousand ten world poker champion. The winner also gets a World Series of Poker gold bracelet.


But none of the so-called November Nine will leave empty-handed. The first finalist to lose will receive eight hundred thousand dollars. The winnings go up from there. For example, the player who finishes in fourth place will still take home more than three million dollars.


MARIO RITTER: Last year, the World Series of Poker produced its youngest champion yet. Joe Cada of Michigan was just twenty-one last November when he won the main event.

MARIO RITTER:去年,世界扑克系列大赛还产生了它迄今最年轻的冠军。密歇根州的Joe Cada在去年11月份赢得主赛的时候只有21岁。

This year a twenty-two-year-old from Quebec, Canada, is the leader going into the final table. Jonathan Duhamel has never finished above the top ten before. He says "I don't have much tournament experience but I'm confident in my game." He says he is going spend the next few months playing in European poker events but also having fun with his friends and family.

今年处于领先位置进入最后主赛终桌的是来自加拿大魁北克22岁的年轻人。Jonathan Duhamel 过去从来没有进过前10名。他说,“我并没有太多对锦标赛的体验,但是我在比赛中很自信”。他说在接下来的几个月他将参加欧洲的扑克赛事,还会与他的家人和朋友一起好好玩。

Twenty-four-year-old John Dolan of Florida is in second place going into the final table in November. He is a successful online player, but so far his biggest win in live tournament play was eighty-two thousand dollars. His mother and father spoke to reporters last week after he became one of the November Nine. They said they were not sure about his decision to withdraw from university studies to play poker. But now, his father says "He's a student of the game and obviously he's good at it."

来自佛罗里达的24岁的John Dolan以第二位进入11月份最后主赛终桌。他是一个成功的网上选手,但是迄今为止他在真正的锦标赛的最高奖金是82000美元。上一周当他成为“November Nine”以后,他的父母告诉记者他们说他们对他退出大学的学习去打扑克觉得心里很没有底(?)。但是现在,他的父亲说“他是赛事里的学生,很明显,他对这个很擅长。”

FRITZI BODENHEIMER: Organizers of the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas say attendance was up twenty percent from last year. Jack Effel is tournament director of the World Series of Poker. He says the many websites for online poker help card players sharpen their skills.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER:拉斯维加斯扑克锦标赛的组织者说,与去年相比,参加人数增加了20%。Jack Effel是世界扑克系列赛的竞赛主任。许多有在线扑克游戏的网站帮助选手们提高了他们的技巧。

JACK EFFEL: "I think poker has spread like wildfire. Obviously the ability to play online, to learn more about the game, you know, from the comfort of your own home [has] definitely, probably increased it more than anything else."

JACK EFFEL:“我认为扑克象野火一样漫延。很明显地线上的技术锻炼、对比赛了解得多,您知道,坐在自己的家里舒舒服服地一定是,比其它任何的手段都能提高人的技巧。

MARIO RITTER: Poker also gets a lot of attention on TV and from stars who play, like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilly, Jason Alexander and Shannon Elizabeth.

MARIO RITTER:扑克这种运动也从电视节目中以及明星的表演中得到了许多关注,比如有 Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilly, Jason Alexander 和 Shannon Elizabeth。


FRITZI BODENHEIMER: George Steinbrenner was called "The Boss." He owned the New York Yankees. His desire to win at all costs produced not only the most powerful team in Major League Baseball. It produced one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. Forbes magazine estimates the Yankees are worth a billion and a half dollars.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER:乔治斯泰因布里纳被称为“老板”。他拥有纽约扬基队。他的不惜代价取得胜利的渴望不只缔造了美国职业棒球大联盟中的强队。也缔造了世界上最值钱的运动队。福布斯杂志估计扬基队值15亿美元。


George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees chairman and principal owner, with his daughter Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal at a spring training game at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida, on March 8
George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees chairman and principal owner, with his daughter Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal at a spring training game at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida, on March 8


Mr. Steinbrenner died July thirteenth at the age of eighty. He had a heart attack at his home in Florida after several years of failing health. With his death, the Yankees remain under ownership of the Steinbrenner family.


MARIO RITTER: George Steinbrenner led a group of investors to buy the Yankees for ten million dollars in nineteen seventy-three. At that point, they had not been American League or World Series winners since the early nineteen sixties. Since then, they have won eleven American League pennants and seven World Series championships.

MARIO RITTER:在1973年乔治斯泰因布里纳带领一些投资者用1千万美元购买了扬基队。那时,从20世纪60年代早期开始他们并不是美联或者是世界职业棒球大赛的得胜者。从那以后,他们赢得过11次美联的锦标旗和7次世界职业棒球大赛的冠军。

The Boss was always competing for the best unsigned players in baseball.


It used to be that players in professional sports could change teams only if they were traded, sold or released. But in nineteen seventy-five, two pitchers in Major League Baseball, Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally, fought the system and won.

通常是这样的,职业的运动员只能在交换、被卖或被解雇的情况下转队。但是在1975年,美联的两个投手Andy Messersmith 和 Dave McNally,为自由队员制的斗争并且取得了胜利。

FRITZI BODENHEIMER: Soon after that, other sports leagues accepted the idea of free agency. Players could sign with any team once their contract expired, as sports economist Andrew Zimbalist explains.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER:很快,其他的一些运动联盟接受了自由队员的理念。如果球员的合同到期,他们可以签约任何的球队。运动经济学家安德魯.辛伯利斯特是这样解释的:

安德魯.辛伯利斯特 : "Another way of looking at it is that a free agent in a sports league is the same thing as anybody else in the United States labor market. We're all free agents. If I wanted to work as a professor, I could send out notes to a hundred different universities and say 'Does anyone want to hire me?' I make my services available to everybody. And at least in theory I can make those schools compete against each other for my services."

安德魯.辛伯利斯特 :“可以用另一种方法去看它,运动联队里的一个自由队员就象美国劳务市场上的的其它人一样。我们都是自由队员。如果我想作为一个职业运动员,我可以向上百个不同的大学写函件“谁想雇用我?”我让我的服务对任何人都是可用的。在理论上至少我可以让这些学校为我的服务去相互竞争。

At first, George Steinbrenner opposed free agency. He thought it would ruin baseball. But he quickly adapted to the new rules. He paid record amounts to sign two of the first free agents: pitcher Catfish Hunter and hitter Reggie Jackson. They powered the Yankees to World Series wins in nineteen seventy-seven and the following year.

最初,乔治斯泰因布里纳反对自由队员制。他认为这相通会毁了棒球。但是他很快适应了这个新的规则。他为与最先的两个自由队员签约付出了创记录的数字:投手Catfish Hunter 和击球员Reggie Jackson。他们为扬基队在1977年和接下来的一年中打赢世界职业棒球赛增加了力量。

MARIO RITTER: Under George Steinbrenner the Yankees made offers for nearly all of the best free agents, says sports economist Andrew Zimbalist.

MARIO RITTER:在乔治斯泰因布里纳的领导下,扬基几乎为所有最好的自由队员出价。这是运动经济学家安德魯.辛伯利斯特说的。

ANDREW ZIMBALIST: "He was one of the first individuals to take advantage of the new rules. And he pushed the envelope on salaries. He realized he was in this massive media market in New York. And if he could bring great players to New York, they'd be worth a lot of money to him."


In two thousand seven, the Yankees signed a ten-year contract with Alex Rodriguez for a record two hundred seventy-five million dollars.


The competition for the best players has forced up salaries for all players, not just free agents. In nineteen seventy-five, the average salary in Major League Baseball was just under forty-five thousand dollars. Last year it was nearly three million dollars.


FRITZI BODENHEIMER: High salaries in sports may be the cause of debate. But, as economist Andrew Zimbalist points out, they are the effect of a free market.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER:运动员的高薪会引起争论,但是,就象运动经济学家安德魯.辛伯利斯特指出的那样,这是自由市场的影响。

ANDREW ZIMBALIST: "The reason they get so much money is because people love sports in the United States and elsewhere. And they are willing to pay a lot of money to go to games, to buy tickets, to buy luxury seats, to buy the concessions. Corporations are willing to pay a lot of money to be corporate sponsors of these teams. And television stations are willing to pay a lot of money to broadcast their games. So the market system says these players are worth a lot of money."


Unlike Major League Baseball, salaries in the National Basketball Association and some other leagues are capped. There are limits on how much team owners can spend. The idea is to help keep a competitive balance by preventing the wealthiest teams from getting all the good players.


MARIO RITTER: In the NBA, some people think twenty-five-year-old LeBron James could become the best player ever. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him out of high school in two thousand three. He stayed with them, but he was unhappy to never win a championship.

MARIO RITTER:在NBA,许多人认为25岁的勒布朗詹姆斯会成为空前好的球员。克里夫兰骑士队在2003年从高中学校征用了他。他跟他们在一起,但是他因为从来没有得过冠军而郁闷。



LeBron James hugs Dwyane Wade in the NBA All-Star Game in February; Wade was named most valuable player of the game
LeBron James hugs Dwyane Wade in the NBA All-Star Game in February; Wade was named most valuable player of the game


On July first, after seven years with Cleveland, LeBron James became a free agent. He has decided to play for the Miami Heat. Cleveland could have paid him one hundred twenty-five million dollars over six years to stay.


The most Miami could offer him was ninety-six million dollars over five years. But he chose the Heat so he can join two other newly signed stars, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Sports economist Andrew Zimbalist says the deal shows that money is not everything.


ANDREW ZIMBALIST: "Because the NBA has a free agency system that has a maximum salary, the players in this case were able to exercise their leverage in an unanticipated way by bringing the three of them together. And in turn there might be an unanticipated outcome, which is that the Miami Heat might end up dominating the NBA for many years to come."


FRITZI BODENHEIMER: Andrew Zimbalist is the Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. His latest book, "Circling the Bases: Essays on the Challenges and Prospects of the Sports Industry," will be published in September.


FRITZI BODENHEIMER:安德鲁辛巴里斯特是麻萨诸塞州北安普顿史密斯学院的一个经济学??教授。他最近的一本书《围绕(??)棒球:关于运动产业挑战和前途的短文。》将在9月份出版。

MARIO RITTER: Last year the New York Yankees moved into a new Yankee Stadium. Many people disagreed with George Steinbrenner's decision to tear down the original stadium from nineteen twenty-three. Others say it was a smart business move -- like his decision to create a regional sports network on cable television.

MARIO TITTER:去年,纽约扬基搬进了新扬基体育馆。许多人反对乔治斯泰因布里纳拆毁老扬基体育馆的决定,扬基队从1923年就住那里面。其它的人认为这是一项聪明的商业活动,就象他决定在有线电视上创建一个区域性的体育网站一样。


Bob Sheppard in April 2006
Bob Sheppard in April 2006


For many years, the voice of Yankee Stadium was Bob Sheppard, the team's public address announcer. He started in nineteen fifty-one. He had to stop when he got sick late in the two thousand seven season. But he recorded the player introductions that were used in two thousand eight at the final game in the original Yankee Stadium.


BOB SHEPPARD: "Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the Yankee line-up. At shortstop -- number two, Derek Jeter -- number two."

鲍波谢泼德:“请注意,女士们先生们。这是扬基出场名单。游击手--二号,Derek Jeter --二号。”

Bob Sheppard was nicknamed "The Voice of God." He was also the stadium announcer for several other sports teams.


He was ninety-nine years old when he died at his home on July eleventh. That was just two days before the death of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.



Our program was written by Mike DeFabo, Steve Schy and Caty Weaver, who was also our producer. You can watch a TV report on the World Series of Poker at www.unsv.com. You can also read, download and comment on all of our programs. We're also us on Facebook and Twitter at VOA Learning English. I'm Mario Ritter.

FRITZI BODENHEIMER: And I'm Fritzi Bodenheimer. Join us again next week for THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English.


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