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[转载]Hotel Pastis 茴香酒店(连载3)

(2011-03-23 23:55:31)


书中自有颜如玉,向朋友推荐一个双语小说博客:http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1669842415  英汉双语小说<<茴香酒店 Hotel Pastis>> (连载)与网友分享不一样的感受.望大家给力

  [转载]Hotel <wbr>Pastis <wbr>茴香酒店(连载3)

[转载]Hotel <wbr>Pastis <wbr>茴香酒店(连载3)

 ‘Liz called’ he said. ‘There’s an Executive Committee meeting at six, and that security analyst at Goodmans wants you to call him about the last quarter’s projections.’Ernest looked at the message-pad by the phone. ‘And the agents want to know if they can show someone the house tomorrow. A musician, they said – whatever that means nowadays.’

‘It’s probably the assistant drummer from a rock group.’

‘I know, dear. Most unsuitable, but what can you do ? They’re the ones with the money.’

Simon pulled a chair away from the table and sat down heavily. His back ached, and his shirt felt uncomfortably tight against his stomach. He was carrying too much weight. Too many lunches, too many meetings, not enough exercise. He looked at Ernest, who admitted to forty-eight but could have been ten years youger- slim, with a narrow, unlined face, close-cropped blond hair, immaculate in his dark blue suit and white shirt, no paunch, no jowls.That’s what years of self-discipline did for you, Simon thought. There was a rumour in the agency that Ernest had slipped away for a face-lift during one of his exotic holidays, but Simon knew it was the skin cream from the dermatologist in Harley Street-£50 a tube, and put through on expenses as office supplies. It was one of Ernest’s perks.

‘Shall I get Liz for you?’ Ernest picked up the phone, one eyebrow cocked , his mouth slightly pursed.

‘Ern,I don’t think I can face all that crap this evening. Ask Liz if she can fit it in tomorrow.”

Ernest nodded , and Simon reached among the bottles on the table for the Laphroaig. The galsses had all been packed. He poured the whisky into a tea-cup and half-listened to Ernest.

‘…well, if Mr Jordan gets  upset he’ll just have to go into the garden and eat worms. Mr Shaw has had to postpone the meeting. We have had a ghastly day. Our home is being dismantled around our ears, and we are not feeling like a captain of industry.’

 Ernest looked at Simon and rolled his eyes upwards as he listened to Liz’s reply. He cut her short.

  ‘I know, I know. We’ll deal with the little man from Goodmans tomorrow, when we’re feeling more like our old self. Do something diplomatic,dear. A tiny white lie. I know you can do it when you want to. I’ve heard you talking to that boyfriend of yours.’

  Ernest winced at her reply, and held the phone away from his ear.

   ‘And to you , dear. See you in the morning.’

 He put down the phone, glanced at the tea-cup in front of Simon , and frowned. He opened a packing carton, took out a cut-glass tumbler, polished it with the silk handkerchief from his top pocket and poured a large measure of whisky.

 ‘There.’ He removed the tea-cup and put it in the sink. ‘I know there are trying times, but we mustn’t let standards slip. A little water?’

  ‘What did she say?’

   ‘Oh, the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth.’ Ernest shrugged. ‘Apparently the Executive Committee meeting has already been put off twice, and they’ll all be in a snit. Especially Mr Jordan, but then it doesn’t take much to put our Mr Jordan in a snit, as we know.’

   He was right. Jordan, whose talent for handling dull clients was equalled only by his acute sense of self-importance, would feel slighted. Simon made a mental note to message him in the morning, and took a mouthful of whisky. He felt the shudder go down to his stomach, and remembered that he hadn’t eaten all day.

For once, the evening was free. He could take a book and go to a corner table in the Connought, but he didn’t feel like eating alone. He could call some friends, but dinner with friends would mean edging around the subject of Caroline and the divorce. Dinner with someone from the agency would be all the usual tired gossip about clients and new business prospects and office politics.He looked down the table, narrowing his eyes against the sun as it reflected needles of light from the bottles. He would miss this room.(to be continued)





















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