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Arab TIPOs convene to strengthen intra-regional collaboration


Trade and investment promotion organizations meet to improve pan-Arab trade


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(Dubai) – Trade and investment promotion organizations (TIPOs) from nine Arab countries are convening in Dubai on 13-14 February, for the first official meeting of the Arab Countries Trade and Investment Organizations Network (ACTION). The event is hosted by Dubai Exports – the export promotion agency of Dubai Economy – and organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC).(迪拜) - 来自9个阿拉伯国家的贸易和投资促进组织(TIPOs)于2月13日至14日在迪拜召开阿拉伯国家贸易和投资组织网络(ACTION)第一次正式会议。该活动由迪拜出口公司 - 迪拜经济出口促进机构主办,由国际贸易中心(ITC)主办。

The co-operation platform, founded in 2016 with support from the Aid for Trade Initiative for Arab States (AfTIAS), is a joint initiative of TIPOs to accelerate economic integration and regional trade among Arab countries. ACTION aims to strengthen national trade promotion efforts and generate new business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in Arab countries. 该合作平台于2016年在阿拉伯国家贸易援助倡议(AfTIAS)的支持下成立,是贸易和投资促进组织(TIPO)加快阿拉伯国家经济一体化和区域贸易的联合倡议。行动旨在加强国家贸易促进努力并为阿拉伯国家的中小型企业创造新的商业机会。

During the two-day inaugural event, heads and senior representatives of the Arab national TIPOs will formalize the establishment of the network, elect its management bodies and agree on a work plan for the coming 12 months.在为期两天的首次活动期间,阿拉伯国家知识产权组织的负责人和高级代表将正式确定网络的建立,选举其管理机构并就未来12个月的工作计划达成一致。

Reinforced co-operation between TIPOs is seen as an essential step towards achieving the ambitions of Arab countries to simplify, diversify and enhance trade. Working together, TIPOs can become the platform that business needs to unleash their potential by promoting the sharing of information and expertise, joint projects and an improved regional business environment.贸易和投资促进组织(TIPO)之间的加强合作被视为实现阿拉伯国家简化、多样化和加强贸易的雄心的一个重要步骤。通过共同合作,TIPO可以成为业务需要通过促进信息和专业知识共享,联合项目和改善的区域商业环境发挥其潜力的平台。

‘Through the ACTION platform we are strengthening the connection between policymakers and the private sector,’ said ITC Executive Director Arancha González. ‘The platform will help facilitate regional business linkages, improve information exchange, provide better trade promotion services and establish a more conducive business environment. We aim for ACTION to ensure that the voice of the private sector in the Arab countries is better heard and that it becomes a vehicle for stronger intra-regional trade cooperation.’

ITC执行董事AranchaGonzález表示:“通过ACTION平台,我们正在加强决策者与私营部门之间的联系。 '该平台将有助于促进区域商业联系,改善信息交流,提供更好的贸易促进服务,并建立更有利的商业环境。我们旨在采取行动,确保阿拉伯国家私营部门的声音得到更好的聆听,并成为加强区域内贸易合作的手段”。

‘Dubai is an ideal take-off point for ACTION as the city thrives on linking regional as well as international trade and promoting global idea exchange. The two-day meeting will provide delegates an insight into the opportunities continuously offered by Dubai for regional trade and particularly for small and medium enterprises to be part of global value chains,’ commented Engineer Saad Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports.

迪拜是ACTION理想的起点,因为这个城市在连接地区和国际贸易以及促进全球观念交流方面发展迅速。迪拜出口公司首席执行官Saad Al Awadi说:“为期两天的会议将为代表们不断地提供迪拜对区域贸易的机会,特别是中小企业成为全球价值链的一部分。”‘TIPOs are key partners in all ITFC Trade Promotion activities and programs; ITFC is firmly determined to continue to move forward and do its best to enhance their role. Moreover, ITFC is keen to enable the TIPOs to integrate into the global trade system, to disseminate awareness of the importance of the SMEs among government institutions and other relevant bodies through the introduction of initiatives and support programs,’ added Eng. Hani Salem Sonbol, CEO of International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation during his remarks.TIPO是所有ITFC贸易促进活动和计划的重要合作伙伴; ITFC坚定不移地继续前进,并尽全力加强其作用。此外,ITFC热衷于让TIPO融入全球贸易体系,通过采取举措和支持计划,宣传中小企业在政府机构和其他相关机构中的重要性。国际伊斯兰贸易金融公司首席执行官Hani Salem Sonbol在致辞中表示。

During the meeting, ITC, which has been supporting the creation of ACTION, will present insights from the ‘Unleashing export opportunities for greater regional integration among Arab States’, a recent study on the untapped trade opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region as well as facilitate the development of the work plan. 在会议期间,ITC一直在支持ACTION的创建,它将提出来自“放宽出口机会促进阿拉伯国家间更大区域一体化”的见解,最近一项关于中东和北非地区尚未开发的贸易机会的研究也促进了工作计划的发展。


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