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(2009-05-12 13:29:26)


User's manual
DVC-2018ND+Digital Cable Decoder

主要性能 Main characteristics

Advanced QAM demodulation and MPEG-II decoding technologies in the world are adopted for this device, which is able to receive and decode all digital cable TV programs compatible by DVB/MPEG II. It is a high performance digital cable decoder characteristic of fast program switching, automatic search for frequency and symbol rate, password locking, conditional access, friendly user interface and ease of use .
● 支持QAM16、32、64、128、256等不同调制方式的解调
Support demodulation of QAM16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 modulation systems
● 自动选择电视播放制式
Select Televising pattern automatically
● 友好的中/英文用户界面
Friendly Chinese/English user interface
● 超清晰画面和高保真数码立体声输出
Super-clear screen and hi-fi digital stereophonic ouptput
● 条件接收功能
Function of conditional access
● 电子节目指南(EPG)
Electronic program guide(EPG)
● NVOD准视频点播
NVOD (Near Video On Demand)
● 支持iPanal浏览器
Support iPanal browser

第一章 安全及注意事项 Safety precautions
1、 请在操作前仔细阅读本用户手册。
Prior to use, please read this user's manual carefully.
2、 请勿将机器的盖子打开以防电击或损坏机器。
Don't open the cover of the device to prevent from electrical shock or device being damaged.
3、 如果机器闲置较长的时间不用,请将机器的电源线从电源插座中拔出;为防火灾或电击,请不要用已损坏的电源线。
If the device remains unused for a long time, please pull the power cord out of power socket. To prevent from fire or electrical shock, please don't used a damaged power cord.
4、 请勿使机器沾水或被雨淋。请勿将任何盛有液体的容器放在机盖上,例如花瓶。
Prevent the device from being damped by water or rained. Don't place any container with liquid inside on the cover of device, such as a flower flask.
5、 请将机器置于通风良好,没有热源的地方。
Please put the device in a well-ventilated place far away from heat source.
6、 请将机器水平放置以防损害机器。
Please place the device horizontally to prevent device being damaged.
7、 请勿将重物放在机器上。
Please don't put any heavy object on the device.
8、 机器应放在通风良好、温度适宜的地方。注意避免任何直射、潮湿或振动以免损害机器。
The device should be placed in a well-ventilated place with appropriate temperature, prevent from any direct sunshine, humidity or vibration which will result in damaging the device.
9、 当把机器在两个温差较大的地点间移动后,请勿立即开机,需等1-2个小时后才能开机。
When the device is moved from one place to another with a sharp temperature difference, please don't turn on the device immediately until 1-2 hours later.
10、 电源:只能使用90-265V、50/60Hz的交流电
Power source: Only AC 90-265V、50/60Hz can be used.
11、 清洗本机时应先将电源线拔掉。勿用有机溶剂或挥发性清洁剂擦拭。请用干布擦拭。
Prior to cleaning this device, please pull off the power cord. Don't clean it with organic solvent or volatile detergent, instead, clean it with a piece of dry cloth.
12、 本机内部无任何非专业人员可维修之部件,非专业人员请勿擅自打开机器,以免触电。若需要维修请找有资格的维修代理。否则,厂家不予保修。
There's not any serviceable parts for non-professional personnel inside the device. Non-professional personnel are forbidden to open the device which may result in electrical shock. In case of repair, please find an authorized service agent. Otherwise, we are not responsible for warranty repair .

第二章 使用手册导引
Chapter II Guide for user's manual


This user's manual provides users with performance descriptions and operation methods of this device.


Initial users should read this chapter to understand special symbols and designations used in this manual.

按 键


Symbol<name of key>is used to indicate functional key on the panel of set-top box( or remote controller),e.g.< Menu >
菜 单

Symbol【name of menu】 is used to indicate the menu displayed. e.g. 【Main menu】

Column in the menu

Symbol [menu item] is used to indicate column in the menu. e.g.[ TV program].

Other symbols

备注 包含有关功能/栏目的附加信息
Remarks: Contains additional information concerning function/column.

快捷 表示某功能的快捷操作
Shortcut indicates shortcut operation of a certain function.

第三章 机器说明
Chapter III Description of the device

I) Front panel

1 —电源开关 Power switch 2 —菜单/退出键 Manu/ exit key
3 —智能卡插槽 Smart card slot 4 —确认键 Confirm key
5 —方向键 Direction key 6 —翻盖 Flip
7 —LED显示 LED indicator 8 —锁定指示灯 Lock indicator
9 —电源指示灯 Power indicator

二、后面板 Rear panel

1 — 有线电视信号输入接口 Cable TV signal input interface
2 — 射频调制器信号输出接口 Output interface for radio frequency modulator signal
3 — S端子视频输出接口 S terminal video output interface
4 — 左声道音频输出 L-channel audio frequency output
5 — 右声道音频输出 R-channel audio frequency output
6 — 复合视频输出接口 Compound video output interface
7 — 光纤数字音频输出(选件) Optic fiber digital audio output (Optional)
8 — 电源线 Power cord

III. Mounting and connection
1. Connection of conditional access
Open the cover under the front panel of the receiver, insert smart card with the marked surface upwards into the upper slot horizontally according to the indication of the arrow( as illustrated on the right).
After the authorized smart card is inserted, turn the power switch on the rear panel to the position of "ON" and the device enters working mode.

2、后面板的连接 Connection of rear panel
1. 检查“电缆输入”连接头是否完好,内部电缆线轴心与地不能短路。将有线电视电缆F/用户接头接入本机“电缆输入”端。
Check if connector of cable input is in good condition, there should not be short circuit between cable axis and the ground. Connect cable F of cable TV/ user connector to the terminal of cable input.

2. 用AV音/视频线将本机的“视频”和“左/右音频”输出端分别与电视机的“视频”和“左/右音频”输入端相连。
Connect output terminals of " video" and "L-R audio" of this device to input terminals of " video" and "L-R audio" respectively with AV audio/video cable.

Output channel 3 or channel 4 of radio frequency modulator can be selected by up/down toggle switch.

If there's a S-VIDEO input terminal on the TV set, please connect S-VIDEO line to the S-VIDEO output terminal of this device, higher quality of image can be acquired.

3. 将电源线与220V 50Hz交流电相连。
Connect power cord to AC 220V 50Hz.

IV. Description of remote controller

按键 功 能
Key Function
待机 通过遥控器开机和关机
Standby Turn on/off the device by remote controller

静音 禁止声音输出和打开声音输出
Mute Disable or enable voice output

广播 电视和音频广播类型选择切换键
Broadcast Select/switch key for types of TV and audio broadcasting

声道 立体声、左声道、右声道选择切换键
Audio channel Select/switch key for stereo, left audio channel and right audio channel

喜爱 进入喜爱频道列表
Preference Enter list of preferred channels

菜单 显示/退出主菜单
Menu Display/exit from main menu

返回 返回菜单上一层/擦除输入/返回上一个观看的频道
Return  Return to upper layer of menu/ erase input/return to previous channel

导视 调出电子节目信息指南
Electronic program guide Access to guide for electronic program information

点播 进入准视频点播(影视点播)
NVOD Enter near video on demand (video on demand )

政务 浏览阳光政务(数据广播)信息
Government affairs Browse information of Sunshine government affairs ( data broadcast)

资讯 浏览生活D站(数据广播)信息
Information Browse information at life station D( data broadcast)

信息 功能由具体应用决定
Message The function is decided by specific applications

▲ / ▼ 用于光标在对象间移动/频道增大/减小,移动到上/下一节目
▲ / ▼ are used for cursor to move among objects/ increase or decrease of channels, move to previous/next program

◄ / ► 用于光标在对象间移动/节目播放状态下,可减小/增大音量
◄ / ► are used for cursor to move among objects/ in the state of program broadcast, to decrease/ increase volume

确认 认可执行/调出频道列表
Confirm  Confirm execution/access to channel list

翻页+/- 对对象上/下翻页
Page+/- Page up/down of objects

音量+/- 调节机顶盒输出音量
Volume+/- Adjust output volume of set-top box

退出 退出当前的应用或业务
Exit  Exit from current application or service

红色键 在正常状态下,按下红色键调出当前频道的信息,其它功能由具体应用决定
Red key Under normal state, press red key to access to information of current channel, other functions are decided by specific applications

绿色键 其它功能由具体应用决定
Green key Other functions are decided by specific applications

黄色键 其它功能由具体应用决定
Yellow key Other functions are decided by specific applications

蓝色键 其它功能由具体应用决定
Blue key Other functions are decided by specific applications

0-9 数字键
0-9 number key

电视电源 学习型按键。按遥控器“设置”键,学习型按键可记忆用户电视机相应按键的代码,然后用机顶盒遥控器代替电视机遥控器实现遥控功能
Power source of TV Learning key Press " Setting" key on the remote controller, learning key can store the code of corresponding key on TV set, then replace remote controller of TV set with remote controller of set-top box to achieve the function of remote control.

电视 AV

TV volume

第四章 系统设置
Chapter IV System setting


System setting menu enables users to set working environment of the device according to the actual needs. Press【menu】to enter main menu. Select menu functions: Press keys of 【▲】 or 【▼】key to select menu of " system setting"( after corresponding item is selected, the background color will turn into yellow),then press 【Confirm】 to enter system setting.

It contains the following submenus
1、 本机信息 Device information
2、 恢复出厂设置 Resume to default setting
3、 声道设置 Audio channel setting
4、 条件接收 Conditional access
5、 基本设置 Basic setting
6、 密码设置 Password setting
I). Device information

It mainly describes model, versions of hardware and software, etc. of this set-top box, which facilitates users to check the state of software and hardware of this set-top box, who may compare versions of software after software is upgraded.


Select functions of system settings: Press 【▲】or【▼】key to select menu of " Device information"(after corresponding item is selected, the background color will turn into yellow),then press 【Confirm】key to enter device information.

1、 软件版本号:机顶盒软件版本号
1. Version No. of software: Version No. of software of set-top box

2、 硬件版本号:机顶盒硬件版本号
2. Version No. of hardware: Version No. of hardware of set-top box

3、 厂家:机顶盒商号
3. Manufacturer: Manufacturer No of set-top box

4、 序列号:机顶盒的序列编号
4. SN: Serial number of set-top box

5、 软件发行日期: 机顶盒软件发行日期
5. Issuing date of software: Issuing date of software of set-top box

II). Resume to default setting

Select functions of system settings: Press 【▲】 or 【▼】key to select menu of " resume to default setting"(after corresponding item is selected, the background color will turn into yellow),then press 【Confirm】key to enter "resume to default setting".

If the user needs to resume to default setting, select "Resume to default setting" and press" Confirm" key.

Hint: The operation of "Resume to default setting" is recommended not to operate for it will result in the loss of program information stored.

III).Audio channel setting

Select functions of system settings: Press 【▲】and 【▼】keys to select menu of " Voice channel setting"(after corresponding item is selected, the background color will turn into yellow),then press 【Confirm】key to enter audio channel setting.

You may press 【t】or 【u】key to select left audio channel, right audio channel or stereo, press 【 Exit】will enable the change and return to " System setting" menu. Press 【 Channel】key to set audio channel.
IV). Conditional access

Select functions of system settings: Press 【▲】or【▼】key to select menu of " Conditional access "(after corresponding item is selected, the background color will turn into yellow),then press 【Confirm】key to enter conditional access .

The user may check information of E-mail, smart card and conditional access by this operation.


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