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(2020-05-13 14:22:33)

IIHS 为Wrangler评定为“边际Marginal”评级










上周,一段来自公路安全保险协会(IIHS)的视频引起了广泛的注意。视频在五天内有超过八万五千次观看,IIHS 剪辑的浏览量接近八十万次。

吉普Wrangler Unlimited在驾驶员侧进行了 IIHS 小重叠 40 mph 的碰撞测试,实际上,根据测试的标准,指标表现良好,但由此产生的碰撞,导致Wrangler侧翻,这是其他车辆所没有过的。因此,IIHS 给Wrangler驾驶员侧重叠测试“边际Marginal”评级。


我们还收到了 FCA 关于这种情况的声明。没有提供关于所谓的评论,但汽车制造商指出,目前的JL Wrangler达到或超过联邦安全标准。以下是 FCA 的完整声明。

FCA 已经生产了超过五十万辆Wrangler。据保守估计,这些车辆行驶总里程达到6.70亿英里,从中我们没有得到任何与 IIHS 测试结果相关的事件。凭借超过 75 个的安全保障功能,吉普Wrangler无限符合或超过所有联邦安全标准,并继续赢得新闻机构和消费者团体的赞誉。自 2017 年推出以来,该车几乎每八周就获得一个奖项,范围涵盖可靠性以及保值性,还有年度最高客户忠诚度和 年度SUV 等佳绩。单独的一次测试无法确定车辆的安全性。FCA 定期收集第三方评估结果,并纳入我们的产品开发流程。我们设计车辆,以实现真实性能。实际数据,以及市场持续的需求,表明吉普Wrangler无限满足或超过客户的期望。

如果没有 IIHS 声明的背景,就很难得出明确的结论。FCA确实表示,汽车制造商"重视第三方评估和将结果纳入我们的产品开发过程",但这意味着改进只是普通、周期中更新过程的一部分。FCA的声明还明确提到为"真实性能"设计车辆,这可能是汽车制造商在IIHS前重叠测试中留下的一点不利影响。

在其他指标中,IIHS 报告说,在中等重叠的正面、侧面、车顶和头部评估中,Wrangler 获得了良好的评分。其可选的车载前碰撞预防系统获得了优异的评级。大灯 ( 基础款卤素和可选 LED 装置 ) 的额定值较差。


Jeep Considering Changes After Wrangler Flips In IIHS Crash Test?

MAY 12, 2020 at 7:04PM

By: Christopher Smith(www.motor1.com)

It's the only vehicle to tip over during the small-overlap test.

Last week, a video from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) came to our attention. With over 85,000 views in five days on our video and nearly 800,000 on the IIHS clip, it's certainly on the minds of others around the world. To refresh your memory, the current Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was subjected to the IIHS small-overlap 40-mph crash test on the driver side. It actually performed well according to the standard metrics of the test, but the resulting collision caused the Wrangler to tip on its side – something no other vehicle has done. As a result, IIHS gave the Wrangler a Marginal rating for the driver-side overlap test.

Now, a report from Jalopnik claims that Jeep is looking into changes for the Wrangler as a result of this. This information allegedly comes not from Jeep or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but rather, an IIHS representative who reportedly said FCA was “working on changes to the Wrangler” but stopped short of detailing those changes. Motor1.com contacted IIHS regarding this claim, and a representative confirmed its accuracy. Specifically, we were told that FCA said "they're looking at making changes to address the outcome in our driver-side small overlap crash test," but no details or context was provided beyond that.

We also received a statement from FCA regarding this situation. No comment was offered regarding the alleged changes, but the automaker points out that the current JL Wrangler meets or exceeds federal safety standards. Here is FCA’s statement in full.

FCA has produced more than 500,000 of these vehicles. By conservative estimate, they have accounted for 6.7 billion miles of on-road driving. From this population, we are unaware of any incidents that correlate to the vehicle dynamic portion of the IIHS test result. With more than 75 available safety and security features, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited meets or exceeds all federal safety standards and continues to win acclaim from news organizations and consumer groups. Since its 2017 introduction, the vehicle has earned one award nearly every eight weeks for attributes ranging from capability to residual value, and for achievements such as highest customer loyalty and SUV of the year. No single test determines vehicle safety. FCA routinely monitors third-party evaluations and factors such findings into our product-development process. We design our vehicles for real-world performance. And real-world data, along with continuing demand, indicate the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Without having context for the IIHS statement, it’s extremely difficult to draw definitive conclusions. The FCA statement does say the automaker “monitors third-party evaluations and factors such findings into our product-development process,” but that implies any changes might simply be part of the normal, mid-cycle refresh process. FCA's statement also makes a clear mention of designing vehicles for “real-world performance” which might be the automaker throwing a bit of shade on the IIHS front-overlap test.

In other metrics, IIHS reports that the Wrangler earns good ratings in the moderate overlap front, side, roof, and head restraint evaluations. It garnered a superior rating for its optional vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention system. Headlights – both base-model halogens and optional LED units – received poor ratings.

Source: Jalopnik


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