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(2007-07-31 13:00:05)




分类: 假期里的闲言碎语

1. Every storm brings within hope, but somehow by morning, everything will be made clean again. And even the most troubling stains would have disappeared. Like the doubts over his innocence. With the consequence of his mistake, like the scars of his betrayal, or the memory of his kiss. So we wait for the storm to pass, hoping for the best. Even though we know in our hearts, some stains are so indelible, nothing can mop them away.


2. Have you met the perfect couple? The two soul mates, whose love never dies? The two lovers, whose relationship is never threatened? The husband and wife, who trust each other completely? If you haven’t met the perfect couple, let me introduce you. They stand at the top of layer butter cream frosting. The secret of their success?  While, for starters, they don’t have to look each other.


3. We are all carrying something with us. Of course, it is nice if we travel with someone who can help to lighten the load. But usually it is easier to drop within we’ve been caring, so we can get home that much sooner. Assuming, of course, there will be someone there to greet to us when we arrive. Why do we clench these baggage when we were desperate to move on? Because we all know, there is a chance we might let go too soon.


4. We all have our reasons for rewriting history; sometimes we need to provide ourselves advice. Sometimes we want to hurt someone who hurt us. And then there times we  just want to spare ourselves embarrassment. Of course, there are some who fail to rewrite history in another way- to lie. But what is history anyway? But a set of lies agreed upon?


5. Sabotage, everyone is capable of it. But some go about it more ruthlessly than others. Like the ones who crave vengeance, or the ones who hunger for love, or the ones who is determined to burn bridges, and then there are those who simply belong to something, something that belongs to someone else.


6. There is a place in St Timothy church where sinners go to confess their sins and once they are done, they expect absolution. But the truth is, not all confessions are worthy of such forgiveness. Most who unveil hidden agendas deserve the condemnation they receive, Most who disclose vengeful motives merit the punishment that follows. Only the truly repentant have any right at all to expect a second chance... which is why it's best to think twice before you confess, especially if you don’t know what it is you are confessing to.

St. Timothy 教堂有处罪人忏悔的地方,当他们忏悔完,都期待能得到宽恕。但事实上,不是所有的忏悔都值得被原谅。大多数人因为秘密计划败露了得到了应有的谴责,大多数人因为报复动机暴露了得到了随之而来的惩罚,只有真心悔过,才有权利获得第二次机会。这就是为什么最好在你忏悔前先三思而后行,尤其是如果你不知道你在忏悔什么。

7. We all have pain! Everyone in here has pain, but we deal with it! We swallow it and get going with our lives! What we don't do is go around shooting strangers!"


We can’t prevent we can’t predict. You can enjoy is beautiful day. We get so few of them


8. There are so many things we wish we could tell the young. We’d like to persuade them not to grow so fast, but they won’t listen; We want to tell them the beauty fades, but they refuse to believe it. We warn them their action may cause consequences, but still they define us. Sadlythe young can't begin to understand the world is a dangerous place. So it's up to us to do anything we can to protect them... Absolutely, anything.


9. Dangerous men walk among us, and we can't always be sure of who they are or what secrets they hide. But once our worst suspicions are confirmed, we can take action. Once their agendas are revealed, we can take steps, to protect ourselves, and those we love. Yes, dangerous men can cause great harm. But sometimes the greatest danger they pose is to themselves.


10. There is a reason people can’t wait for their Christmas and it has little to do with family reunions, or curling up with a cup of eggnog, or an unexpected kiss beneath the mistletoe, or receiving a present from that special someone. No, people look forward to Christmas, because they know it’s a time for miracles.


11. I've been moving around a lot in the last few months, and I need a place where I can really settle down. You know what I mean? I wanna live in a place where children know how to behave, where people still have some sense of moral value, and where friendships are good and strong and last forever. That's what I'm looking for.


12. It’s a dangerous world, so we all look for protection. And whether And whether we find it in the arms of our mother, r at the end of a jagged blade, or in the kiss of our sweetheart, or at the end of a barrel. We do what we have to feel safe, because we know, somewhere in the world there are those who could do us harm.


13. Yes, it can happen so quickly. Life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. Unlikely friendships can blossom; important careers can be tossed aside; A long-lost hope can be rekindled. Still, we should be grateful for whatever changes life throws at us, because all too soon the day will come when there are no changes left.


14. We capturing the past is a tricky business. While most memories are simply souvenirs of a happier time, others, can be quite deadly.


15. Take a drive down any street in Suburbia. Know what you're gonna see? A bunch of guys wearing the same expression. It's a look that says, Oh, crap. My dreams are never gonna come true. I'll never have a life free from scandal. I'll never have a son of my own. I'll never hold her in my arms again. I'll never get to tell her how I feel." Yeah, the suburbs are filled with a lot of men who have given up hope. Of course, every once in a while you do come across some lucky SOB whose dreams have all come true. You know how you spot them? They're the ones who can't stop smiling. Don't you just hate those guys?


16. In every housewife's closet, there's an article of clothing that tells you more about its owner than she would want you to know. It might be a shirt that she despises but wears without complaint. Perhaps it's some lingerie, she knows isn't hers, but refuses to discuss... Or a dress she once loved, that she can no longer bear to look at Yes, you can learn a lot about women from what they choose to wear. You can learn even more by what they choose to take off, and who they take it off for.


17. Passion. It's a force so potent we still remember it long after it's faded away. A drive so alluring it can push us to the arms of unexpected lovers. A sensation so overwhelming it can knock down walls we built to protect our hearts. A feeling so intense it resurfaces even though we try so hard to keep it buried. Yes, of all emotions, passion is the one that gives us a reason to live and an excuse to commit all sorts of crimes.


18. Power-- it's the type of thing most people don't think about until it's taken away. Whether it's the political power of the many...or a lover's influence over just one we all want some sort of power in our lives if only to give ourselves choices. Yes, to be without choices, to feel utterly powerless, well, it's a lot like being alone in the dark.


19. Gossip-- it's just a harmless form of recreation. It's careless talk that deals in polite fiction. It's nasty speculation that's based on not-so-polite fact. How do we protect ourselves from the venomous sting of such idle gossip? The best way is to just tell the truth, and wait for people to start talking about someone else.


20. Anyone can end up a victim...injured by the actions of others. But whether the damage is inflicted by a cunning ex-wife...or a blow delivered by the object of our affection...the time comes when we must pick ourselves up and continue on our journey. And if we can't, then all we can pray for...is rescue.


21. Marriage is just like this…it's like these bonbons. You never know what you're getting until you're in the middle of it.


22. When someone we love hurt us, if we still love them, we deal When someone we love with it and move on.


23. From the moment we wake up in the morning till our head hits the pillow at night our lives are filled with questions, but some questions are much harder to ask because we're so afraid of the answer. Will I be around to watch my children grow up? Am I making a mistake by marrying this man? Could he ever truly love me? And what happens when we ask ourselves the hard question and get the answer we'd been hoping for? Well, that's when happiness begins.


24. Family--there is nothing more important. They're the ones who show up when we're in trouble; the ones who push us to succeed; the ones who help keep our secrets. But what of those who have no family to rely on? What happens to those poor souls who have no loved ones to help them in their hour of need? Well, most learn to walk life's road by themselves. But a sad few of us simply stop trying.



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