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(2008-11-07 19:32:47)



 Catamaran cabin cruiser

Length Overall                     19.00 metres

Length Waterline                  18.30 metres

Breadth                                  8.85 metres

Draft                                      1.00 metres

Displacement                       44 tonnes (estimated full load)

Machinery                            2 x Caterpillar C18 marine diesels, with a total of 2,000 hp

Built:  People’s Republic of China, 2008  

4.               CONDITION OF THE HULL AND SUPERSTRUCTURE                          



4.1             NARRATIVE  结构叙述

4.1.1        The yacht had been placed in the water, prior to our attendance, and remained afloat until our departure. During our attendance, we were able to sight the second ‘building’ in the mould, while under construction. This allowed us to sight the method of construction.


Below the waterline, the hulls are of solid fibreglass. Above the waterline and across the ‘bridge’ section, the yacht has a sandwich construction, with foam core. Such construction reduces the overall weight and at the same time, gives additional strength and sound insulation.


4.2             HULL EXTERNAL  船体外侧简介


4.2.1          With the yacht being afloat throughout our attendance, it is not possible to comment on the underwater surfaces. 我们在厂检查期间,船一直在水上试航,故无法对船水下线下部份作任何评价。


4.2.2          Above the waterline, the hulls appeared in a good, well constructed condition, and generally having a good finish. The hulls and underside of the ‘bridge’ had been painted blue, while above the sheerstrake and the accommodation, was a gelcoat finish, in white. 船体结构及外形均很好


4.2.3          We did note some minor blemishes to the gelcoat, but were advised that these would be treated and polished. The hulls have a fitted, stainless steel, rubbing piece, which was seen to be well installed, and well secured.





 4.3             DECKS          甲板

 4.3.1          The flybridge deck is of fibreglass construction, with anti-slip panels.  At the time of attendance, this was protected by a clear plastic sheeting. This allowed for the deck to be sighted, without removal of the sheeting. It appeared to be well finished, and without blemish.上驾驶台的甲板是玻璃钢结构,附止滑面。这次参加试航的时候,这部分是由一块透明的塑料布保护起来的。这样不需挪开塑料布就可检查甲板表面,看起来非常好,无任何瑕疵。


4.3.2          The main deck is teak sheathed, with such sheathing being seen to be of high quality, and well installed. We found no blemishes to the deck, but did note that some of the hatches were not fitted ‘flush’. Adjustment is required either to the underside of the hatches, or the topside of the support frames, to give a flush fit.前甲板上的柚木甲板安装及品质都非常完美,无任何瑕疵,但需注意有些舱盖安装不平,内外均需再调整。


4.3.3          Aft of the main deck, at a lower level, is a walkway over the full width of the stern, with steps from the main deck, down to this level and further steps down to the swim platforms on each of the hulls. These were also seen to be of the same quality and installation as the main deck, but we did note, on the port swim platform, there was blue paint on the timber deck.在前甲板的后方,是后甲板及跳水板,同样贴了柚木甲板,品质及做工方法与前甲板一样完美。但我们还是发现了一点小缺失,左侧跳水板的柚木甲板上有些蓝色的油漆未处理。

 4.4             SUPERSTRUCTURE


 4.4.1          The superstructure, all of fibreglass, was seen to have been well constructed, although we did note a number of areas with minor blemishes, where the gelcoat will need attention and polishing.



4.4.2          The flybridge has a solid bimini over part of its length, with a stainless steel framework for a soft bimini over the remaining section. The bimini supports were noted to be of high quality and well installed. The starboard side vertical support was seen to be removeable, to allow for operation of the dinghy crane.



4.4.3          The yacht is fitted with skylights on the top of the superstructure and these were noted to be of high quality, well installed, with good securing devices and having both insect and privacy screens.


4.5             HULL INTERNAL         室内

 4.5.1          As with many pleasure craft, much of the interior surfaces are concealed by tankage, machinery, panelling and built in furniture.


 4.5.2          Where sighted, in storage compartments, chain locker, machinery space, steering flats, and bilges, the hull appeared to be well constructed and finished. However, many areas were found to be in need of further cleaning and / or painting.



 4.6             ACCOMMODATION          住舱

 4.6.1          The yacht is fitted with a Cruisair reverse cycle air-conditioning system. This had not been commissioned at the time of attendance, and as such, could not be run. It is essential that this be fully operational before the next sea trial. It was also noted that a number of sections of chilled water piping requires lagging to avoid condensation and associated water formation.


 4.6.2          A number of defects and / or incomplete areas were found within the accommodation. In view of this, it is necessary to comment by compartment.



4.6.3        The Owner’s cabin appeared in good order, with no major faults, although the television could not be tested. The Owner’s ensuite appeared in good order, with, while freshwater was available, the toilet flush operating correctly. We did note however, there was no shower rose or flexible hose installed。


 4.6.4          The port side guest cabin appeared in satisfactory condition, but it was noted that none of the access hatches to the bilges were fitted with lifting rings. The absence of such lifting rings was noted in many areas throughout the yacht, and it would be necessary to ensure that all hatches are fitted with these.


 4.6.5          The toilet in the port side guest suite was found to function correctly, and appeared in good order, as did the taps to the washbasin and the shower. However, the headliner in the toilet had suffered during the spillage of diesel oil and this will require replacing. Furthermore, the electrical wiring and fittings to the liner require attention. In the bathroom of the forward cabin in the starboard hull, the taps and shower fittings functioned correctly. However, the toilet did not, as there was insufficient water for both the before use and after use flush system. In addition to this, the sealant on the corner between the aft bulkhead and strengthening frames, was noted to require attention.


 4.6.6          In the starboard cabin forward, it was noted that the reading light for the upper bunk had yet to be installed, although the wiring was in position.


 4.6.7          In the starboard side guest suite, all systems functioned correctly, although we did note that in the toilet compartment, the sliding doors had no handle recess.


 4.6.8        It was noted that none of the stairways leading from the lower deck accommodation up to the main deck / saloon level, had been fitted with handrails. It is recommended that handrails be installed for safety.


 4.6.9    The entertainment area, on the port side of the wheelhouse, appeared well finished, with no major faults. The saloon also appeared, generally well finished, however, a number of items will require attention. The built-in port side seating arrangement, with lockers below, appeared satisfactory, however, on removing the drawers, it was found that the panelling at the back of these drawers, had been damaged by the spilt diesel oil and will require steam cleaning or probably replacement.


 4.6.10        The fold-out dining table appeared to be well installed, with good stainless steel support framework. The headliner in the saloon was also noted to be well installed and without any blemishes.


 4.6.11       The forward panelling on the port side, was seen to be stained at the base by   the spilt diesel oil and this again, will require serious attention.


 4.6.12        The hatches in the sole of the saloon, were noted not to fit correctly, and the forward hatch above the fuel tank, was noted to sag approximately 3 mm when weight was applied. All hatches within the saloon will need attention, to ensure that they are flush fitting. No doubt once the panelling has been attended to, and the hatches fitted correctly, recoating of these areas will be necessary.


 4.6.13        The galley was noted to be well appointed, with four burner and oven, electric stove, microwave, two small refrigerators, sink, dishwasher and trash compacter. The microwave was tested and found to be operational as was the electric stove. The dishwasher could not be run as it would not close properly, this being due to the wood framework interfering with the securing catch. Adjustment here is necessary before the dishwasher can be used.

   厨房目前有安装一台四嘴炉台附烤箱,微波炉,两个小冰箱, 洗菜盆,洗碗机及垃圾处理器。电炉及微波炉均测试良好。洗碗机周边的木框会防碍到洗碗机的安全钩,影响门开及关,故不能正常工作。需调整好。 

4.6.14        The two refrigerators cooled down during our attendance, and appeared to be working correctly, however the rubber seals on one of the refrigerators was noted to be twisted and needs rectification. The garbage disposal grinder in the sink, although wrongly labelled at the switchboard, was noted to be functioning. The trash compacter also was not tested, as it appeared not to be connected.


 4.6.15        In the main saloon, at the starboard side, aft, is a large refrigerator, complete with refrigerated door. This was activated and found to function normally. The ice-maker on the starboard side, forward, was also noted to produce ice.


 4.6.16        On either side of the wheelhouse, are hinged, fold-back, watertight doors. These operated correctly, as did their securing devices. However, the stainless steel hinges were seen to have some foreign matter adhering to them and require a thorough cleaning.


 4.6.17        On the flybridge is an electric barbecue, together with a small sink. Power was not available at the barbecue, so this has yet to be tested. It was also noted that the stainless steel splashguard cum heat reflector, was only fitted to the back of the cover and did not extend over the lip. In addition to this, the lifting point is such that fingers are easily jammed between the lid and the base. It is recommended that the stainless steel reflector be extended over the lip and behind the lifting point, which would not only improve the heat reflection, but also prevent fingers from protruding too far in and being ‘pinched’. On the starboard side of the fly bridge there is also a second small icemaker. This was switched on during attendance, but did not produce any ice, probably due to the malfunction of the freshwater supply.


 4.6.18        The seating arrangement for the flybridge and the aft main deck consists of fibreglass constructed benches, which are fitted with waterproof cushions. It was noted that the cushions were fitted with the female part of press studs, but the male parts had not been fitted to the benches.


4.6.19    The crew’s accommodation, which is very basic, is located in the two hulls, aft of the machinery spaces. The starboard hull, has two bunks, one above the other, while toilet, shower and washbasin are in the port hull. Also in the same compartment is a washing machine and dryer. The washing machine could not be operated due to the absence of water supply, neither was the dryer tested.


 4.6.20   At the swim platform, contained within one of the transom lockers, is a freshwater shower. This, again, was noted to be without flexible hose or rose.


 4.6.21                The yacht has deck lights at various locations, particularly alongside external stairs. While those leading to the fly bridge and to the port side of the swim platform were functioning, lights to the starboard side of the swim platform were not operational.



5.               DECK EQUIPMENT AND FITTINGS         甲板上的配置

 5.1             DECK FITTINGS


5.1.1          The yacht is fitted with a Maxwell 3500 electrically powered winch, forward, which has two gypsies for the anchor chains. This could not be tested during our attendance, as it was disconnected for the installation of remote control gear. It was noted that from the gypsy, the chains lead forward, below deck, to the bow rollers. Concern was expressed in this area, as without the chain, it was not possible to determine whether the chain would lead clear below the deck. This will need to be checked with modifications made, if necessary.此船有安装一台Maxwell 3500的电动起锚机附卷绳器在上,卷链在两侧。试航期间,锚机未能测试,因锚机遥控开关未安装。锚链导槽及锚链滚轮均有安装。由于没有装锚链,故不能确定锚链是否能正常工作。


5.1.2          On either side of the foredeck, the yacht has fender, mooring and stores lockers. These have hatches covering the mooring cleat’s level, with a second clear hatch below giving access to the lockers. It was noted that these lockers are quite deep, but there are no steps to allow for easy access.  It is recommended that at least one and possibly two steps be fitted to the inboard side of the hull.



5.1.3          Caps for freshwater, fuel, etc., filling pipes, were noted to be well installed and clearly labelled.



5.1.4          Aft, the yacht has a Maxwell 2200 electric winch, on each side. These were tested during our attendance, and found to operate correctly. It was noted however, that the winches were nearer the fairlead and the cleats further away. It is normal for the cleat and winch to be the other way round, with the cleat nearer the fairlead. Other cleats and fairleads on the vessel were seen to be well installed and secured.

         后甲板两侧Maxwell 2200电动绞绳机测试可正常工作。 但发现羊角,导绳孔及绞绳器三者间的安装位置不对。在正常状况下,羊角需靠近导绳孔,绞绳机在靠船头最前方的位置,但目前船上的安装位置正好相反,绞绳机离导绳孔更近。船上其它的羊角和导绳孔位置均OK。

5.1.5          The yacht is fitted with a hydraulically powered ‘passerelle’ at the transom. This was extended and retracted during the attendance and was found to function correctly. However, when the gangway was placed in the lower position, it appeared to take the hinged door beyond the hinge limits.


 5.1.6          The yacht has stainless steel stanchions and railings fitted on top of the semi-bulwark, and across the stern. These were noted to be well constructed and well installed. 船上不锈钢栏杆扶手结构及安装都适当。

 5.1.7          The yacht is also said to have a boarding ladder, to be used at the swim platforms. However, this was not sighted and we noted there were no fittings to secure such ladder.跳水板下水梯未安装。(目前已安装)

 5.1.8          From the main deck to the flybridge, is a stainless steel ladder. with teak steps. This was seen to be well installed and with a good finish. We did note however, that black adhesive had been squeezed out from between the support and the top step.后甲板上望台的不锈钢楼梯附柚木踏步安装及品质都非常好。只是需再处理一下台阶侧面的西卡胶。



 5.2.1          With the yacht being afloat at the time of our attendance, we are unable to comment on the fixtures and fittings, such as propellers, shafts, rudders, etc., below the waterline.我们在厂检查期间,船一直在海试,故未能有机会检查螺桨,车心及舵等等所有水线下的系统。

 5.2.2          Ports were noted to be of high quality and well installed.


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