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教育类翻译范文 (中译英)

(2011-01-15 11:27:33)








Even though many middle school or university students make tremendous effort and time in studies, they just can't improve, and more than that, some of their scores decline. More persistent difficult problems arise, which then cause a series of psychological problems that leads to self-abandonment and, moreover, thought of suicide.

I want to make myself an example. My high school entrance exam didn't go as expected, and I lost my opportunity to go to a university. After that, I concluded that there were two reasons for my bad performance: 1. I have never understood anything I learnt, such as mathematics, the concept of the theories of physics, and the usage of English grammar. 2. "High self demand with insufficient ability to achieve". I am not familiarized with the problems that, I thought, were solved; every time I was faced with the questions, they are déjà vu, but I couldn't find a way to solve it, not even a way to start.

Here is my analysis: first, the important point, many students are not patient or persistent when they encounter unfamiliarity or difficulty; second, they lack the desire of looking for a way to solve a problem by themselves; during university, when I come to a bottleneck in studies, I find a way to solve problems right away by reading and asking for help on the Internet, and this is what is called methods of studies. Third, when faced with temptation, they are lack of self-control; they should be focusing on understanding a knowledge point and finding a way to solve problems.

For the second point, the point is to learn by making sense. As says the proverb, taking notes is always better than good memory, and practice makes perfect. Without sufficient time for practice, to consolidate what one has learnt, it is impossible for him to succeed. Other than that, the problem lies on knowing how to make the best efficiency -- having spent time and energy, and often no result is yielded. Besides, they can't keep their persistence every day.

As a matter of fact, intelligence does not vary largely. The so called intelligence is the better understandable on these two points; it is of the essence that one understands the truth of studies. The so called diligence is the persistence of practice and efficiency in studies; with it, one can make achievements with only a half of what it takes. As long as one grasps well on these two points, it shouldn't be difficult to succeed.


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