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分类: 星座运势

Aquarius Horoscope for August 2009
By Susan Miller

This is your big month! The full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius at 14 degrees will arrive on August 5. This looks to be a red-letter day for you. Because it is in your sign, it will affect you with double strength, and will have the power to change the way you see yourself and present yourself to others. 这是你的好月份。8.5月蚀发生在你的14度。因为如此这对你是突出的一天,他会加倍的影响你,而且能够改变你的自我评价和处事方式。
If you were born on February 3, plus or minus five days, this eclipse will be speaking your name. Keep in mind, however, that you may have other planets in your chart that will be touched, so just keep your antenna up. 如果你生日在2.3,或前后5天,此次月蚀正在呼唤你。但是记住,在你的星盘上还有其他行星,所以警觉起来吧。
You have been so busy growing, maturing, and evolving that you may have been hanging on to an outdated self-image and not giving yourself enough credit. If so, this eclipse will allow you to revise how you see yourself and also make at least one important announcement. Your lifestyle may change, or you may meet someone who will become very important to you. Eclipses also bring endings, so you may see a woman say goodbye too, and in that departure, you may feel the passage of time. 你早已开始忙于成长,成熟,或是固守老形象,而是自己失去信誉。如果这样,此次月蚀会让你修正自我评价,或者至少下一个重要的定论。生活方式改变,或邂逅某个对你至关重要的人。月蚀也会终止一些东西,所以你可能看见一位女性走出你的生活,这次分别,你可能感到时光逝去。
Years that hold an eclipse in our sign often are highly eventful, memorable years. You have been seeing eclipses in Aquarius and Leo since February 2008, arriving in pairs every six months. This month's eclipse is the last, and after this you can rest. Admittedly, eclipses in one's own sign can demand quite a bit of adjustment to a whole new reality. 月蚀发生在你的星座的年份总是充满经历的纪念之年。08年2月你已经见到水瓶和狮子的日食了,每六个月结对而来。这个月是最后一次了,之后你就可以休息了。传统上,月蚀发生在自己星座要求你与现实生活稍作妥协修整。
The new series of eclipses are moving on to Cancer and Capricorn, involving areas of your chart that are and will be somewhat easier to experience. Last month those eclipses began, so you felt the first on July 7 and the second on July 21. There will be no more eclipses in Aquarius until 2017. 一连串的日月蚀正在星巨蟹和摩羯移动,涉及了你星盘上的某些区域,这些都相对轻松些。上个月星蚀开始,所以你7.7首次有感觉,然后7.21第二次。到2017都不会再有水瓶座日月食了。
Not all eclipses deliver their news immediately, although many do. If you don't notice anything changing, don't assume you won't hear something later. You might because eclipses have an area of influence for up to a year. If you don't seen any shifts and especially if you were born near February 3, then you may one month to the day later, so note September 5, plus or minus five days - you may hear something then in regard to a very personal matter. Also, when Mars opposes the degrees of the eclipse, you may have news about a partner. That will happen three times, on November 18, 2009, and on January 18 and May 4, 2010.的日月食不是都会马上显现其影响,随后你会得到消息的。因为日月食会有将近一年的影响力。如果你不你还未看到任何改变,尤其2.3号的瓶子,之后一个月你会看到的。所以注意9.5号,或前后5天,你可能会听到关于你个人的消息。它火星与月蚀对宫,你你会得到关于一个合伙人的消息。11月18,2010年1.18号,和5.4号会再有三次。
Your ruler, Uranus, is still retrograde, and so is Jupiter in Aquarius, and when these two big planets will go forward, you'll notice that good things are suddenly happening near October 13 when Jupiter starts working harder for you, and again later, on and near December 1, when Uranus turns on the juice. As you see, you are moving into a very important and very upbeat phase. 天王星你的主星在逆行,木星也是,当着两大行星开始顺行,你会发现当10.13木星恢复好事会从天而降,而且10.1号天王星也恢复运行了也会有天降喜事。如你所见,你正步入一个重要且乐观的阶段。
For now, events from the outside will begin to come in and change your world in ways you could not have anticipated. That's what eclipses do, and that's why their news always seems so random and sudden. You are fortunate in that this eclipse is very friendly, especially to Mars, which is now circulating in your house of true love. Mars will be working hard to boost your social life, and if you're single, you're in luck, for this eclipse could bring an introduction. Because this is a full moon, you will be noticed and in the spotlight, so this could be a tender and quite exciting time for your love life. 现在,外界事物会以出人意料的方式开始进入生活且改变你的世界。这是日月食的功劳,这也是为什么它们的影响总是随即而且突如其来的。幸运的是这次月蚀很友好,尤其是火星正正在你的真爱宫运行。火星会激发你的社交,如果你单身,你走运了,因为此次月蚀会是你的媒人。因为这是次满月,你会被注意,走到聚光灯下,所以这会是你爱情生活亲切的,激动人心的时刻
Pregnancy and the protection and care of children also come under the fifth house, so you may be focused on one of your children, or possibly a surprise pregnancy. If you had put papers in for an adoption, but didn't have any idea about when you may get that big call that the stork has delivered your child, it could happen now. Eclipses truly do bring on big events that have the power to change our lives. 5宫通常带来怀孕,照顾孩子。所以你会开始在意孩子们,或者意外怀孕。如果你申请了收养,但还不知道什么时候得到答复,现在马上会得到了。日月食确实会带来大事件足以改变我们的生活。
Your creativity will be very high at the time of this lunar eclipse, August 5, and you may get a freelance job that will use your talents well. You may be ready to show your work to the world at this eclipse, and if so, you certainly will be seen and buzzed about, and others will likely be lauding your work. If you are self-employed, you may now pick up an important new client or be told you have the support of someone highly influential. Whether you work for yourself or others, you may get some very important publicity - the kind you can't quite believe is happening! 月蚀期间你的创造力极强,8.5你可能得到一个能充分发挥你才能的自由撰稿人中作。如果这样你会得到赞赏的。如果你是创业人士,你会得到一个重要部属或者得知你得到某人的庇护。不管哪种,你你会得到公众的注意,难以置信但发生了
One of your very best days will be August 12 and 13, when love and happiness will be yours. These days are yours to indulge yourself in any way you please. 8.12和13是最好的两天,爱和快乐属于你。这几天尽情享受吧。
On August 17, you'll have a way to show off your creativity in a big way - don't miss that opportunity! 8月17,你会大展身手表现你的创造力,不要放过机会。
Two difficult days are due after that, August 18 and 21, when first Mars will challenge your ruler, Uranus, and then Mercury will do the same to Uranus on Friday. These are due to be nerve-wracking days, when financial worries could interfere with your concentration on anything else in your life. Be prepared. 之后,18和21是不好的两天,此时火星开始冲撞你的主星天王,之后水星在周五也会。这会是神经紧张的日子,财务困扰会打扰你对其他方面的注意。
Partnership matters will begin to become quite dazzling on the new moon August 20, and if you were thinking of merging energies with another person, for love or business, you will get the green light to begin at this time. You may be thinking seriously about marriage or of making a serious promise to your partner. In business, you may take on a business partner, agent, or manager, or you may hire another type of professional. Doctors, lawyers, and accountants fall under the seventh house too, so if you need to work with an expert, you will find a way to do so enthusiastically at the new moon August 20. 合作关系在8.20新月开始会令你眼花缭乱,如果你正考虑与人发生合作,爱情或事业,此时你会一路畅通。你会认真考虑婚姻大事,或者订婚。事业上,你会得到商业伙伴,代理或经历,或者你会雇佣另一类型的专业人士。七宫代表大夫,律师,会计,如果你需要同专家合作,你会成功的。
This new moon will open an exciting opportunity because it will be so cordial to both Mars and Pluto. This shows that the collaboration or partnering might be to further creative ideas, and if so, it will be done very successfully. 新月会带来令人振奋的机会,因为同时刺激了火星和冥王星。这预示着合作会极有创意。会成功的。
At work, you'll begin to get very busy once Mars enters Cancer on August 25. Mars will stay in your work area (sixth house) until October 14. Assignments will fly, email will flow, and you'll be crazed. The end of August in northern hemispheres is often very quiet, for it is a popular time to take a vacation, but with a skeleton crew on deck, you'll be called on to carry the banner and get the work out, possibly for others. It does not appear that you will be able to travel until October, but that would be a great time to go. 一旦火星进入巨蟹在8.25,你的工作会繁忙起来。火星在你的六宫工作宫会待到10.14号。订单,邮件纷至沓来,你头都大了。北半球的8月底通常很静谧,因为这是度假的时候,即使这样此时你也不得不加紧工作,可能是为别人呐。好像知道10月你都没机会度假,但是10月是个出去的好时机呀。
Co-workers are likely to be out of sorts on August 26, and may even have a hidden agenda, due to the opposition of Pluto and Mars. This is a heavy-duty aspect that can cause quite a bit of tension. Office politics may again be festering, only this time you'll see through it all because it will be quite obvious. Perhaps it's because the office will be so busy so quickly that everyone is cranky, On the other hand, perhaps it may be because you are the favorite of the boss and no one will know how to get the upper hand and they are jealous. The reason doesn't matter. Just be aware that your workaday atmosphere may be a bit tense on this day. This would not the day to be critical of your assistant's work - lie low. 由于图形和火星对峙,合作者会在26号出局(out of sorts),甚至可能会有一个隐藏日程。只是一个会引起紧张的相位。办公厥词会再次出状况,还好这次你能一眼洞穿,因为此次的状况很明显。也许这是因为办公室内太忙太急躁了以致人人浮躁,也可能你是老板的爱将,没人知道如何才能巴结上,它们嫉妒你。原因无所谓,只是要注意你的工作环境这几天会有些紧张。这也不是你批评你助手工作的好日子
Romantically, as said earlier, this will be one of those rare months when love and fun will be really bright. Aside from the possibly sweet time around the eclipse August 5, there are other dates to watch. 如前所述,浪漫方面,这是难得的爱和欢愉闪耀的月份。除了8.5附近的甜蜜日子,还有其他日子。
If single, keep your eye on August 22, a day when Venus will be beautifully oriented toward your ruler, Uranus. This day will brim with surprises, and with the moon in sublimely compatible Libra, you should find this weekend one of your best of the month. 单身,注意8月22号,金星向天王星美丽移近的日子,这天月亮同library和谐共处,充满了惊喜,。这会是8月你最好的一周。
If you are seriously dating or married, you will benefit from all the energy swirling around the eclipse and August 22, too. You may also enjoy being part of a couple and feel real excitement about the world you are building for just the two of you. 如果你有另一半,你会从月蚀中受益,8.22号也是。你享受于二人世界。
Your most romantic dates - and you have so many of them - include: August. 浪漫的日子,你又许多,18月1, 4-6, 11, 13-15, 19, 22-23, 28, 29, 31号。
Before I go, I want you to know that next month won't be an easy one for anyone, of any sign. Mercury will be retrograde throughout the month, but on top of that we have a series of very difficult aspects involving Saturn, Uranus, the Sun, and new moon. Your finances will be a sore spot, so keep a close eye on those and try to avoid problems by reducing spending a little. 再结束之前,我告诉你们,下个月对任何人都不轻松。水星逆行,但首先我们会有一系列的困难因素,包括土星天王星太阳和新月。你的财务是痛处,所以注意节流呀。
This month will be far more positive and productive, so try to finish up your most pressing business early in the month, and as you get to the last week, start shutting things down. Plan to resume talks in October. Your best time to sign papers will be August 12 or 13. 本月相当积极有成果,所以是这完成你积压的工作,最后一周,开始停止事务。计划10月重新开始谈、判。签合同最好的日子是12 13号
The hardest part of September will extend from September 15 to 23, and the hardest day of all will be September 17. Try not to schedule any important meetings or initiations for then. Next month will draw on your ability to be completely practical, objective, and unemotional, and certainly you are capable of meeting the challenge. 9月最困难的的部分是10到23号,最困难的日子是17号。那时候不要安排重要会议。下个月,重点在于你实用客观理性的能力,你当然能胜任9月的挑战。
We study astrology so that we can be prepared - now you know the score and you will have the edge. Come back next month, and I will tell you more. And one parting word - the financial nightmares you might have faced in the past, and which may show a bit of a speed bump in September, are so close to being a thing of the past. We will talk more about that next month, but just know that you are so close to victory, dear Aquarius! 我们学习占星,所以我们能未雨绸缪,现在你得知一切,你就拥有了优势。下个月我会告诉你更多。最后一句,你曾面临的财政梦魇9月次袭来。下次我们详谈,但是记住瓶子们离胜利只剩一步了。
This could turn out to be a very big month for you, dear Aquarius. With a lunar eclipse due in your sign, you have the power to change your life dramatically for the better. You also have Jupiter, planet of gifts and luck, in Aquarius in 2009, and this is the first year in 12 years that this has happened. This alone automatically makes you the most favored sign of the zodiac. Jupiter will be at your side until mid-January 2010 and will give you an enormous advantage, especially in the later months, once Jupiter turns direct on October 13.
The eclipse, August 5, will add to that favor and bring your desires to fullness. It will also package all the good energy in the air and make it accessible to you. You should find that this month you can finally harness and direct it toward the areas you'd most like to improve. 8.5号,月蚀会给你带来幸运和满足。它会带给你足够的能量。呢应该会发现本月你最终会掌控局面朝你所喜欢的方向发展。
If you were born within five days of February 3, you will feel the effects of the eclipse very strongly, but all Aquarius will find August to be a defining moment of the year. It is your month to turn an important corner. If you have been diligently trying to build a relationship or create more presence in your career, you may now be able to lead the brigade. All you must do is show the universe your intent. Do you have the courage? Of course you do! 如果你生于2.3号前后5天,你会更强烈的收到月蚀的影响。但是所有的瓶子会法相8月会是一年中关键性的一个月份。本月是你的重要转折。如果你试图建立一段新关系或开创事业,你现在可能正在筹划准备之中。你所需要做的就是向世界展示你的企图。你有勇气去做的。
Aquarius Dates to Note 需要注意的日子
A matter of enormous importance reaches culmination on August 5, plus or minus four days. It's all due to be very upbeat. 8.5号前后五天一件重要的事件到达高潮。这会是积极乐观的。
Financially, things may go unexpectedly haywire on August 18 - guard against loss. August 21 is another day to be watchful.
If you have been dating, or if you are married or living together, a new era in one relationship will take hold after the new moon, August 20. 如果你有另一半,20号新月是你们关系的新阶段。
The time near August 23-24 could bring a nice development in your career, due to the interactions between the Sun and Pluto.因为太阳和冥王星的相互作用, 23-24号附近你的事业会有好的进账,
Romance should be exceptionally strong all month, thanks to the tour of Mars through your house of love - if single, circulate! One of your most romantic days, and most flattering, will be August 13.
Your most romantic dates: August 最适合约会的日子:8月1, 4-6, 11, 13-15, 19, 22-23, 28, 29, 31号。



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