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(2010-02-04 10:19:42)


色调,饱和度,价值 (HSV) Color Model (汉堡)颜色模型 This process could continue, creating a solid ring of colors spanning all of the space between the primaries.这一进程能继续,建立一个横跨之间的初选空间中的所有颜色坚实的戒指。 This definition of color really describes just one dimension of color:这种颜色的定义,真正描述只是一个颜色尺寸: hue . 色调 Hue is described with the words we normally think of as describing color: red, purple, blue, etc.色调描述的话,我们通常都认为是描述颜色:红,紫,蓝等 Hue is more specifically described by the dominant wavelength in models such as the CIE system.顺化是更具体的描述模型中占支配地位的波长,如CIE的。 Hue is also a term which describes a dimension of color we readily experience when we look at color.色调也是一个术语,描述了一种颜色,我们的经验,当时我们很容易在颜色看看层面。 It will be the first of three dimensions we use to describe color.这将是首次使用三维来形容我们的颜色。


Figure 9 - The Hue, Saturation, Value (HSV) color model 图9 -色调,饱和度,数值(HSV)的色彩模型

You also perceive color changing along two other dimensions.你也感觉到颜色沿两个其他方面的变化。 One of the dimensions is lightness-darkness.的一个方面是轻盈,黑暗。 How light or dark a color is is referred to either as a colors lightness or如何深或浅的颜色是被称为或者作为颜色的亮度或 value . In terms of a spectral definition of color, value describes the overall intensity or strength of the light. 价值 。在一个彩色光谱的定义来说,值描述的整体强度和光线强度。 If hue can be thought of as a dimension going around a wheel, then value is a linear axis like an axis running through the middle of the wheel (Figure 9).如果色调可以作为维轮要围绕思想,那么价值就像是一个通过轮(图9)中运行轴线直线轴。

The last dimension of color that describes our response to color is在最后一维的颜色描述我们的反应颜色 saturation . Saturation refers to the dominance of hue in the color. 饱和 。饱和度是指色彩的彩色优势。 On the outer edge of the hue wheel are the 'pure' hues.论色调轮外缘是'纯粹'的色彩。 As you move into the center of the wheel, the hue we are using to describe the color dominates less and less. When you reach the center of the wheel, no hue dominates.当你到车轮中心的行动中,我们使用色调描述颜色主导越来越少。当您到达轮子的中心,没有色彩占主导地位。 These colors directly on the central axis are considered直接在中轴线这些颜色被认为是 desaturated . These desaturated colors constitute the desaturated。desaturated颜色,这些构成了 grayscale ; running from white to black with all of the intermediate grays in between. Saturation, therefore, is the dimension running from the outer edge of the hue wheel (fully saturated) to the center (fully desaturated), perpendicular to the value axis (Figure 9). 灰阶 ,由白色与黑色之间的中间灰色所有正在运行的。饱和,因此,维从色调轮外缘运行(完全饱和)到中心(完全desaturated),垂直轴的价值(图9)。 In terms of a spectral definition of color, saturation is the ratio of the dominant wavelength to other wavelengths in the color.在一个彩色光谱的定义来说,饱和度,是占主导地位的波长比其他波长的颜色。 White light is white because it contains an even balance of all wavelengths.白光是白色的,因为它包含的所有波长的平衡。

These three dimensions of color: hue, saturation, and value constitutes a color model that describes how humans naturally respond to and describe color: the HSV model .色彩这三个方面:色调,饱和度和价值构成了颜色模型,描述了人类如何应对自然和描述颜色:HSV模型 Because the HSV model has three dimensions, it describes a solid volume.由于HSV模型有三个方面,它描述了一个坚实的体积。 A horizontal slice of the model shown in Figure 9  creates a disk of the hues running around the perimeter.阿图9所示的模型横切片创建一个围绕周边运行的色彩磁盘。 The farther down the value axis, the more restricted the saturation range (the radius of the disk) is and, therefore, the smaller the disk.在后面还有数值轴,越限制饱和度范围(磁盘的半径)的,因此,较小的磁盘。 You can think of the overall shape of the HSV model as being an upside-down cone, even though in reality the shape of the cone is somewhat distorted.您能想到的是HSV模型的整体形状,作为一个倒锥形,在现实中的圆锥形状,即使是有些扭曲。

Another way you can slice the HSV model solid is vertically.另一种方式,您可以HSV模型切片固体垂直。 If you took a slice along the saturation axis at a red hue, it might look something like Figure 10:如果你是在一个红色的色调沿饱和轴片,它可能会像图10所示:


Figure 10 - A saturation/value slice of a specific hue in the HSV model 图10 -阿饱和度/值中的一个具体色调HSV模型切片

This wedge shows all of the saturation and value variations on this particular red.这种楔形显示了饱和,并在此值的变化,特别是红色的。 At the top of the wedge, the lightest red runs from high saturation on the right to white on the left.在楔形顶部,从左边的权利白色最轻的红色高饱和运行。 As you move down the wedge, the reds get darker and the saturation range from right to left gets narrower. We can take this theoretical wedge and actually try and see how many saturation and value variations on this red you can make.当你向下移动的楔形,红军得到黑暗,从右到左饱和范围越走越窄。我们可以借此楔理论和实际尝试,看看有多少饱和,并在此红色您可以价格的变动。 It might look something like Figure 11:它可能看起来像图11所示:


Figure 11 - Example saturation and value variations on a single red hue 图11 -例饱和在一个红色的色调值的变化

The goal in Figure 11 was to create even increments of saturation going right to left and even increments of value top to bottom.图11中的目标是创造出饱和的增量将从右到左和自上而下的价值,甚至增量。 This judgment was made by your 'eye', not by some numeric readout from a color mixing tool.这一判决是由你的'眼睛',而不是有些人有一种颜色混合工具,数字读出。 Because you are using your 'eye', no one's wedge would exactly like anyone's else's.因为您正在使用你的'眼睛',没有人会完全一样楔任何人的其他人的。 Notice that the end result in Figure 11 is not a perfect triangle.请注意,在图11的最终结果是不是一个完美的三角形。 Though more color squares could have been made for the darker reds, you would not have been able tell the difference in color between them.虽然更多的色彩方块可能已作出的黑暗的红色,你不会已经能够说出它们之间的颜色差异。 Similarly, if you removed some of the squares in the lighter value range, you would have to have made bigger steps of saturation to get the full range that you can see.同样,如果您删除在打火机值的平方一定范围内,您就必须作出更大的饱和步骤,得到全面,您可以看到。


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