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第八章 (对应教材的第九章)

(2008-05-04 07:37:21)


分类: 判断题与单选题


1、A complete description of electronic commerce from a business perspective encompasses the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing, and paying for products and services transacted on internetworked, global marketplaces of customers, with the support of a worldwide network of business partners.

1、一个完整的描述,电子商务从商业的角度涵盖了整个网络的发展过程,营销,销售,交付,服务,并支付交易的产品和服务上internetworked ,全球市场的客户,并得到了一个全球性的网络业务合作伙伴。

A) True  B) False

2、Companies involved in electronic commerce as sellers rely on Internet-based technologies and e-commerce applications and services to accomplish marketing, discovery, transaction processing, and customer service and support.


A) True  B) False

3、In a consumer-to-consumer category of e-commerce you will find online auctions, where consumers and businesses can buy and sell with each other in an auction process at an auction website.


A) True  B) False

4、Your text outlines nine key components of the e-commerce process architecture. One of these components is that of profiling, which deals with developing efficient and effective search processes to provide a top e-commerce website capability that helps customers find the specific product or service they want to evaluate or buy.


A) True  B) False

5、Your text defines an electronic payment system as an alternative cash or credit payment method using various electronic technologies to pay for products and services in electronic commerce.


A) True  B) False

6、Electronic funds transfer is not completely secure. Several basic security measures are being used to solve this security problem. One of those measures is to use network sniffers.


A) True  B) False

7、Your text states that one of the factors leading to successful retailing on the Web involves effective advertising. Most B2C sites offer shoppers incentives to buy and return and may also increase their market reach by being part of Web banner advertising exchange programs with other Web retailers.


A) True  B) False

8、One of the factors leading to successful retailing on the Web involves community, or giving online customers with similar interests a feeling of belonging to a unique group of like-minded individuals, which helps build customer loyalty and value.


A) True  B) False

9、Many of the B2B e-commerce portals are developed and hosted by third parties who serve as infomediaries that bring buyers and sellers together in catalog, exchange, and auction markets.


A) True  B) False

10、Companies are recognizing that success will go to those who develop brick and mortar enterprises separate from their website presence.


A) True  B) False


11、E-commerce includes which of the following?

A) E-business processes such as extranet access of inventory databases by customers and suppliers.

B) Intranet access of customer relationship management systems by sales and customer service reps.

C) Customer collaboration in product development via e-mail exchanges.

D) All of the choices are correct.


a )电子业务流程,例如外联网接入的库存数据库的客户和供应商。

b )在内部网接入的客户关系管理系统的销售和客户服务部门。

c )客户合作,在产品开发上通过电子邮件交流。

d )所有的选择是正确的。

12、Your text outlines nine key components of the e-commerce process architecture that are the foundation of the e-commerce initiatives of many companies today. The component that deals with helping e-companies develop, generate, deliver, update, and archive text data and multimedia information at e-commerce websites is:

A) Event notification.

B) Content management.

C) Search management.

D) Workflow management.



b )内容管理。

c )在搜索管理。


13、When customers are able to select products from website catalog displays and put them temporarily in a virtual shopping basket for later checkout and processing, they are using a ____.

A) Shopping cart.

B) Configuration window.

C) PayPal voucher.

D) None of the answers are correct.

13、当用户能够选择产品从网页目录展示,并介绍他们暂时在一个虚拟的购物篮后,结帐和处理,他们正在使用的是____ 。


b )在配置窗口。

c )在贝宝券。


14、Electronic funds transfer systems:

A) Are a major form of electronic payment systems in banking and retailing industries.

B) Use a variety of information technologies to capture and process money and credit transfer between banks and businesses and their customers.

C) Make it possible for consumers to use a credit card or debit card to instantly pay for purchases at retail outlets.

D) All of the answers are correct.


a )是一个主要形式的电子支付系统在银行业和零售业等行业。

b )利用各种信息技术,以捕获与处理货币和信贷转移银行之间和企业与他们的客户。


d )所有的答案都是正确的。

15、Your text describes current e-commerce trends in applications and associated strategies taking place in the business-to-consumer market and the business-to-business market. A long-term strategy for the business-to-consumer market would be

A) Procurement automation.

B) Business-to-consumer portals.

C) Interactive marketing.

D) Extranets and exchanges.


a )采购自动化。

b )在企业对消费者的门户。


d )在外部网与交流。

16、Apply one of the key e-commerce success factors of retailing on the Web to the following statement:"Products offered on the e-tailer site should be available in inventory for prompt shipment to the customer."

A) Performance and service efficiency.

B) Selection and value.

C) Offering incentives to purchase.

D) Security.

16、申请的一个关键电子商贸的成功因素,零售业在网上以如下声明: "产品,对电子零售商网站应可在库存迅速运送到客户手中" 。

a )业绩和服务效率。

b )选择与价值。



17、Apply one of the key e-commerce success factors of retailing on the Web to the following statement: "People want to feel that they are dealing with a trustworthy business, whose products and other website information can be trusted to be as advertised."

A) Performance and service efficiency.

B) Personalization and socialization.

C) Offering incentives to purchase.

D) Security and reliability.

17、申请的一个关键电子商贸的成功因素,零售业在网上以如下声明: "人们总是觉得他们处理的是一个值得信赖的企业,其产品和其他网站的信息,可放心将广告" 。

a )业绩和服务效率。



d )在安全性和可靠性。

18、Building an e-commerce website can be done in a number of ways. A small company with limited capital may choose which of the following as a cost effective alternative?

A) Use simple website design software tools and predesigned templates provided by website hosting services.

B) Use in house software developers or hire outside website development contractors to build a custom-designed e-commerce site.

C) Contract with their ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a specialized Web hosting company to operate and maintain the B2C website.

D) None of the choices are correct.


a )利用简单的网页设计软件工具和预模板所提供的虚拟主机服务。

b )使用在内部软件开发人员或聘请境外网站开发承包商建立一个定制设计的电子商务网站。

c)合同,他们的ISP (互联网服务提供商)或一专门网页寄存公司运营和维护的B2C网站。

d )在没有任何选择都是正确的。

19、Your text outlines five types of e-commerce marketplaces. eBay is an auction marketplace. As such, it is an example of which type of marketplace?

A) Many to one.

B) One to many.

C) Many to some.

D) Many to many.

19、你的文字概述了五种类型的电子商贸市场。 eBay是一家拍卖市场的主力军。因此,它是一个例子,这类型的市集上呢?

a )许多比一。

b )一个不少。

c )很多部分。

d )许多许多。

20、Your text outlines five types of e-commerce marketplaces. Distribution marketplaces such as VerticalNet unite major suppliers who combine their product catalogs to attract a larger audience of buyers. This is an example of which type of market?

A) Many to many.

B) Some to many.

C) Many to some.

D) None of the choices are correct.


a )很多很多。

b )采取了一些很多。

c )很多部分。

d )在没有任何选择都是正确的。



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