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第六章 (对应教材的第六章)

(2008-05-04 07:29:25)


分类: 判断题与单选题


1、Industry trends related to business telecommunication include less competitive vendors and carriers, but more alliances and network services.


A) True  B) False

2、Your text defines an intranet as the degree to which hardware, software, and databases can be easily linked together in a telecommunications network.


A) True  B) False

3、A major industry trend in telecommunications is toward a greater number of competitive vendors, services, Internet technologies, open systems, and the rapid growth of the Internet, Web, corporate intranets and extranets, drastically increasing the number of feasible telecommunications applications.


A) True  B) False

4、One of the most popular Internet applications is browsing sites on the World Wide Web. Websites are also the launch sites for electronic commerce transactions between businesses and their suppliers and customers. They are referred to as E-commerce websites.


A) True  B) False

5、Companies derive business value from their business applications on the Internet. An example of how companies can use the Internet for business includes allowing business partners to use the Internet for e-mail, file transfer, discussion forums, and extranet access to intranet resources.


A) True  B) False

6、Telecommunications channels are one of the basic components that are found in a telecommunications network model. These channels can be defined as the devices over which data are transmitted and received. Fiber optic cables, copper wires, communication satellites, and radios are classified as telecommunications processors.


A) True  B) False

7、Your text defines a WAN as a secure network that uses the Internet as its main backbone network to connect the intranets of a company's different locations, or to establish extranet links between a company and its customers, suppliers, and other business partners.


A) True  B) False

8、If we worked only with digital devices, we would eventually have to convert the output of the digital device into analog form if we wanted to input it into a computer.


A) True  B) False

9、Terrestrial microwave, communications satellites, cellular phone systems, and packet and LAN radios are considered forms of telecommunications media even though they all use microwave and other radio waves for transmission.


A) True  B) False

10、Your text outlines a variety of wireless telecommunications media such as terrestrial microwave, communications satellites, cellular and PCS systems. The advantage of using communications satellites as a form of telecommunications media for data transmission is that they are well suited for interactive, real-time processing.


A) True  B) False


11、Telecommunications and network technologies are internetworking and revolutionizing which of the following?

A) Business and society.

B) Business and globalization.

C) Society and globalization.

D) Globalization and networking.


a )企业与社会。

b )商业化和全球化。


d )全球化和网络化。

12、Which of the following statements is not accurate in describing recent trends in telecommunications:

A)  A larger number of vendors providing telecommunications service.

B)  Development of more parallel independent networks for a given aspect of communications such as data or video.

C) The pervasive use of telecommunications networks to support business operations, management, and strategic advantage.

D) Movement toward more government-regulated monopolies and away from deregulated markets.



b )开发更多的平行独立的网络,为某一特定方面的沟通,如数据或视频。



13、Which one of the following statements would NOT apply to the Internet revolution?

A)  The Internet has become the largest and most important network of networks today, and has evolved into a global information superhighway.

B)  The Internet's central computer system or telecommunications center is the most powerful communications center in the world.

C)  The Internet is constantly expanding, as more and more businesses and other organizations and their users, computers, and networks join its global web.

D)  All of the answers correctly apply to the Internet revolution.


a )因特网已成为世界上最大和最重要的网络,网络的今天,已发展成为一个全球性的信息高速公路。

b )在互联网上的中央计算机系统或电信中心,是目前功能最强大的通讯中心,在世界上。

c )在互联网上不断扩大,因为越来越多的企业和其他组织以及其用户时,计算机和网络的加入其全球网络。

d )所有的答案正确运用到互联网革命。

14、Which of the following does not correctly describes the business value of the Internet?

A) Certain types of transactions completed online, such as booking an airline reservation, can result in cost savings of up to 90 percent.

B) Certain types of transactions completed online, such as banking transactions, can result in cost savings of up to 20 percent.

C) Improved Web customer service and support contribute to increased loyalty of existing customers.

D) Web marketing and advertising and online sales attract new customers.


a )某些类型的交易在网上完成,如订票,航空公司保留外,可导致成本节省高达百分之九十左右。

b )在某些类型的交易在网上完成,如银行交易,可导致成本节省高达百分之二十左右。

c )提高网站的客户服务和支持有助于提高忠诚度的顾客。

d )在网络营销和广告和网上销售,吸引新的顾客。

15、Extranets uses Internet technologies to interconnect the intranet of a business with which of the following?

A) Customers.

B) Suppliers

C) Other business partners.

D) All of the choices are correct.




c )其他的商业伙伴。

d )所有的选择是正确的。

16、A network that contains one or more host computers that provide some type of service to the other computers in a network is a:

A) Client/server network.

B) Local area network.

C) Peer-to-peer network.

D) Wide area network.



b )在局部区域网络。

c )在点对点网络。

d )在广域网。

17、Which one of the following are considered telecommunications media?

A) Copper wire-based media.

B) Fiber optic lines and communications satellites.

C) Land-based microwave relay systems.

D) All of the choices are correct.



b )在光纤电缆和通信卫星等。


d )所有的选择是正确的。

18、Telecommunications processors include:

A) Modems.

B) Multiplexers.

C) Gateways.

D) All of the choices are correct.





d )所有的选择是正确的。

19、In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol is:

A) A device that handles the switching of voice and data in a local area network.

B) The main computer in a telecommunications network.

C) A communications service for microcomputer users.

D) A standard set of rules and procedures for control of communications in a network.



b )在主计算机在通信网络。

c )在通信服务,为微机用户。

d )在一套标准的规则和程序,为控制通信网络。

20、The Internet's protocol suite is known as:

A) Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

B) International Standards Organization (ISO).

C) Open Systems Interconnection (OSI).

D) None of the choices are correct.


a)传输控制协议/互联网协议( TCP / IP ) 。

b )国际标准化组织( ISO ) 。

c )在开放系统互连( OSI )以。

d )在没有任何选择都是正确的。


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