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(2020-02-08 19:20:37)
分类: 反洗钱公众号文摘

原创 阿炜的反洗钱资讯 阿炜的反洗钱资讯2020年2月6日

Department of Justice

U.S. Attorney’s Office

Southern District of California





Monday, February 3, 2020

SAN DIEGO - ­ Bing Han and Lei Zhang pleaded guilty in federal court today for operating unlicensed money transmitting businesses. Their guilty pleas are believed to be the first in the United States for a developing form of unlawful underground financial institution that transfers money between the United States and China, thereby circumventing domestic and foreign laws regarding monetary transfers and reporting, including United States anti-money laundering scrutiny and Chinese capital flight controls.



Special Agents from Homeland Security Investigations, IRS Criminal Investigation Las Vegas Financial Crimes Task Force, and the Drug Enforcement Administration led the investigation into Han’s and Zhang’s financial operations. As admitted in the plea agreements entered today before U.S. Magistrate Judge William V. Gallo, Han and Zhang would collect U.S. dollars (in cash) from various third-parties in the United States and deliver that cash to a customer, typically a gambler from China who could not readily access cash in the United States due to capital controls that limit the amount of Chinese yuan an individual can convert to foreign currency at $50,000 per year. Upon receipt of the U.S. dollars, the customer (i.e., the gambler) would transfer the equivalent value of yuan (using banking apps on their cell phones in the United States) from the customer’s Chinese bank account to a Chinese bank account designated by defendant Han or Zhang. For facilitating these transactions, Zhang and Han were paid a commission based on the monetary value illegally transferred.

美国国土安全调查局(HIS美国国税局刑事调查局(IRS-CI)拉斯维加斯金融犯罪特别行动组美国缉毒局(DEA特别探员们牵头了对韩和张地下钱庄业务的调查。本日,在联邦治安法官威廉·V·加洛(William V. Gallo)面前达成的认罪协议中,韩和张承认通过各种第三方机构收取美元(现金形式)并交付给客户——他们通常是来自中国的、因资本管制(个人年度购汇便利化额度5万美元)无法在美国轻易获得现金的赌徒。客户(即赌徒)收到美元后,将等值人民币(通过手机银行APP)从其中国的银行账户划转至韩或张指定的中国的银行账户,并根据非法转移的货币价值支付佣金。


U.S. Attorney Robert S. Brewer, Jr. said, “The United States stands vigilant against the constantly evolving ways in which individuals and organizations seek to operate outside the conventional financial system. Violating United States anti-money laundering laws not only endangers the integrity of the global financial system, but doing so hinders the ability of law enforcement officers to confront criminal conduct including money laundering and narcotics trafficking.”

联邦检察官小罗伯特·S·布鲁尔(Robert S. Brewer Jr.)表示,“个人和组织寻求在传统金融体系之外运作的方式不断演变,美国对此保持警惕。违反美国反洗钱法不仅危及全球金融体系的完整性,而且使执法人员打击包括洗钱和贩毒在内的犯罪行为的能力受阻。”


Han and Zhang further admitted today that they were regularly introduced to customers by casino hosts, who sought to increase the gambling play of the casino’s customers. By connecting cash-starved gamblers in the United States with illicit money transmitting businesses, like those operated by Han and Zhang, the casinos increased the domestic cash play of their China-based customers. All a gambler needed was a mobile device that had remote access a China-based bank account. As a result, Han and Zhang managed to transmit and convert electronic funds in China into hard currency in the United States; all while circumventing the obstacles imposed both by China’s capital controls, and the anti-money laundering scrutiny imposed on all United States financial institutions. For their efforts, the casino hosts often received a cut of Han’s or Zhang’s commission.



“This case demonstrates that those who attempt to use underground or unregulated money transfer systems cannot evade detection and punishment,” said Cardell T. Morant, acting Special Agent in Charge for HSI San Diego. “HSI and our domestic and foreign partners will continue to work together aggressively to investigate and prosecute those who seek to hide their involvement in transnational crime by employing such international money laundering schemes.”

国土安全调查局圣迭戈分局负责人、特别探员卡德尔·T·莫兰特(Cardell T. Morant)表示,“本案表明,那些试图使用地下钱庄或不受监管的资金转移系统的人无法逃避侦查和惩罚。国土安全调查局将继续与我们的国内外合作伙伴积极合作,调查并起诉那些试图利用这种国际洗钱计划隐瞒参与跨国犯罪的人。”


“Criminals keep trying to find ways to circumvent our financial system by laundering money,” said Tara Sullivan, Special Agent in Charge of IRS Criminal Investigation Las Vegas. “Unfortunately for Han and Zhang, the IRS Criminal Investigation Las Vegas Financial Crimes Task Force was relentless in seeking out and disrupting their underground banking network and will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to uphold anti-money laundering laws.”

国税局刑事调查局拉斯维加斯金融犯罪特别行动组负责人、特别探员塔拉·沙利文(Tara Sullivan)表示,“犯罪分子一直试图通过洗钱来规避我们的金融体系。遗憾的是,国税局刑事调查局拉斯维加斯金融犯罪特别行动组坚持不懈地找出并破坏了韩和张的地下钱庄网络。我们将继续与我们的执法伙伴合作,维护反洗钱法。”


“Although Mr. Han and Mr. Zhang did not admit to transacting narcotics proceeds in their unlicensed money transmitting businesses, we know that drug trafficking organizations are willing to use a variety of businesses to launder proceeds from the sales of drugs,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge John W. Callery. “DEA and our outstanding partners will continue to investigate illicit financial transactions and anyone who may operate businesses that stand to profit from illegal drug sales.”

缉毒局负责人、特别探员约翰·W·卡勒里(John W. Callery)表示,“尽管韩和张未承认在他们的无证汇款业务中交易毒品收益,但我们知道贩毒组织愿意利用各种业务来清洗毒品销售收益。缉毒局将与我们杰出的合作伙伴继续调查非法金融交易及任何可能经营非法毒品销售业务并从中获利的人。”


U.S. Attorney Brewer commended the diligence and dedication of Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel Silva and Mark W. Pletcher, the prosecutors on this case. Sentencing for Mr. Han is scheduled to occur on May 1, 2020 before Hon. Janis L. Sammartino. Sentencing for Mr. Zhang is scheduled to occur on May 4, 2020 before Hon. William Q. Hayes. Han and Zhang both face a maximum of 5 years in prison.

联邦检察官布鲁尔赞扬了负责本案的联邦助理检察官丹尼尔·席尔瓦(Daniel Silva)和马克·W·普莱彻(Mark W.Pletcher)的勤勉和奉献精神。对韩的判决定于202051日在联邦地区法官詹妮丝·L·萨玛蒂诺(JanisL. Sammartino)面前进行。对张的判决定于202054日在联邦地区法官威廉·Q·海耶斯(WilliamQ. Hayes)面前进行。韩和张将面临最高五年有期徒刑。




Case Number 20-CR-369-JLS (Han)    Bing Han    Las Vegas, NV    Age: 44

Case Number 20-CR-370-WQH (Zhang)    Lei Zhang    Las Vegas, NV    Age: 40

案件编号20-CR-369-JLS (Han)    韩兵    内华达州拉斯维加斯    44

案件编号20-CR-370-WQH (Zhang)    张磊    内华达州拉斯维加斯    40



Operation of Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business - Title 18, U.S.C., Section 1960

Maximum penalty: Five years in prison and $250,000 fine





Homeland Security Investigations

IRS Criminal Investigation Las Vegas Financial Crimes Task Force

Drug Enforcement Administration





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