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口译与听力重点八十句 1

(2009-08-05 22:32:45)












Visiting 5 places a day in Xi'an was originally intended to make it convenient for tourists to visit the scenic spots and historical sites of the ancient capital. But it causes many complaints and is defamed because of unreasonable charge.


The Huangpu River, rising in Jiaxing, flows through Shanghai City and joins Yangtze at Wusong. Its entire length is 80 km and the average width 400m.


In 1989, the first theme park, Splendid China was established in Shenzhen, which aroused the nation-wide interest of setting up theme parks.


The various customs and cultures of 56 nationalities in China are valuable wealth of China and also one of the most important tourist resources.


Dalian Forest Zoo has drawn lots of tourists home and abroad since it was open to the public. If your time only permits you to visit a few scenic spots of the city, of course it is the best place you'll choose.


Blessed with a tropical rain forest climate with abundant sunshine and rainfall, Xishuangbanna is noted for beautiful subtropical scenery and unique ethnic customs. It also enjoys a good reputation of "Kingdom of Plants and Animals" because of its plentiful plant and animal resources.


Chinese International Travel Agency, founded on June 1 1958, is the first-rate notable travel agency throughout the country. It boasts a great deal of reception experience and world-wide internet, and can receive 280,000 overseas tourists each year.


Shanghai, enclosed on east side by the sea, has an eastern Asian monsoon climate which is warm and humid with four different seasons.


Suzhou, located along the Taihu Lake and in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River,is an ancient city with a history of 2,500 years and also the cradle of Wu civilization. To speak of Suzhou, people are likely to mention the old saying:"Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou."


Since Han Dynasty, Xi'an has been a very important city in the international exchange of China and foreign countries. The famous ancient Silk Road started here.


Although we are satisfied with the past trade cooperation, there is still possibility of expanding bilateral trade. The purpose of my visit this time is to inquire into the prospect of bilateral trade development and to discuss some problems appearing in the past.


We believe that the competitive price, perfect design and the supreme quality of the products will ensure the stable increase of sales volume.


The mission of the World Bank is to establish a kind of framework to provide long-term foreign exchange for economic recovery and development.


Bond is actually a kind of long-term dabt of company of issue. The company will pay owners interest at certain intervals, for example, one year or a half.


Seen from the past, the purpose of China's developing foreign trade lies in gaining capital goods for its own indutrialization and overcoming the serious shortage in domestic production and help to achieve the goal of its policy and diplomacy.


In the first three months this year, this high-tech development zone approved of the 14 investment items from Taiwan with the total value of 170,000,000 dollars.


We insist on your complying with our terms. If you fail to do so, we are sorry that we will have to cancel the order.


In recent years, Chinese government has made a series of laws and regulations for the covenience of foreign investors.


We maitain that the developing countries should have enough say in any aspect of international economic affairs.


Our two countries have bright prospects of cooperation in the fields of argriculture, fishery ,geology and so on.


The backward education and the shortage of qualified personnel are big barriers to the successful fulfillment of China's intensive development strategy of the wetern regions.


Since China is on the verge of entering into the WTO, its education must satisfy the needs of international exchange.


A recent proclamation jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Development and Planning Commission states that the tuition fees in the rural areas of our country will be changed.


Approximately one-third of the more than 400 graduate students who received their degrees this year have chosen to work in the western parts of China in order to contribute to our country's grant development strategy of the western regions.


It is a key national university whose broad campus is located near the bank of Nanyun River. Admission depends on the applicants' test scores and their personal qualifications.


An official from the Ministry of Education revealed in Fuzhou on October 18 that in 2005, the number of China's university students will increase by more than 2 million. This year's figure amounts to more than 4 million.


The First China International Forum on Education sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange was held in Beijing on November 10 2,000. The main topic of the forum was "Challenges to the Education from the IT Development in the 21st Century".


The Regulations for the Enforcement of Qualifications for Teachers' was issued recently by the Ministry of Education. According to the stipulations of the "Law for Teachers", only those who are qualified can be engaged in the teaching job at schools of all kinds and other educational institutions.


The work concerning this year's application for the graduate qualification test has been finished recently. It is said that the number of the applicants this year sharply increased to 120,000, 92,000 of which were for Master's degrees. The admission work this year will be even more suitable for the admission plan and the actual examination result.


The Guiding Committee of the National Higher Education Examination Program for the Self-taught announced recently in Beijing that they would allocate ten million yuan for organizing ten thousand rural primary school teachers in the western regions to fulfill the junior-college-level self-taught examination for the specialty of primary education in a period of 8 years.



 Polution expansion leads to the increasing demand for fixed air, water and land. It naturally follows that more and more people long for high living standard.


Our idea is that environmental protection should well coordinate with the social and economical development.


For many years the Chinese government has done its utmost in the aspects of maintaining ecological balance, protecting environment, getting rid of poverty, controlling population increase and improving people's living standard.


Beijing, the capital of China, has made an ambitious plan to raise the area of urban greenery patches to 40% and by the year 2010, it will reach 45%. According to this plan of the city government, in 5 years, each citizen of Beijing will possess an area of 10 square meters of greenery patches, and in ten years 15 square meters.


An expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out on Tuesday that in the next few years, China will meet with more sand and dust storms, many of which will be very damaging.


Guilin, the scenic spot of southern China, is world famous for its clear river and magnificent mountains. Recently, it has launched a movement of solicit contribution to protect Lijiang, its main river.


Premier Zhu Rongji once said China should call on the whole nation for a movement of afforestation to make our rivers and mountains more verdant and beautiful.


China is building a network to watch the problem of soil erosion in the Changjiang delta by applying the remote sensing technology, the global locating system and the geographical information system.


A recent investigation of the environmental Protection Agency shows that the serious pollution problem of Taihu Lake has preliminarily been brought under control.


The Seventh International Conference on Environmental Protetion will be held in the Beijing International Exhibition Center in June next year. The four days of Exhibition will display advanced technology and equipments of environmental protection, like clean coal products, sewage disposal and garbage utilization technology.


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