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Perfect Pocket Knife

By Christie Peters from Saskatoon on Mon, 2014-03-24 8:33am

opinel 2

These knives are very special to me, because I was first introduced to them while cooking in Vancouver. Travis, a very worldly sous chef I looked up to very much took me out to a new cheese restaurant. When we were about to eat the tartiflette he noticed a european man at the table next to us cutting his cheese and meat with a beautiful wood handled folding knife, and at that moment my companion pulled an identical knife from his pocket. The two of them started exclaiming with excitement “Opinel!” I was excited and confused, it’s like the secret I had no idea about.

Opinel 3

Travis explained that Opinel is a brand of pocket knife that is used all over Europe for hunting, camping but most importantly enjoying snacks such as cheese, meat, fruit and baguette while on the go. There are different kinds, but the blade of the standard model is carbon steel which is very sharp and easy to keep that way. Travis’ knife was beautifully worn and the light wood handle was shaped to his hand.

Since this eye opening experience I have treasured my Opinel, keeping it with me always. It has proved useful on so many different occasions. I recently lost my treasured knife on my way to Europe this winter so I decided to order some in to Goldie’s General. We have both standard models, as well as two others which I have always coveted but have had lots of trouble tracking down until now. One is an Opinel with a corkscrew built into it for wine and cheese on the fly. Truly the most useful tool. The other knife which I have brought in is very special to me. I recently looked for it all over Spain with no luck. It is a knife used for foraging mushrooms. It has a slightly curved blade to easily cut the mushroom at it’s base so as not to disturb the mycelium. On the other end of the handle it has a boar hair brush to gently clean the precious caps.

opinel 1

There is something that means so much to me about these knives. Be Magic.

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广州2014年3月27日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年3月,作为“世界望远镜专家”德国视得乐(STEINER)中国总代理,欧格尔(http://www.ogear.net)正式在中国市场推出视得乐夜鹰激光测距望远镜 8X30 LRF。夜鹰激光测距望远镜8X30是视得乐公司首台商用版微光测距望远镜,测距范围长达1700米但身轻仅795克,近50年的军用望远镜制造背景和对技术创新的的极致追求令德国视得乐再次领先业界。

夜鹰激光测距望远镜 和测距的组合图
夜鹰激光测距望远镜 和测距的组合图


德国视得乐(STEINER)的中国总代理欧格尔于3月正式在中国市场推出视得乐夜鹰激光测距望远镜 8X30 LRF。夜鹰激光测距望远镜8X30是视得乐公司首台商用版微光测距望远镜,测距范围长达1700米但身轻仅795克。




夜鹰测距望远镜8X30拥有目前市场上更长测距范围(25米至1700米),免调焦观察并具备连续多点扫描测距功能,保证及时捕捉目标,且轻巧更易抓握。同时,夜鹰测距望远镜8X30采用的FDA Class 1安全级不可见激光,既能避免对观察者或被观察者造成伤害,更适合用于军警巡护、海关缉私等隐秘性观察。



夜鹰测距望远镜8X30提供同类产品罕有的30年超长品质保用,壳体采用德国拜耳公司生产的航天材料 -- 马克罗龙,经得起指标达11G重力加速度的摔落测试,起到吸震、减震和抗摔的作用,使镜内组件免受损伤,并具备从-40摄氏度到 80摄氏度的超强适温性,可以应对极端恶劣或多变的使用环境。此外,德国视得乐独有的双阀充氮技术保证了夜鹰测距望远镜8X30优异的密封性,阻挡灰尘和潮气浸入,即使被浸入水下5米的深度,仍可避免内部进水和起雾,不会对观察产生任何影响。


德国视得乐望远镜  中国总代理:欧格尔
欲了解德国视得乐更多产品和资讯,可登录视得乐中国总代中文官网http://www.steiner.com.cn 浏览。

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Carry a piece of history on your trek with Opinel

Carry a piece of history on your trek with Opinel

Whether camping, bushwalking or fishing, outdoors adventures tend to require some form of sturdy-yet-safe knife for filleting fish, cutting rope or merely divvying up some cheese to slather onto a crusty loaf of bread.

Founded in 1890 in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in France, Opinel took the simple need of a working man’s knife and started a revolution. This legendary French knife has been made from sustainable beechwood since the 19th century, with the brand still run by Joseph Opinel’s descendants.

Opinel garnered more attention at the start of the 20th century, as Joseph utilised peddlers to sell the knife to individuals and local shops. Unique because of their safety twistlock mechanism, Opinel knives can lock in both the open and closed positions. It has been said that Pablo Picasso used an Opinel to carve some of his sculptures, while French mountaineer Roger Frison-Roche never made an ascent without one by his side. Today a museum dedicated to the brand exists in its hometown of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

The brand now produces garden and filleting knives as well as the originals, with the Camp Saw and Corkscrew Knife available at The Outpost in Fortitude Valley.

Image via Remodelista.

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最近,根据英国“士兵”杂志《Soldier》报道,英国防部从视得乐采购了15000台Military 8X30望远镜。Military 8X30早在1976年就推出,至今畅销了37年,以轻量级仅重600克兼具卓越光学而备受欢迎。目前中国在售的陆战之星8X30可谓其同门兄弟,坚固耐用,轻巧便携,并有10年保用,性价比极高。



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Opinel No. 7 Carbon-steel Folding Knife Detailed Review

by asphotographics on Jan 13, 201410:58 am No Comments

Opinel Carbon-steel Folding Knife No. 7

This is a follow up to my initial review of the Opinel No. 7 carbon-steel folding knife. I have been using this knife for about 10 days now. I’ve kept it with me almost constantly throughout this time (except while sleeping and showering) and I’ve tried to use it as much as possible. Here are my impressions.

A Good Everyday Knife

As I noted in my initial review, it took a bit of tuning up before I was happy with this knife. After that initial work though, this knife has been a pleasure to carry and use. I appreciate its lightness, and rarely notice that it is in my pocket. The handle is very comfortable, though I do feel the No. 8 would fit my hand better.

Opening, Closing, and Locking

Opinel Carbon-steel Folding Knife No. 7 — Lock DetailThe folding mechanism is very smooth. I actually like that it does not have a spring tension lock like the type found on most folders, Swiss Army knives, etc. the lack of spring resistance means that the folding action of the Opinel is very smooth — almost effortless. Engaging the fingernail opener slot is sometimes difficult, but almost not necessary. Just disengage the hinge lock, and pull the blade open with your thumb and forefinger.

The fastest method of engaging and disengaging the hinge lock is with a quick swipe of the thumb of your knife holding hand. This is fast, but the lock mechanism does tend to dig into the pad of the thumb. On the plus side, I am getting a nice callous on my thumb.

Blade Performance and Maintenance

I have used the knife to cut just about every material I have encountered over the previous ten days: packing tape, cardboard, envelopes, cheese, bread, pâté, plastic, wood, epoxy, string, etc.

Though a bit short, the blade excelled in the kitchen and for simple food prep tasks. I would not hesitate to keep this knife as a permanent addition to my hiking/skiing lunch bag kit.

The blade performed very good in wood, doing light carving tasks. It was also great for opening packages, etc.

Blade damage after cutting moderately hard material

Blade damage after cutting moderately hard material

I did find that the blade tends to lose its edge quite quickly. After cutting anything even moderately hard, the edge is noticeable marred and wanting a quick sharpen. The good news is that the carbon-steel is easy to touch up. Plan to keep a small diamond file around if you get an Opinel carbon knife. A dull knife is dangerous as you have to exert more force and therefore increase the likelyhood of slipping.

One of the first impressions I had about this knife is that its blade is quite thin and flexible. It has a single bevel grind that goes all the way from the edge to the back of the blade (“full-flat” grind). In use, the blade does not flex as much as I thought it might, but still it would not be the best knife choice for heavier work. I have a Leatherman and a medium-size Wenger folder that I wouldn’t hesitate to use carving heavy wood, cutting rope, repairing a canoe, etc., but I would avoid using an Opinel in these cases.

I’ve been pretty good about cleaning and maintaining the blade over my short usage period with this knife. If I used the knife with food and had to clean it with water, I dried it well and applied a thin coat of olive oil (because that is what sits on our kitchen counter all the time). I have had no problem with rust spots or tarnishing. I am curious to see how the carbon-steel holds up over the long term.

Summary and Specifications

Opinel folding knives seem to be a real bargain. The No. 7 is a compact and lightweight folder that would be a good everyday knife. You won‘t even notice it in your pocket, and it will stand up to most typical tasks you will encounter. If you need a serious work knife, consider something else, or try one of the larger Opinel sizes. If you are hard on gear and don‘t feel up to the task of maintaining a carbon-steel blade, then consider getting the Opinel stainless-steel version instead.

Opinel Carbon-steel Folding Knife No. 7 — Open

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德国视得乐steiner望远镜-世界望远镜专家;德国宜视宝eschenbach--视觉科技产品的荟萃;德国勇士克junkers腕表-从JUNKERS飞机演绎的传奇;德国嘉士卓gastrock手杖-手杖的典范代表,老人的福音;德国风暴伞euroshirm-与暴风雨争锋的专业伞具;德国百瑞高barigo机械天气仪表-欣赏之时尽知风云变幻;德国太阳神sonnenleder环保皮具-用之者爱之的个性装备;瑞士瑞莎swiza钟表-时间艺术化的象征;法国欧皮耐尔刀opinel-法国文化的象征;西班牙卡司克el casco案台尊品-让办公工具追求极致;意大利威霸viper花纹钢艺术品-收藏者的惊喜。









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