Owner-operated SmartOptics was founded in 1996 and is certified in accordance with the ISO13485 and ISO 9001 standards. The medium-sized development and production enterprise is located in Bochum – Germany.The principal expertise of the company lay in optics, mechanics, electronics and software development, where novel solutions are realized for its customers and partners in the international arena.
With a team consisting of engineers, physicists and software developers as well as machinists, technicians and precision mechanics, SmartOptics produces testing and 3D measurement systems for both direct sales and OEM partners in a wide variety of industries. Its product verification systems have been deployed at a multitude of international corporations in the electronics branch to assist with quality control.
Smart optics 3D measurement systems have been adopted in the dental and medical technology industries in clinics, laboratories and production plants around the globe.

Dental scanners:  Activity 101  &  Activity 102


Activity 101

Activity 102

OPEN scan file format: .STL .STL
Automated scan process: yes yes
Motorized Axes: 3 4
Measurement Accuracy: ≤ 10 µm ≤ 10 µm
Complete Jaw Scan Time: ~ 3 minutes ~ 5 minutes
Single Tooth Scan Time: ~ 60 seconds ~ 60 seconds
Auto multi-die (6x) scan: yes yes
Windows 7 64-bit ready: yes yes
ScanFixator compatible: no yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 420x665x420 420x725x420
Weight in kg  [lbs]: 37  [82] 40  [88]
Power Supply: 110 – 240 VAC , 50-60 Hz ,
1394a (Firewire400) and USB PC interface
Housing Color: White (RAL 9006)
Compatibility with exocad: yes yes
Designed and manufactured in: Germany Germany


NEW Activity 8xx series

Introduced at IDS 2011 in Cologne

available in August 2011

The latest generation of scanners from SmartOptics retains such features as the open STL format and high-precision with quality in a compact design. With accuracy as exceptional as 10 micron, our structured light scanners ensure such detailed, custom tooth reconstructions as crowns and bridges as well as inlays and onlays.

The new Activity series  was developed in collaboration with dental laboratories and clinics for everyday use in practice. Many years of experience have been considered in the design, such as the ergonomic pull-out drawer for the convenient and safe storage of tools, adapters. As well, the new fully-automated 3D calibration feature simplifies the determination of individual implant bars.

The Activity 800, a semi-automated scanner with both a manually-operated axis and a motorized axis, acts as an entry model for those new to dental CAD technology. It is ideal for small- to medium-sized output. With the assistance of the interactive software interface, individual stumps and smaller bridges can be digitized simply and quickly.

As a fully-automatic dental scanner, the Activity 850 impresses with a very fast three-axis rotation system. The scanning of a stump finishes in less than a minute and that of a complete jaw in about three minutes, resulting in a high-resolution three-dimensional acquisition of the object.

Building on the success of the Activity 102, the 880 model further fulfills the needs of the most productive dental laboratories and orthodontic practices. The four-axis system with the patented ScanFixator allows for cranium-based measurements appropriate for the Artex , SAM  and Adesso Split  articulation systems. Together with the exocad CAD software, reconstruction using the cranium-related data is possible by means of a virtual articulator.


In order to carry out a scan, an articulated model of the mandible is fixed magnetically on a compatible articulator base holder inside the scanner. Then a 3D scan is carried out. The process is repeated for the maxilla model. As a third step, both models are combined in a ScanFixator articulator set-up - inside the scanner and scanned together in occlusion. The scanner will lead the user through the entire scanning process. From these three scans, the system will calculate a 3D data set of both jaws in skull-related coordinates. The position of the condyles will also be outputed.



Activity 800

Activity 850

Activity 880

OPEN scan file format: .STL .STL .STL
Automated scan process: no yes yes
Motorized Axes: 1 3 4
Manual Axes: 1 - -
Measurement Accuracy: ≤ 10 µm ≤ 10 µm ≤ 10 µm
Complete Jaw Scan Time: ~ 6 minutes ~ 3 minutes ~ 5 minutes
Single Tooth Scan Time: ~ 60 seconds ~ 60 seconds ~ 60 seconds
Auto multi-die (6x) scan: no yes yes
Windows 7 64-bit ready: yes yes yes
ScanFixator compatible: no no yes
System Tool Drawer: yes yes yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 440x500x450 440x500x450 440x660x475
Weight in kg   [lbs]: 21   [46] 23   [51] 38   [84]
Power Supply: 110 – 240 VAC  ,  50-60 Hz  ,    USB PC interface
Housing Color: White  (RAL 9003)
Compatibility with exocad: yes yes yes
Designed and manufactured in: Germany Germany Germany


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Rolling off the 3D printing press... the world's first 'printed' car - and it actually works

By Daniel Bates

Last updated at 10:54 PM on 23rd September 2011

The world’s first 'printed' car has finally rolled off the printing press.

The 'Urbee' was made using a special printer which built up layer upon layer of bodywork - almost as if the car was 'painted' into existence, except using layers of ultra-thin composite that are slowly 'fused' into a solid. 

But unlike most 'innovations' in cars, this one won't break down after 5 years - Urbee is built to last 30. Project leader Jim Kor, told MailOnline today: 'For us, this unveiling was quite a milestone.

Built to last: The highly-durable material used in 'additive layer manufacturing' is said to last for 30 years

Built to last: The highly-durable material used in 'additive layer manufacturing' is said to last for 30 years

Underneath is a petrol and electric hybrid engine which helps make it one of the greenest cars in the world.

Experts have said the car uses eight times less energy than a similar vehicle and can go can go 200mpg on the motorway.

It also has a sleek, futuristic design which makes it look like a prop from a science fiction film like the Fifth Element.

The ‘printing’ process, however, it what has attracted so much attention: it was completely different to the normal way car manufacturers build a car, which is to bolt chunks of bodywork on where they need to go.

Engineers on the Urbee instead put layers of ultra thin composite material on top of each other so they become fused together to make it 3D in a process called ‘additive layer manufacturing’.


Kor says, 'We are a small group of designers and engineers in Winnipeg trying to make a difference.

'Making things this way could revolutionize how we produce things. It has certainly changed my way of thinking about manufacturing.

'This process of 3-D printing turned into 'digital manufacturing' would change the way we replace parts within machines.'

The 'printed' car has drawn a lot of attention due to its unique production method

The 'printed' car has drawn a lot of attention due to its unique production method

The Urbee, which took 15 years to make, has three wheels, two seats and a combustion engine in case of emergencies.

It can be charged for a few pence from a normal plug socket or from a small solar panel array or wind turbine.

The Urbee has a small single cylinder engine that generate a mere eight horsepower, yet it can go up to 70mph if necessary because it is so light and efficient.

Even driving around the city it can do 100mpg and Canadian firm Kor EcoLogic, which designed it, insists that it could become a viable runaround for normal people.

Project leader Jim Kor told the TEDxWinnipeg conference that the vehicle was amongst the greenest ever made.

He said the way it was printed ‘only puts material where one needs it’.

‘It is an additive process, building the part essentially one 'molecule' of material at a time, ultimately with no waste,’ he added.

The small engine of the Urbee may only be able to produce 8 horsepower, but the vehicle can still reach 70mph

The small engine of the Urbee may only be able to produce 8 horsepower, but the vehicle can still reach 70mph

‘This process can do many materials, and our goal would be to use fully-recycled materials.’

Although the prototype has finally been completed it will be some time before the Urbee is available to buy in car showrooms.

The team behind it still have to raise the money for a second prototype, which will be at least $1million (£610,000).

Even then it will cost up to $50,00 (£32,000) to buy new, although the price should drop if it is mass produced.

Other professions which have shown an interest in additive layer manufacturing including medicine with some suggestion that prosthetic body parts could eventually be ‘printed’ to the size and shape they are required.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2041106/Urbee-The-worlds-printed-car-rolling-3D-printing-presses-.html#ixzz1YxQloNZ2
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    这首“湿“写得很“潮“, 只是想表达一下,和潮女踏浪的心情,所以, 没有名字。

  写完之后,才发现藏头的四个字不错, 天, 仁, 神,玉, 《天仁神玉》,四个字都皆可言表不可言传。我解释一下。。。。。





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关于几爪的问题, 无爪,1爪,2爪,3爪。。。。。。N爪皆可工艺实现,4, 6 ,8 常见,其他少见,或没见过。。。。。。


5 爪实为一不错创意,但你未提主石,钻石的大小,所以,一般情况,爪多可让小主石显大,而多爪会抢大主石的风采。。。。。。。





设计,工艺,中国人皆可实现, 但品牌是  灵魂的积累   非数日之事。。。。。。。。。





设计先不谈。。。。。。因为此句“予人玫瑰, 手留余香“ , 说到了设计师的做人。。。。。






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(2010-01-24 01:59)

应该就 “山寨” 问题, 设计互动的问题,再阐述一些,但60 年一遇的大雪,我觉得把文字应该献给铲雪的人们,本想找个歌献给他们,但是翻来翻去,现在的歌没有一首是写劳动人民的,于是找了一首老歌《我为祖国献石油》,我给自己注册了一个马甲,就以我的马甲为名山寨一首歌。。。。。。。








































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我觉得,艺术是表达自己的灵魂,而设计是为被设计者(执行者)表达灵魂。。。。, 艺术是不被限制的,而设计是被限制的。。。。。。。。, 如果任张小花及网民天马行空,没边没檐的表达,主体客体不分,双方皆进入艺术状态,用无止境。。。。。。。,定成天涯闹剧。。。。


主客明晰,主客皆被限制,主出题。。。 客做题。。。。结果一目了然。。。。。。客为主设计。


有一种特殊情况,张小花征得设计之后,每征得一个,即扔弃一个,从新设计,这时张小花就变成  艺术家了。。。。。。,如果某设计师看了此贴,超high, 癫狂,为三万画个不停,这个设计师虽不见得是艺术家,但已不是设计而是艺术行为。。。。。






另外,应知《关公战秦琼》, 本是一方表演,一方欣赏,而一方非要参与剧情设计。。。。


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纵观楼主前言后语,在文笔方面还算优美,但楼主艺术家庭的背景, 与现在事态发展实有不符。举例,古典时期,西欧贵族请达芬奇画画,总会说明要什么画,肖像,宗教等。。。。,中国古时名门听戏,听者一定会选择其喜好的曲目。。。。


现在楼主,面对网民言只要一组 神勇,无敌,灭世界 等等 的戒指’s,其不谬哉?


但凡艺术,无非是  行文,造型,音乐。。。。。, 现在楼主必须说明在内心之中究竟要一何等戒指,


1:文字描述所需戒指的要求,如描述不出戒指的造型,可以是一个 场景,一段 情感,或引一段符合自己心境的诗句也可。。。。。。


2:如会素描,可绘其大概,如不会,可网上下载, 自己喜欢的戒指图片为参考。。。




如按以上要求,但凡设计师或艺术家,一看便内心明确。 灵感会被 神。。。。无。。。。灭。。。。所触动,突发奇想, 说不定真来一个无敌的戒指。。。。。。

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这个帖子真是很有趣,每次在无端的口水之后,总是能上升一个新的高度,前贴由口水转为技术,这贴在争吵之后,我认为直接转为 “艺术贴“, 各种原创的设计图,及大牌珠宝图片频出,在天涯出现 “艺术贴“ 绝对是有史以来第一次。。。,技术是什么?这里在玩艺术。。。。。。








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