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跨越中美、穿梭两地。从业十余年,在海内外媒体发表中英文时事评论、社论、新闻报道作品2400多篇200多万字,部分收录于香港出版《中国的界碑》、《公民社会前夜》等书。曾荣获意大利驻华大使馆“年度新闻报道奖”(2011年)、海外华文媒体新闻摄影大赛三等奖(2007年)、美国Kappa Tau Alpha(新闻与大众传播荣誉协会)Top Scholar Award(2002年)等。江苏扬州人,现居美国洛杉矶,“70后”一代。喜欢边走、边看、边想、边写的生活。很高兴认识你!










[Amazon Press Event 2] Day 2 of the press event of Amazon in Seattle. Steve Frazier, Vice President of Amazon, in response to my question about its competition against Alibaba in Chinese market, said: China is an exciting market which always attracts local and foreign competitors. Our team members are mostly Chinese with good understanding of Chinese market. We're proud of what we can bring to our customers in the long term. We're proud of our service, our access to the vendors, and the best genuine products. We like our chance to learn.



[Amazon Press Event 1] Day 1 of Amazon's press event in Seattle. So vital for a company to have a soul. There're many layers in Amazon's corporate culture created by Jeff Bezos and his team. Innovative, unconventional, daring, quirky... you name it. But one thing is for sure: Without the soul, the e-commerce giant couldn't have been growing at such a breakneck speed that amazed the world.



[Amazon Trip] Invited by Amazon to attend a press event in Seattle starting tomorrow. Can't help liking the city at first sight! What a refreshing experience to hang out along the piers and in downtown area at dusk! Seattle doesn't have rows of palm trees as Los Angeles, but it possesses a relatively safe downtown that's missing in the heart of LA.



[Special Olympics] Global Times (US edition) is so honored to support Special Olympics 2015 and be a part of its host town program. The Special Olympics 2015 banner with "Global Times" is now flying on the street of Alhambra. Wish Special Olympics 2015 great success in SoCal!



[HUST SoCal Forum] Feeling so honored to be one of the keynote speakers at the HUST SoCal Forum held in Costa Mesa Sunday. Proud to have such prominent alumni as Dr. Gang CHEN (陈刚), MIT Chair of Mechanical Engineering Dept., and Dr. ZHOU Ji (周济), President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, attending the event. The Forum was hosted by the Alumni Association of Southern California of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (华中科大南加校友会) and sponsored by Global Times (US Edition).



[Same Bunk Bed] This is the lady who slept in the same bunk bed with me at the college dormitory for 5 years in mid 1990s! A lot of fun eating and shopping together now!



[Local Community] Networking with some business owners in the city of Alhambra, and proudly presenting our bilingual Global Times (US Edition)! Thank our local business community for the valuable support!



[Happy Reunion] Happy reunion with old classmates at a Chinese-style Teppanyaki in Rowland Heights today. By the chef's "onion volcano", we rolled back the years and were young again for the evening.



[Korean Drama] A great drama stands the test of time. I enjoy watching My Love from Another Star (来自星星的你), but there's only one Korean drama I've been loving for years: Jewel in the Palace (大长今). The drama is about a brilliant and diligent lady who worked as a cook at the King's kitchen strived to overcome life challenges and eventually found happiness and success. She later became the first female royal physician in the Korean history. Her relationship with her companion also blossomed tenderly throughout her life. In the world where so many Asian women aim at marrying rich men instead of working hard themselves, Jewel in the Palace is truly an inspirational masterpiece.



[Hometown Flavor] Most of the Chinese restaurants in LA are of Cantonese or Sichuan style. They are okay to me, but I still miss my hometown flavor: Huaiyang cuisine (淮扬菜). Tofu Noodles (扬州干丝), Jellied Meat (镇江肴肉), Sautéed Eels with Chives (韭黄蟮糊) and Herbal Pigeon Soup (天麻鸽汤) are among my favorite dishes. So excited to find them all at a local Shanghai restaurant!



[Earthquake] What if there's a big earthquake? This seems like a realistic concern after the latest research report was released by USGS last week. It indicates a significantly boosted chance of California hit by a mega-quake within the next 30 years. But, it makes no sense spending too much time worrying about the probability. Whatever comes, let it come; whatever goes, let it go...



[Positive Energy] I admire people with positive energy. My neighbor Carly, who's a chemistry teacher and a single mother raising three kids, gets up at 5 am and works out every morning. See the before-and-after weight loss photos? Hard work always pays off!


03/22/2015 (Sun.)

[Flowerless Tree] Lost in thoughts by my photos taken in 1980, 1995 and 2014. Must a woman's life be like a rose that declines as soon as it blooms? Or can our life be like a flowerless tree that only gets better with age?


03/20/2015 (Fri.)

[Highway 5] Enchanted with the dazzling beauty of changing landscapes along Highway 5. Pulled over to roadside, rolled down the window, and fresh green of nature melted my stress away, instantly!


03/14/2015 (Sat.)

[Monterey Hill] Location location location! I like Monterey Hill Steakhouse mostly for its hilltop location and good view. That's a rare virtue for a restaurant operating in Monterey Park, a crowded, noisy city with large Asian-immigrant population. But surprisingly, it hasn't attracted many customers, except those playing golf nearby or working at the next-door Sheriff Department. Guess its business would be much better off if it operates in Pasadena!


03/13/2015 (Fri.)

[Forrest Gump] Run Forrest Run! Stop Forrest Stop! For those of us who love seafood and the classic movie "Forrest Gump", Bubba Gump Shrimp in Anaheim is certainly a fun place to eat and enjoy. Lovely upbeat setting, amicable service and tasty seafood! Sometimes the waitresses even asked trivia questions about the movie and injected more dynamism into the dining experience!


03/12/2015 (Thu.)

[Storybook] Reading my 9-year-old daughter's storybooks is a lot of fun! She made up the stories and gave me as gifts! Reminds me of my childhood when my younger sister and I made up various kong fu, sci-fi stories about each other. Just like yesterday! How time flies!


03/11/2015 (Wed.)

[Business Community] Global Times USA Inc. is so honored to join the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce today and be a part of the local business community. Invited by Stan Yonemoto, its manager and former president, I had an office tour of the 102-year-old Chamber. Interesting to know that the Chamber also publishes Around Alhambra, a popular monthly community newspaper. The newspaper is everywhere around the city, pretty impressive!


03/10/2015 (Sun.)

[Birthday Gifts] Feeling richly blessed by a variety of birthday gifts sent by my family and old friends. Among them are two handmade storybooks from my 9-year-old daughter, a precious necklace from my hubby, and lovely poems from more old friends: ""…一声问候 / 几句笑话 / 日子化成潺潺的溪水 / 清新欢快地流过 / …妳的生命中我来过 / 正如我的生命中妳来过 / 我们如此 交错 / 日子 因此 斑驳。” I wish that 20 or 30 years from now, when I become an old wrinkled grandma, I still possess a tender heart capable of appreciating the diverse beauty of life.


03/08/2015 (Sun.)

[Reconnection] Hosted several reunion parties recently with old friends to celebrate the lunar new year. The reconnection is provoking a mixture of joy, nostalgia and thoughts into the season. Thank you all for bringing me so lovely poems, wine and flowers: “…玉轮盈亏无穷尽,草木枯荣有时节。/ 唯独人生不轮回,悠悠千古愁欲绝。/ 诗能忘形酒醉人,诗酒无用可奔月。/ 对月一饮三百杯,我当高歌五百阕。”


03/07/2015 (Sat.)

[Duality] There're two sides to everything, even beautiful ones. While Spring brings the blooming of the fruit trees on my backyard slope, weeds also grow wild in the season. Toiling the soil by pulling weeds and trimming plants this weekend. Feeling exhausted but rewarded!


03/06/2015 (Fri.)

[Birdman] Oscar-winning "Birdman" is a good, unconventional art film, but not yet good enough for Oscar glory. It tells the story of a once-superstar old actor trying to make a comeback on Broadway. It is loudly applauded by industry insiders or critics, but just a bit over the head of ordinary movie-goers like me. Michael Keaton, the leading actor who also played "Batsman" in 1980s, and the director Alejandro Inarritu as well, just strain too hard, to be honest.


03/05/2015 (Thu.)

[Seize the Day] Reflecting upon my old photos taken in the 1990s. When we were young, we thought we could stop time and hold onto as many good things in life as possible. Now, we start to realize that many good things are there one minute, gone the next. All we can do is to seize the day and be the best we can.


03/04/2015 (Wed.)

[Month of the Year] March is my month of the year. It's the month of Spring, and the month marking important dates: my daughter's birthday, my birthday, our 17-year marriage anniversary, and 21-year anniversary for us finding each other. Above all, it's the month for me to appreciate: Thank my family for the precious love and companionship that warm my heart. Thank my friends for the great fun and support I enjoy. Thank life for all the blessings I have. I deeply, deeply cherish and appreciate it. Thank you!!!


02/28/2015 (Sat.)

[Alumni Reunion] "When we share a common ancestor, we're related to each other. We share DNA." Alumni ties are just like that: We feel close as we share the common memory of the university which shaped our life. Deep gratitude to Huazhong University of Science and Technology (华中科技大学), where I spent five years of undergraduate studies before coming to the states in 2000. I am I because I had you!


02/22/2015 (Sun.)

[Oscar] "For some to win, some have to lose. But true art can never be labelled." I like what Birdman's director Inarritu said on stage just now when he won the Oscar Award for Best Directing. Yes, so long as we make genuine efforts at our family, our work and our life, it doesn't really matter what result would come out.


02/21/2015 (Sat.)

[Raffle Event] Global Times (US Edition) proudly presented a lucky raffle at the Alhambra Lunar New Year Celebration today. Thank our readers for valuable participation! Thank Alhambra City Councilman Stephen Sham and San Gabriel Valley Water District Division III Director Thomas Wong for jointly announcing the raffle winners! Happy Lunar New Year! 环球时报美国版今天参加阿罕布拉市四海迎春农历新年活动,并举办幸运抽奖活动回馈社区。感谢读者们的宝贵参与!感谢阿市议员沈时康(Stephen Sham)与圣盖博谷水区第三分区主任黄泰平(Thomas Wong)担任现场抽奖嘉宾!恭祝大家新春快乐!


02/19/2015 (Thu.)

[Spring Festival Scrolls] Spring Festival Scrolls: (Left scroll) Study Hard, Work Hard, Make Money More And More; (Right scroll) Eat Well, Sleep Well, Have Fun Day By Day; (Top scroll) Good Luck! 贺喜春联:(上联) 学用兼致多多钱 (下联)衣食无忧天天乐 (横批) 纳福启运!


02/18/2015 (Wed.)

[Lunar New Year Gala] Got up 4 am and watching the CCTV Lunar New Year Gala live on iPad via YouTube. Wish everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year!


02/16/2015 (Mon.)

[Noodle Lover] I'm never a noodle lover. But when you're in a land fully packed with American fast-food restaurants, when you're too busy to cook at home, you're left with few Asian food options but noodles. -- That's how I end up being a frequent visitor in various noodle houses of LA...


02/13/2015 (Fri.)

[Holiday Edition] Global Times (US Edition) issues the Spring Festival Special in both Chinese and English during the lunar new year holiday. Wishing our readers a happy Year of Sheep!


02/12/2015 (Thu.)

[Life Journey] Life is a journey. Friends' blessings empower us and carry us farther on the journey, wherever we are. -- Saying and singing "Goodbye" to Jimmy, our journalist colleague and friend, at the farewell party last night. But it isn't really goodbye, as we'll always stay in touch!


02/08/2015 (Sun.)

[Grammy] Happiness is the truth! Emily took the Kids' Singing Certificate Test the same day as her favorite "Happy", the theme song of "Despicable Me 2" (神偷奶爸), topped the Grammy list. Yeah, we all love music for the simple reason that music makes us happy, right?


02/07/2015 (Sat.)

[Pulling Weeds] Pulling weeds can be a great workout idea. Started my Saturday with a sweaty morning of removing the annoying weeds on the backyard slope. Feeling triumphantly elated at the half-full green trash can...


02/01/2015 (Sun.)

[Super Bowl] The Super Bowl halftime show starring Katy Perry was passionate and fantastic! Katy entered the super-stage, dressed as fire and riding a robotic lion! To be honest, I don't really care about whether Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots would win the championship. But its halftime show is always one of the best music shows of the year!


01/31/2015 (Sat.)

[Pasadena] Is SoCal a "cultural desert"? The answer is "No!" when we look at Pasadena. Enjoyed dining with friends at Il Fornaio and the culturally vibrant downtown experience in Pasadena today. I used to live here 2002-04 and always feel an emotional bond with the city. Its 88-yr-old Mediterranean-style City Hall has been a great shooting place for movies like "Walk in the Clouds" and Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator". It also has an abundance of restaurants, museums and theaters. I love Pasadena!


01/29/2015 (Thu.)

[Chinese Buffets] Chinese from China would be amazed at tons of "Chinese" buffets in LA, far outpacing the number of buffets in Beijing! Most of the buffets follow the style of Las Vegas casino ones, instead of typical Chinese cuisine. Had lunch today at another all-you-can-eat place: Kirin Buffet in Arcadia. Definitely tasty food, great place for parties... But can it win a firm position in the crowded buffet market? I doubt it...


01/25/2015 (Sun.)

[Lifelong Tutor] Congratulations to my dear professor and lifelong tutor Joe Atkins for his new book Casey's Last Chance, a noir crime novel published by Sartoris Literacy Group! A renowned veteran journalist and columnist, Prof. Atkins used to be congressional correspondent with Gannett News Service’s D.C. bureau. Proud of the valuable experience of working as his teaching assistant during my 2001-02 journalism school years at the University of Mississippi. We've been in close contact with each other ever since. Looking forward to reading his fabulous novel!


01/23/2015 (Fri.)

[Tears and Joys] A rare chance of leisure at the Bistro Cafe of Newport Beach with my longtime friend Wendy this evening. We've been hanging out with each other ever since I came to the states 15 years ago. Life is fleeting, but I feel so lucky to have a wonderful family and a few terrific friends with whom I can always share tears and joys...


01/22/2015 (Thu.)

[Big Breakfast] Pumping up my Thursday by a big breakfast of fruits, veggies and red bean soup. Yummy!


01/19/2015 (Mon.)

[Salvation Army] Donated some of my old furniture to the Salvation Army on the Martin Luther King Day. The two old bedroom sets have been standing idle in my patio for quite a while. So glad giving them to those in need.


01/18/2015 (Sun.)

[Switched Menu] Asian food keeps us fit. Galling to see the scale creeping up on me, as I've been eating too many cheeseburgers these days. Decide to switch my menu by dining in a nearby Chinese restaurant, which serves true Hunan-flavor Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil (水煮牛肉)!


01/11/2015 (Sun.)

[Golden Globe] Emily will be excited to hear this: "How to Train Your Dragon 2", her favorite cartoon movie for 2014, has just won the Golden Globe award for Best Animated Feature Film!


01/11/2015 (Sun.)

[Choices in Life] "Sometimes we make choices in life, and sometimes choices make us." That explains exactly why I like "If I Stay", a movie based on Gayle Forman's best-seller. Mia's out-of-body experience when she's deep in coma after a tragic car accident is inspirational both to herself and to the audience: Life can be unpredictable, but still, we're what we choose and what we do in times of unexpected turbulence. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzQ4MzM4MDQw.html


01/10/2015 (Sat.)

[Asian Buffet] An Asian-style buffet brightens the overcast and drizzling Saturday...


(Copyright by Nancy Yan XU, 徐燕 版权所有)


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2014年1月至12月,我一共发了 32 条微博,重温一下吧,也是一种乐趣:


12/30/2014 (Tue.)

[Hello 2015] 2014 last issue of Global Times (US edition) ready for print. Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!


12/24/2014 (Wed.)

[Christmas] Merry Christmas!


12/14/2014 (Sun.)

[Toyota] Received an unexpected check from Toyota, and was notified that I got the $29.23 settlement as I was eligible in a class lawsuit but hadn't filed a claim. The suit was about Toyota's accelerator problem, which caused a car to speed up uncontrollably and kill four in a 2009 crash.


12/13/2014 (Sat.)

[Christmas Tree] Attended the Christmas party hosted by the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce this evening. Reminds me the photo moments before the Christmas tree in the past three years... How time flies... Merry Christmas to you all!


12/12/2014 (Fri.)

[Berries] Eating can boost our mood. That's why I'm treating myself to a dinner of berries - raspberries, blueberries and blackberries - after another busy day and night. Love berries' mild sweetness and the nice pop when I chew...


12/08/2014 (Mon.)

[Beauty] Being beautiful is easy. Flowers present thousands of dazzling beauties in spring. But easy come, easy go. They fade in thousands of ways in winter. So how about preparing early to keep an invincible spring in a flower's heart? Can it endure a splash of color to a winter garden?


12/03/2014 (Wed.)

[Rainy Days] Are rainy days good days in LA? Maybe... Reminding me of my hometown's wet, wet winters and making me a bit blue, though.


12/02/2014 (Tue.)

[Genes] People always say: "Like mother like daughter." But there seems to be no such thing in my family. Emily was selected into the table tennis and the handball teams of her school, leaving me wondering how sharply a daughter can differ from her mother. When I was at school, sports was my biggest headache; now, writing is Emily's weakness and sports becomes her strength! Where have my writing genes gone? And where do her sports genes come from?


11/30/2014 (Sun.)

[Auto Show] What makes an impressive auto show is neither sexy car models, nor eye-candy cars unaffordable to ordinary families. Decent and reliable dream cars with reasonable price catch our eye and win our driveways. In that sense, LA Auto Show is great!


11/29/2014 (Sat.)

[Black Friday] Window shopping during Black Friday can also be fun! Tried hard to refrain from impulse buying at a time when most were crazily hunting for bargains. Made a check-the-boxes trip and bought exactly what my family needed in the exciting world of discounts at South Coast Plaza, Target and Ontario Mills.


11/23/2014 (Sun.)

[Reunion] Old classmate reunion made a lovely Saturday afternoon in Irvine. One of them I haven't seen for 17 years! As time goes by, we all grow old, more or less. But good memories never fade away, good things never become outdated, right?


11/22/2014 (Sat.)

[Harvest] Winter harvest, cold but fresh.


11/09/2014 (Sun.)

[Distribution] Global Times (US edition), both Chinese and English versions, expands its distribution to Las Vegas and San Diego starting Nov. 7. Both areas have close ties with China, and have fast-growing Chinese population. 从11月7日起,环球时报美国版的中英文版发行区域增加拉斯维加斯和圣地亚哥两地。两地与中国交流联系密切, 且华裔人口迅猛增长。


11/01/2014 (Sat.)

[Rainbow Rain] So sweet to have a rainbow rain Saturday morning! It's too dry here.


10/31/2014 (Fri.)

[Halloween] Happy Halloween! Thank my friends Noriko and Michelle for bringing me the Halloween hair bow and persuading me to wear it! Giving out a lot of candies and snacks to groups of trick-or-treaters tonight.


10/30/2014 (Thu.)

[Clouds] On the road. A rosy cloud over the dusk sky. Throughout our life, MANY clouds we've seen, MANY trips we've taken. But the world has only ONE person with whom we call each other "my significant other". 喜欢沈从文的话: 一辈子看过许多次的云,走过许多地方的路,却只和一个人相爱相守。


10/28/2014 (Tue.)

[SPA] Getting up early and walking in the morning dews is a luxury. Nothing in mind except a deep gratitude to life.


10/27/2014 (Mon.)

[SPA] Women are high maintenance. Go spa-ing when we feel stressed. The one I have with Massage Envy is so relaxing that I often fall asleep during the 1-hr session. The price is reasonable with its good service. Well, it's not right to feel guilty when investing in ourselves, is it?


10/26/2014 (Sun.)

[Alumni Reunion] Global Times (US edition) is so honored to co-sponsor the annual Song Zu Mei picnic event in Irvine today, attended by about 1,000 alumni from top 20 Chinese universities. Thank Vice Consul-General Wang Lei and many readers for visiting our booth and expressing interest and support!环球时报美国版很荣幸为今天在尔湾举行的松竹梅野餐会提供广告赞助,毕业自中国20所大学的约1,000位校友参加此次野餐会。感谢中国驻洛杉矶副总领事王雷和不少读者前来展台表达对GT的欣赏和支持!


10/19/2014 (Sun.)

[Dumpling] Dumpling joy Sunday morning! Breakfast menu: Fried veggie dumplings, red bean soup and grapefruit juice. Thank Wendy and her mom for the wonderful homemade dumplings filled with hometown memories!


10/18/2014 (Sat.)

[Gardening] "At the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." Gardening takes up much of my time during weekends. Nothing easy, but gives me a lot of fun as well. Feeling like a real farmer so close to nature!


10/15/2014 (Wed.)

[Law of Nature] In the world of complexity, timing is the key. Spring is the right timing for blooming, and fall right for bearing fruit. Those flowers blooming in the fall would bear bitter fruit as their timing is wrong. This is the Law of Nature for us to follow.


10/10/2014 (Fri.)

[City of Angeles] I love Los Angeles for the same reason some people hate it: yearlong sunshine. LA does have seasonal change, though, breathable and touchable only to those with a tender heart.


10/09/2014 (Thu.)

[Destiny] Character is destiny. It's your character alone that makes your life happy or unhappy. True!


10/07/2014 (Tue.)

[Zumba] There're no ugly women, only lazy ones. Had felt guilty of making various excuses to skip workouts. Eventually went to the gym and Zumba-ed with Asian grandmas for an hour. Feeling my life recharged!


10/06/2014 (Mon.)

[Gardening] My homemade sandwich with homegrown veggies, Chinese spices, American butter and bread. Yummy!


09/30/2014 (Tue.)

[The Voice] Very rare to see Asian faces in NBC's "The Voice" show. But tonight, the 15-year-old Filipino-American girl sang with an incredibly powerful voice! Three of the four coaches turned their chair! As Blake Shelton said, the girl is born a star.


09/30/2014 (Tue.)

[Ramen] What a pleasant surprise to find an Ajisen Ramen (味千拉面) restaurant in LA! Love its noodles in well-seasoned pork bone soup...


07/21/2014 (Mon.)

[Candle] It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. We'll be blessed when we think and act positively. Thank those who are always there and imbue me with positive energy.


03/27/2014 (Thu.)

[Beauty] Beauty is a blessing. When the 59-year-old movie star Liu Xiaoqing showed up in Los Angeles today with her 19-year-old face, we all realized there's nothing wrong for women to keep themselves beautiful and curvy at any age. 美貌是一种福气。当拥有19岁少女面容的59岁影星刘晓庆今天在洛杉矶露面时,我们都意识到,女人努力保持美丽脸蛋和身材,在任何年龄,都不是错。


03/17/2014 (Mon.)

[Fundraising Banquet] Invited by my wonderful friend from Aeros, one of America's leading aircraft manufacturers, I was attending the fundraising banquet LA this evening for Congressman Mike Honda (6th from left) organized by Congresswoman Judy Chu (5th from left). Congressman Mark Takano (7th from left) was also present. 应飞机制造商Aeros公司的友人之邀,出席联邦国会众议员赵美心(左五)为国会众议员本田(左六)举行的筹款宴,国会众议员高野(左七)亦出席晚宴。


03/02/2014 (Sun.)

[Flying High] Starting 2/25/2014, Global Times (US edition), both Chinese and English, is distributed in all Air China flights departing Los Angeles and Air China's VIP lounge at LAX. Sincere thanks go to Air China for the valuable support! 从2月25日起,环球时报美国版(中英文)在中国国航从洛杉矶的所有离港航班和洛杉矶国际机场的国航贵宾室中发行。感谢国航的宝贵支持!


01/04/2014 (Sat.)

[New Year Greetings] Ambassador Liu Jian, China's consul-general in Los Angeles, conveyed his best regards to the readers of Global Times (US edition) for the year of 2014. 马年即将来临之际,中国驻洛杉矶总领事刘健大使向环球时报美国版(中英文)读者表达新年祝福。




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2013年1月,我一共发了 13 + 5 条“中美快语”,重温一下吧,也是一种乐趣:



[中美快语 · WeChat Radio] "They call it WeChat./ We call it Radio. / Whatever you call it, / All love it for free! / Radio F921. Stay tuned." This is a slogan-like poem my old college classmates created for our WeChat group today. WeChat's walkie-talkie function easily wins our hearts as everyone of us can sporadically burst comments or feelings to each other via the app throughout the day. Over 15 years after graduation, we've never been so close together!



[中美快语 · WeChat] It might be a coincidence that I received an invitation from old classmates to join WeChat on the same day my MSN Live Messenger stopped functioning. As soon as I use it, I instantly understood why the voice messaging software has gained so much momentum with 300 million users worldwide. It's such a whole new experience: intuitive, personal and powerful. I guess WeChat would, more or less, erode Sina Weibo's popularity. But can we have a voice-messaging Weibo? That would be even more interesting.




[中美快语 · new year regards] Attended the New Year Media Reception hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles. Consul General Qiu Shaofang, dressed in traditional Tang suit, conveyed his new year regards to people of all walks of life in Southern California: "Happy New Year! Wishing you every happiness, success and properity in the year of 2013!"



[中美快语 · sleep-to-play] The 120,000-word love diary of Chang Yan, a postdoctorate researcher and an allegedly vindictive mistress of Yi Junqing, was chronicled in an very open and lurid way. That explains why it soon went viral online and toppled Yi, then director of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau (CCTB). But we ordinary people shouldn't have been fueled by so much indignation at the case. How many Chinese officials can stand out and speak up that they've never ever involved in any sleep-to-play or pay-to-play scheme? It's time to shut power into the cage!



[笑笑摘 · 又见春运] 胥渡吧春运史诗级巨献视频《又见春运》,震撼来袭!http://t.cn/zj3V3dp (摘自@优酷网



[笑笑摘 · Mrs Mac牛肉饼] 超性感搞笑广告,Mrs Mac牛肉饼,绝对雷死了! http://t.cn/zj5d4U2 (摘自@搞笑视频



[笑笑摘 · 中国人的幽默] 美国记者年会,用幽默征服全场的中国人。牛!http://t.cn/zjdNBYX (摘自@牛B视频收录



[笑笑摘 · 奥巴马东北话] 奥巴马讲话东北配音版。连口型都对这么准!!@牛B视频收录 http://t.cn/zjeTUqO(摘自@微博冷笑话



[笑笑摘 · 好名] 一大早,同事Y君来到办公室,感叹起个好名字太重要了。因为,他发现国家林业局的局长叫赵树丛,副局长叫孙扎根。(摘自@慕云五



[中美快语 · Golden Globe] Watching Golden Globe Award show on NBC now. Here are the winners I'm most excited about: "Les Miserables", "Life of Pi", Anna Hathaway, Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman, and Adele! Golden Globe judges have fabulous taste!




[中美快语 · best job] A caretaker of Australia's Great Barrier Reef was once touted as the best job in the world. But I believe the sailers on the Colorado River of the West Grand Canyon also have a job many people would envy. They live with a big river that has been carving a great canyon. They enjoy the freedom blessed by wonders of nature.




[中美快语 · close to nature] Just imagine, a pure, pristine and deep blue lake with a volcanic past lying on top of a snow mountain. Oregon's Crater Lake is an unforgettable place of stunning beauty. "To see a world in a grain of sand. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand." Life is short as time goes. There's nothing we can do about it except stay close to nature and treasure its miracles.



[中美快语 · kids at heart] I get up at 2am every day to talk with my 6-year-old daughter via webcam. I find happiness and peace of mind in the adult-child conversations. The adults world is exciting yet complicated. Let ourselves be always kids at heart.




[中美快语 · Les Miserables] "Les Miserables" was an intensely emotional piece. I wept, like many others in the theatre, when Fantine sang in despair the heart-shattering line "Life has killed the dream I dreamed". It's a great operatic experience, full of sweeping sentimentality. Director Tom Hooper and heroine Anna Hathaway definitely deserve the Oscar glory.



[中美快语 · labor camps] A mother was sent to a labor camp for protesting the lenient sentences against the men who raped and prostituted her 11-year-old daughter. Tang Hui's 2012 case can well explain why the government's latest announcement to halt the reeducation-through-labor system has won wide applause. But halt is far from enough. It's time to abolish it. The practice of sending people to forced labor camps without open trial violates the rule of law and is unconstitutional.



[中美快语 · party animals] Partying is the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit, which starts from Thanksgiving and won't wane until the end of Spring Festival. American-style family party is often more relaxed, with food laid out like a buffet and guests walking around for casual conversation. Chinese-style is mostly elaborate, with guests sitting around the table and food formally served. Wandering in the bush of family parties of different styles, I feel like a party animal!




[中美快语 · lemon tree] Enjoyed the simple pleasure of picking lemons from the tree in my mini-yard. Unsure of when to harvest, I decided the timing by picking one and tasting it. It's so fresh and juicy! Will drink lemonade every day in the next couple of weeks after picking dozens of them.




[中美快语 · 2013] As 2013 rang in with sunshine and rose parade, I'd like to embrace the new year with a reflection on the old one. 2012 has been a year of growth and adventure for me. It's a year I waded into a new field of my journalism career. It's also a year I continued to watch my daughter grow, which has reshaped my view of the world. Happy new year to one and all!



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自拍短片:河上的大峡谷(The High and The Deep)




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徐燕的英文报道/评论/观察之025 -- 梵蒂冈:




Impasse remains for Vatican ties


By Xu Yan in Vatican City


Despite some talks, an impasse remains between China and the Vatican as evidenced by a recent revival of the dispute over the ordaining of bishops. Both sides confirmed recently constant communication was ongoing in the absence of an official diplomatic relationship.

While cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan would not be difficult for the Vatican, fundamental breakthroughs will not be made until the deadlock over appointing bishops is resolved, observers have said.

Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican Press Office, told the Global Times in a recent exclusive interview in his office that "China and the Holy See have certainly grown in the knowledge of each other," which he attributed to "the consequence of concrete steps forward made thanks to a collaboration" among other factors like "globalization, the Internet and multiplication of contacts."

"Not having diplomatic relations does not mean that there is no relationship," Lombardi said, recalling a hit performance in the Vatican by the China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Opera House Chorus in May 2008, attended by Pope Benedict XVI and China's then-ambassador to Italy Sun Yuxi. The 69-year-old Vatican spokesperson, who also serves as general director for the Vatican Radio and the Vatican TV Center, worked closely with Hong Kong-based Chinese journalists to broadcast the performance.

A positive tone was also evident in the remarks made by the Chinese side.

"China is willing to have a candid dialogue with the Vatican based on 'the two principles' to find a solution that can effectively resolve the issues," said Wang Zuo'an, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, during his September visit to the US.

The two principles are the Vatican severing diplomatic ties with Taiwan and not interfering with China's internal affairs.

"There has been constant communication between the two sides, which has been interrupted by friction from time to time," Wang said in an interview with Phoenix TV this month.

Their remarks were made amid rising tensions over a new spat concerning bishop appointments.

The Vatican excommunicated two bishops, Huang Bingzhang and Lei Shiyin, who were ordained by the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association over the summer, criticizing the ordinations for proceeding without papal consent. China rebuked the excommunications as being "unreasonable and rude," the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Three months before this, however, China and the Vatican had agreed to the appointment of another bishop, Liang Jianshen, a move widely deemed as boding well for future relations.

"Although there is not yet a thaw ... the climate is much warmer than it was during the tensions of last year," wrote Francesco Sisci, an Italian columnist, in the Asia Times in April.

These ups and downs reflect the rocky road the relationship has taken over the years. China broke off diplomatic ties with the Vatican in 1951, and reiterated its two principles of Chinese sovereignty and government authority.

Gap hard to bridge

"Taiwan does not seem to be the major problem," Attilio Massimo Iannucci, the Italian ambassador to China, told the Global Times, adding that the Sino-Vatican relationship is "a matter of negotiation or contacts between two independent States, China and the Vatican" and "Italy is not part of this negotiation."

Iannucci's comment echoes what one of his predecessors said. Paolo Bruni, then Italian ambassador to China, told Wen Wei Po in 2000 that "the Taiwan question is not the most crucial in pushing Sino-Vatican ties forward."

Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, the Vatican's then-foreign minister, told I-Cable TV in 2006 that the Vatican was "ready to move its embassy back to Beijing from Taipei" as soon as Beijing agreed, and "time is ripe" to overcome the differences and open a dialogue that would lead to full diplomatic ties.


The power to ordain bishops remains a sticking point, observers say. Some Chinese experts think the Vatican has been playing the Taiwan card to gain leverage over the appointment issue in talks. The Vatican is Taiwan's only diplomatic partner in Europe now.

At the heart of the issue is the Vatican's dual identity as both a spiritual authority and a sovereign country. "Diplomatic relations would not be established with Vatican City, a small State, but with the Holy See, the central organ of the Catholic church," said Lombardi.

While the Vatican requires all Catholic churches to follow its teaching and claims the right to appoint bishops on its own authority, China maintains its stance of sovereignty and self-governance on Catholicism.

"It would be unrealistic to ask us to alter, before an agreement is reached, the ordination process, which has been practiced for more than five decades. Catholicism in China would be hard to imagine without the 170-plus self-selected, self-ordained bishops. We will change accordingly only after both sides reach an entente," said Wang Zuo'an recently. China said the Vatican's disapproval and excommunication of bishops selected by Chinese parishes made Chinese Catholics begin ordaining their own bishops from 1958.

Frequent communication, among other efforts, to address the rift has reaped some benefits. The selection and appointment of some bishops, including Beijing bishop Li Shan, has been handled discreetly and with the recognition of both sides, observers have said.

Door kept open

Speculation over a reconciliation between China and the Vatican has been rife for many years, and both parties have expressed interest in moving forward. Lajolo said in 2005 there were "no insurmountable problems" in establishing diplomatic ties between the Vatican and China.

In April 2006, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said China was "looking forward to a diplomatic relationship with the Vatican."

This was followed by another statement upon the death of Pope John Paul II, which noted his 2001 apology to China for "errors" made by church missionaries in the past and appreciated his contribution to improving Sino-Vatican ties.

"When asked by American friends about a timetable to normalize our ties with the Vatican, I told them that talks took 103 years before a diplomatic relationship between the US and the Vatican was established (in 1984), and that normalizing Sino-Vatican ties would not take that long," Wang said recently.

Lombardi, who has been Vatican spokesperson since July 2006, told the Global Times that "a happy Catholic will also be a productive citizen. The indispensable breakthrough to normalize relations is trust and respect on the part of both parties. No dialogue can grow without trust, and trust, in turn, is born of respect, that is, the ability to ensure due consideration for the fundamental principles and the identity of each party."

Lombardi said he was fascinated by the Chinese history and culture.

"If dialogue took place at the time of Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) to the satisfaction and enrichment of both parties, I am convinced that it could also take place today, although in a different historical context," he said.


(原文最初发表于2011年11月Global Times)


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徐燕的英文报道/评论/观察之024 -- 意大利欧贷危机:




Hope, worry joust in Italy


By Xu Yan in Rome


The rapid ascension of new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and his technocratic cabinet, although bringing a flicker of hope for beating the debt crisis, has not ended the political uncertainty hanging over the nation.


In contrast with Spanish voters who ousted the ruling government in a swerve to the right in Sunday's presidential election, many Italians expressed their enthusiasm for politicians styling themselves as reformers in a winter of political uncertainty and economic fear. 

Dr Alessandro Listuzzi, a Rome-based business consultant, told the Global Times that he had been excited at the departure of Silvio Berlusconi and was cautiously optimistic about Monti's capacity to tackle the economic crisis. "Berlusconi is merely a master salesman. As a billionaire media mogul, he promotes himself as much as he can," he said.

"We are in a terrible situation," Emma Lupano, a Milan-based journalist, told the Global Times. "We've got to be tough as we have no other choice than to cut government jobs and raise taxes. Monti is not at all like a politician, and I'm sure the painful but necessary reform measures he will take will make some people unhappy."

Tough road ahead


Even with support from more than half the country and from both sides of the aisle, the nonpartisan Monti cabinet has a rocky road ahead.

Berlusconi has warned that Monti's government might not survive until scheduled elections in 2013 if it promoted reforms opposed by his center-right PDL party, the Corriere della Sera reported on Sunday. It added that Monti has promised he would not stand as a candidate when elections are held. Berlusconi has long been known to oppose a new wealth tax.

For the next PM election, both Listuzzi and Lupano mentioned that Nichi Vendola, the 53-year-old governor of the southern region of Apulia, could be a strong contender.

Vendola, a devout Catholic and openly gay, is a center-left politician who joined the Communist Youth Federation at the age of 14. He remains one of the most popular leaders on the left today and has often been described as "Italy's Obama."

Vendola said to the Global Times, "On the Italian political stage, the 'big powers' of European and American finance will play their game and try to avoid a real change. They'll try to get out from the crisis of 'Berlusconism' by the right door."

"These 'big powers' do not look with much sympathy on the possibility that I could stand as PM in the next elections. However, the demand for a turn to the left in our country is very strong, especially among young people," he said.

Vendola stressed social fairness in his roadmap for reform. In the last G20 summit, "nobody focused on the main problem we must face, that is to tackle the financial crisis with economic politics marked out by social fairness. If the whole of Europe, in order to cut down sovereign debt, slashes the European welfare system and even threatens the European idea of civilization, then only the Euro currency and many piles of rubble will remain of our continent," he added.

Vendola shares Berlusconi's charisma, observers have commented. "His speeches are convincingly impressive. But to win the election, his performance in government needs to be convincingly impressive too. The same principle applies to other candidates," Listuzzi said.

Topsy-turvy history

Italy's political landscape has long been shaped by intense partisan wranglings. There were more than 50 changes of government between 1945 and 1990. Dramatic changes swept in during the scandal-ridden 1990s, which saw Berlusconi found his own party and the Italian Communist Party (PCI) split into three.

Growing divides between north and south as well as between central and local authorities further blurred the classic political rift between right and left.

When Berlusconi, the longest-serving postwar prime minister, stepped down to mixed public opinion on November 12, Italians set in motion a lighting transition to rescue the nation from the brink of a sovereign debt crisis.

The political divide remained, but economic woes and a call for reforms seemed to unite the country as its dominant concerns,  observers said.

Antonio Liuzzi, a Rome-based lawyer, told the Global Times that soaring prices coupled with stagnant income levels had truly hurt wage earners.

"We are tired. My life is okay. But for other people, their life has not got better. Italian people should go out on the street and have a revolution," said Francesco Valgvarnera, a resident of Palermo in Sicily, who hopes the new prime minister "will make some changes."

"The crisis is economic but also political and linked to Silvio Berlusconi. ... Responsibly, the  emergency government must be put in place at once to reach agreement with the opposition on how to avert bankruptcy and the international shame of an Italy going cap-in-hand," wrote Ferruccio de Bortoli, editor of Corriere della Sera.

A senior journalist with the ANSA news agency, who requested anonymity, told the Global Times, "It's too early to say who will win the next election for prime minister. But certainly, Italy needs a reform."

"We have no other choices except reform measures. But it is still hard to say," said a senior journalist with the AGI news agency, who also requested anonymity. "It is still possible Berlusconi could make a comeback."


(原文最初发表于2011年11月Global Times)


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自拍短片:河上的大峡谷(The High and The Deep)




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2012年12月,我一共发了 15 条“中美快语”,重温一下吧,也是一种乐趣:



[中美快语 · wider than sky] "The Brain—is wider than the Sky— / For—put them side by side— / The one the other will contain / With ease—and You—beside—" Emily Dickinson's poem compares the vast ability of the brain with the width of the sky. It enchants me with an exordinary combination of breadth and delicacy. 


The Brain—is wider than the Sky


The Brain—is wider than the Sky—
For—put them side by side—
The one the other will contain
With ease—and You—beside—


The Brain is deeper than the sea—
For—hold them—Blue to Blue—
The one the other will absorb—
As Sponges—Buckets—do—


The Brain is just the weight of God—
For—Heft them—Pound for Pound—
And they will differ—if they do—
As Syllable from Sound—









[中美快语 · Lincoln] For those Chinese who want to get an inside look at US history and politics, Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" is a must-see movie. Daniel Day-Lewis fully embodies the heroic US president with both gravitas and charm, and leaves us deeply inspired by Lincoln's constitutional fight against slavery during the final months of his presidency before assassination. But, if the movie had done more to demythologize Lincoln, its appeal would be even longer-lasting.



[中美快语 · tree] "If I have a next life, I would be a tree." Taiwanese poet Sanmao's line indicates women's strong inborn connection with nature: When we are young, glamorous flowers are the most desirable metaphor of ourselves; as we mature, we realize the vulnerability of physical beauty and look up to the proud silence of trees. 


If I have a next life, I would be a tree.
With an eternal stand, sans posture of sorrow or joy.
Half serene in dust, and half flying in wind.
Half bathing in sunshine, and half sprinkling shade.
In proud silence, I will never seek or depend.


非常沉默 非常骄傲,
从不依靠 从不寻找。



[中美快语 · doomsday] The Connecticut school gunman's mother was reportedly a Doomsday Prepper, while the attacker who stabbed 22 kids at an elementary school in China on the same day was also allegedly influenced by doomsday phobia. Both cases magnify people's fear of an impending apocalypse. Sigh! If we are all destined to perish within four days, isn't it time to cherish every moment and love our beloved?




[中美快语 · Life of Pi] Watched "Life of Pi" at LA's AMC theatre Thursday. Some moviegoers have gone too far with the symbolism of the algae island and the animals in the lifeboat. Their dreadful debate about whether the island was the body of Pi's mother or girlfriend and whether Pi survived by eating her body makes me shudder. Yes, the movie has some parts that are elusive, but not everything in this world needs a clear-cut answer.





[中美快语 · campus shooting] 20 kids were killed in a mass shooting at a Conneticut elementary school. It reminds me of a spate of campus tragedies in China in 2010, in which people with personal grudges or mental illness stabbed dozens of kids with knives at kindergartens and elementary schools. So, for the next disturbed person inclined to seek revenge on society, even a knife can be his weapon of mass-murder. Now that gun control seems too complicated for US policymakers to reach a deal shortly, campus security demands to be beefed up immediately.



[中美快语 · Ole Miss] Watched "Ghosts of Ole Miss" on ABC Saturday, left with mixed feelings. It's a documentary about the University of Mississippi, nicknamed Ole Miss, from which I graduated in 2002. I love Ole Miss deeply for its terrific professors, gorgeous campus and nice people. Excited to see my alma mater and our Rebel football team in the limelight. Upset that it again chronicled the disturbing history of the 1962 race riot. It's a good film, but I wish it could have talked more about Ole Miss's present and have a better title without using the word "ghosts".




[中美快语 · middle age] Just read the article "Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age". I've got something to add to the list: The mistake of dreaming big. To age gracefully, let's learn how to be grounded, and cherish what we have.




[中美快语 · Narah Jones] Not very impressed with Narah Jones' latest album "Little Broken Hearts". I love her 2004 song "My Dear Country". She imbued the politically charged ditty with a slow-burning, torchy, soulful texture. That peculiar but persuasive mixture makes the song stand out.




[中美快语 · relativity]
When you watch the scenery from the bridge,
The sightseer watches you from the balcony.
The bright moon adorns your window,
While you adorn another's dream.







Bian Zhilin's translated "Fragment" is a well-wrought, beautiful poem presenting relativity inherent in the nature of things.




[中美快语 · 1942] Watched Feng Xiaogang's "Back to 1942" in LA's AMC theatre today. Feng definitely knows how to underline the dire plight of famine-and-war-battered Chinese with a documentary feel. More impressive is the depiction of their capacity to endure unrelenting agony of life. Heart wrenched, but thumbs up for the epic!




[中美快语 · Nobel Prize] Mo Yan left for Sweden to get his Nobel distinction. Looking forward to his award acceptance speech. It's time for Chinese to break free from decades-long Nobel Prize anxiety, and for English-speaking readers to have a big discovery of the Chinese literature world. Great literature touches hearts and transcends boundaries of nations.




[中美快语 · accounting] Chinese affiliates of top accounting firms were accused by SEC of securities violations. They find themselves in a touchy dilemma of either impeding SEC's probe into US-listed companies based in China, or violating China's state secrecy law by turning over clients' audit files. Professional guidelines for a joint inspection by PCAOB and its Chinese counterparts are urged to effectively curb cross-border accounting fraud:




[中美快语 · black jails 2] A Beijing district court denied a wide-circulated report about its sentencing of 10 people for illegally detaining petitioners later yesterday. It remains to be seen whether the news is fake. But the dramatic change related to the news has triggered ups and downs in the social mood. Public opinions speak for themselves, a voice policymakers cannot afford to ignore:




[中美快语 · black jails] A Beijing district court convicted 10 people on illegal confinement of petitioners. The unprecedented conviction renews the public hope for the daunting problem of black jails to be properly addressed by rule of law. More reforms on the petition system are needed, so that ordinary people can get legal protection and have more effective channels to voice grievance and seek justice:





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2012年11月,我一共发了 13+4 条“中美快语”,重温一下吧,也是一种乐趣:



[中美快语 · Everything Grows] Feng Tang's semi-autobiographical novel "Everything Grows" is engaging and sharp-witted. My favorite quote in the book: "We grow either in understanding, or by letting go of those that can never be understood."




[中美快语 · Far and Near]

Look at me one moment
And at clouds next.
I feel,
When you're looking at me, you're faraway.
But when you're looking at the clouds, how could we be nearer!


The translation of Gu Cheng's poem "Far and Near" is fantastic. Gordon T. Osing has found the voice for the poet in English.




[中美快语 · Lady Gaga] Lady Gaga addresses the broad American themes of freedom and personal liberty in her 2011 song "Born This Way". I like the lyrics and her exciting, creative stage presence, but the music itself sounds too sledgehammering and unnerving. Perhaps I'm too old to fully enjoy her songs:




[中美快语 · Arafat] Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's remains were exhumed for poison test, amid a Israel-Hamas ceasefire in Gaza brokered by Egypt and the US. Finding the truth of Arafat's 2004 death would be tough. Seeking a once-and-for-all solution to ease tension and bring peace to the battle-ravaged region would be tougher, or even close to impossible.



[中美快语 · sex tape scandal] Lei Zhengfu, the Chongqing district official caught in a sex tape scandal, was swiftly sacked amid public outcry. But China's antigraft drive cannot solely count on whistleblowers exposing footages online. Unbridled power breeds corruption. Only when a transparent supervision system is right in place to limit officials' power can corruption be effectively curbed:




[中美快语 · Adele] Listening to Adele's Grammy-winning "Rolling in the Deep" played by Chinese zither Guzheng. The heartbreaking English song is now infused with Chinese flavor and dynamism. It goes unconventional, but I enjoy it:
[中美快语 · aircraft carrier] China has successfully landed J-15 jet on its aircraft carrier Liaoning. Let's not overinterpret it even though it comes at a sensitive time of sea rows. Nine other countries, including India, Thailand and Brazil, own carriers, so there's nothing wrong for China to build one to boost its power of deterrence. And, more pilots, LSOs training and practice are also needed to achieve the real combat readiness:



[中美快语 · Taylor Swift] Taylor Swift's MV "Safe and Sound" is bleakly beautiful. It features her wandering in a forest and cooing a wartime lullaby. Not her usual style, but I love it more than her newly released "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". She's so powerful and delicate in exploring emotional depth: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzYwNTE0OTYw.html



[中美快语 · diamonds] The pop song "I wanna marry Gao Fushuai (a big, handsome, rich guy)" reminds me of an old song sung by Marilyn Monroe. So, better not blame Chinese women for being overly materialistic. It's borrowed from the West: "Men grow cold as girls grow old. These rocks don't lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl's best friend."



[中美快语 · Madonna] Watched Madonna Ellen Show rebroadcasted on NBC tonight. I love Madonna for her uncanny talent to continuously reinvent herself. The 54-year-old still has a wonderful stage presence. Yes, she's controversial, but she's really a great artist:




[中美快语 · Gray Thursday] Ready, set, go shopping! Just realized I barely have time to get fully prepared for Black Friday shopping. It's midnight. Others have taken actions by lining up or even hitting the stores! Wondering if I really need a sleep tonight.  http://abcnews.go.com/US/stores-prep-black-friday-mayhem/story?id=17788902


[中美快语 · Panda] Watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade live on TV now. Excited to see the Kung Fu Panda balloon! It's so awesome: http://t.cn/zjUfj25



[中美快语 · FB] My first day with Facebook. Overwhelmed with searching, adding and uploading. Feeling left behind in social media. Curious about when Mark Zuckerberg will enter China.



[中美快语 · 太极2] 月初回中国来去匆匆,看功夫片《太极2:英雄崛起》算是此行很少的娱乐项目之一。冯德伦导演、洪金宝监制、梁家辉/冯绍峰主演的这部功夫片,亮点不少。最抓眼球的,莫过于太极、八卦对擂和天威翼救主的两场。传统功夫加入流行元素,原汁新味兼顾,感觉不错:http://t.cn/zlrrWpY



[中美快语 · 亮相2] “打铁还需自身硬”,新总书记的讲话还未完,但这句已是点睛,耐人寻味。


[中美快语 · 亮相] 回到洛杉矶两天了。北京时间上午11点,放下手头所有事情,在网上看中国新领导层亮相的直播:http://t.cn/zls9Eam 很多海外华人,此时应也心系母国、在做同样的事吧。



[中美快语 · 第一场雪] 刚回北京,就遭遇今冬第一场雪。洛杉矶穿短袖,北京则恨不得裹上羽绒服。说起来,这两座城市,算得上是第二和第三家乡了。它们气候迥异,人文风格也千差万别,很难说更偏爱哪个。就比如现在,LA每天蓝天白云阳光明媚是一种美,BJ白雪皑皑四季分明也是一种美。各有各的好吧。




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09/03/2012 (Mon.)


Passing by (走过)





















周末陪美国老同学去洛杉矶南一小时车程的Murrieta市的一座基督教圣经学校。想到这里的学生每晚睡前能泡一泡温泉,享受大自然的恩赐,其他校园难免相形见绌了。图为校园内的一处温泉,旁边有“小心,烫”(Caution Hot)的字样。(徐燕摄,2012年9月,美国加州Murrieta)








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