• 2010.11.26,我在新浪博客安家。
  • 2010.12.05,我写下了第一篇博文:《2011 是一个充满机会的一年/ Look forward 2011》。
  • 2010.12.06
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At first glance, Germany’s decision not to insist on compulsory participation by private lenders in the latest bail-out of Greece may seem like a defeat for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Europe’s largest economy. But appearances can be deceiving. On another, more important level, Germany came out of the latest round of brinkmanship exactly where it may well have wanted to be – with the common currency intact and Germany able to motor forward.

These are heady days for Germany. With its torrid 6.1 per cent first-quarter growth rate, it leads the field among industrialised nations. While Barack Obama has been exhorting the US to boost its exports, Germany – with just 82m inhabitants – has less vocally remained the world’s second-largest exporter. That has not only generated a huge current account surplus but has contributed two-thirds of Germany’s economic growth over the past decade.

For German workers, the current prosperity

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   Essential for the success and life are two important features of self-confidence and self-discipline. Most people will spare no effort to obtain the first characteristic - self-confidence; but in the process is very easy to lose or have lost their second feature - self-discipline. Many people may prefer the 21st Century Maslow  'Life hierarchy of needs. That is combined with a peak demand: consumption of drugs (ie, consumer transition) ”because most of the lack of religion in modern society, lack of patriotism, more the lack of serious philosophical beliefs. Bearing in mind the self-discipline, especially when vulnerable and success.



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Human desires are unlimited fame and fortune, if not control your own heart, the reality can never satisfy your desires, you will never be caught empty state, a lot of time, people's status and his wisdom does not match.



Greater ambition of a person, failure becomes more painful, because the reality and the dream which spans an insurmountable divide. Should know: You can not achieve all the objectives is a necessary part of life; If you want to be remembered, try the bottom-up approach. T
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    The love we have will always be for us all. And for the time to the love, will always be lost. 10% of life is how you make it and 90% how you take it.Do not said that a man to be unfortunate whom have brave enough to love . cos there have their glory with  no love in return .


      Always be a little kinder than necessary .Do not believe in fairies ? say quick that you believe if you believe, clap your hands ! cos I'm youth,I'm joy,I'm a little  bird that has broken out of eggs .


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Do the things with familiar and do the things you be  good at. Actively grasp the key to do every serious that  you think are important things in your life . Not to be do  an active performer in your life . As the French say : 'you have only one stomach. Too many good things to eat will not digest.' So to keep ambitions in life is not to say we do not need conservative. To study hard and be more professional, more serious. Ambition and conservative they are not conflict, there is a limit to everything. Accumulation of wealth is a long p
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不要紧; 算了吧; 会过去的。生活就是这样,所看到的,你所体会到的都是心中所感受的。明天总是不一样的!

Life can be going easy .you just need lisen your heart , do not let your heart blind your eyes ...take easy and learn give up in right time and you know all good and worse happy and unhappy will be past and new day will be coming that you can not stopping that...tomorrow always another day !

so laughing with perfect smile as he told me  enjoy your life !
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十九世纪美国著名的神学家和作家Tyron Edwards,他写下了:

Thought leads to actions ,actions lead to habits , habits become your character ,character determines destiny...(

He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today.(一个人如果从来不改变他的观念,不修正错误,那么他的明天永远都不会比今天更聪明智慧)


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(2011-04-01 15:29)

Romeance mathematics:

Smart man + smart woman = romance 
Smart man + dumb woman = affair 
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage 
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy 


Office arithmetic:

Smart boss + smart employee = profit 
Smart boss + dumb employee = producti

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Developed countries, overcapacity in Europe and America the debt problem, international short-term capital flows, inflation is the world's four major risks facing the economy. First, and most importantly, developed countries still suffer from high unemployment in the troubled housing and manufacturing overcapacity. This suppression of the private consumption and investment and reduce economic growth. In developed countries, financial and investment income, high-risk portfolio has been called the 'new normal.'
Developed countries remains high until the debt restructuring, which could threaten global financial stability. A large number of short-term capital flows to middle-income countries, exerted pressure on its currency's appreciation may hurt their external competitiveness, worsening its growth prospects, and gave birth to the capital bubble.
Food, commodity and oil prices damage the interests of the poor, threatening the social stab
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