Part 1:
(general Q's about your life)

Do you live in a house or a flat? Which is your favourite room in your house  flat?  If you could choose, would you prefer to live in a city or in the countryside?

How often do you take public transport? Do you like the public transport system in your city? 

What's your favourite form of long-distance travel, by car, by train or by air? Would you like to travel to outer space
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1 Students at schools and universities can learn more from lessons with their teachers than from other sources, such as the Internet and television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2 In some countries, secondary schools provide students with a wide range of subjects. In other countries, secondary school students study a narrow range of subjects related to particular careers. Which do you think is better?

3 Today, many young people leave school with a negative attitude towards learning. What are the causes of this? Suggest some solutions.

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Essay question (CN, September 24, 2016)

City dwellers today rarely socialise with their neighbours and the sense of community is being lost.  What are the causes of this? Suggest some solutions.


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(2013-12-26 02:07)

Hi Pat:
I am one of your readers. The first time I took the IELTS test was in April 2013. Back then, my speaking was 5.5, my writing was 6 and the overall score was 6.5. Then I read your books before I took the test for the second time. And I have to say they helped me a lot! Every time I read them, I felt like I was communicating with you. Thank you very much! I’d like to share my learning experience with all the friends who are preparing for the test now.


I kept listening to BBC every day. This is one of the reasons I did well in listening. What I also recommend for listening is using the lis

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Dear Pat,


I am very grateful for your books. They gave me the courage to face the frustration caused by my past failure. I'd like to share my experience with others who are confused by IELTS as I want to do something as you have been doing to help more people fulfill their dreams. Thanks again!

Yours Sincer

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8.5 / 9 is a great score for the speaking section. Congrats! - Pat


Hi Pat,


Thanks for your books! I just got my scores yesterday and I really appreciate the help of your books!!



Wenbo Liu

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(2013-07-29 10:15)




These section scores are good enough for most top-tier universities. Don’t be too modest. Take credit for your achievement. :-)          Pat  




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 Hi Pat!

  I took the IELTS test on 9th March 2013. When I got the result two weeks later, I was really surprised!! I know that without you,I could not have achieved this! Thanks a lot again for your help Pat!!!

  Kind Regards,
 Jiakun Cong

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(2012-11-11 23:48)




听力,我只做了剑桥,同时强烈建议看美剧什么的保持语感,语感非常重要啊!我是在悉尼的西悉尼考场考的,听力设施确实太烂了!一个大礼堂,就两个喇叭在前面,真心听不清啊!这时候考的不是listening,是hearing !



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(2012-10-14 22:18)
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