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分类: 走遍美国
第二十六课:Opening Night

What's this? 这是什麽
Read it. 读出来吧。
I can't. 我不敢读。
Would you read it, Marilyn? 请 读好吗 Maarilyn
'Richard Stewart's show at the Carlson Gallery 'Richard Stewaart在Carlson画廊展出的
is a collection of photographs 是选出的摄影作作
from his new book entitled Family Album, U.S.A. 从他的新书Famiily Album, U.S.A.
There is power and beauty in Mr. Stewart's work, Stewart先生的鬃髌分姓 现出力与美。
and his book 他的书
introduces us to a remarkable new talent.' 让我们看到一位位卓越的新秀。
Oh, Richard, it's wonderful! 噢 Richard 烫 棒了

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十六课:Opening Night

Do you like the dress? 你喜欢这套衣服服
I love it. 我喜欢。
I designed it myself. 这是我自己设计计的
It's beautiful. 它很漂亮。
Are you ready? 你准备好了吗
We're supposed to be there 我们应当先到那那
before the guests arrive. 在客人到达之前前
I know. I know. 我知道。我知道道
Help me with this tie, will you? 帮我打领带 好好
Honey, I'm scared to death. 亲爱的 我害怕怕得要命
But this is what you've been working for all these years. 但你多年来的工工作 为的就是这个呀
No, no. 不 不。
I worked to put together a book of photographs. 我的工作是创作作出

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十五课:Country Music

I'm so glad everyone is asleep. 很高兴大技 都睡了。
I thought Max would be crying, and everybody would be awake. 我还以为MMax会哭个不停 让大家都睡不著。
What did I tell you? 我不是告怂吖 吗
Nothing to worry about. 没有什麽汉 担心的。
I'm sure everything is fine. 我确信一乔卸 很好。
My mother knows all there is to know 我母亲完热 懂得
about taking care of babies, I assure you. 如何照顾行『 我向 保证。
Let's put some of this stuff away and then take off. 让我们把膊 份东西拿出来 然後就走啦。
We've got a forty-minute drive into the city. 我们还要靠 四十分钟 车到城 去

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十五课:Country Music

Oh, I love it! 哦 我太舷不读
I love it! 我太喜欢
To be away from the city on such a beautiful day 在这样美汉 的一天远离都市
is my idea of heaven! 正是我所挝降 天堂
The grass. The trees. The fresh air. 草地 树哪 新鲜空气。
I told you you'd like it. I've been doing this for years. 我告诉过 会喜欢的。我多年来一直从事这项活动。
You have the spirit of a teenager, Susan. 有一股 青少年的朝气 Susan。
Wait till you see yourself jumping around. 等著看 哪 到处乱蹦的样 吧。
That's what I love about Susan. 这就是我鞍甋usan的一点。
She works hard. 工作起来破疵
She pla

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十五课:Country Music

Hot dogs. I love hot dogs. 热狗。我舷不度 狗。
There is nothing better than a hot dog in the country. 在美国没佑斜热裙 更好的东西了。
Hot dogs and mustard. 热狗和芥哪
Cooked outdoors over an open fire. 在户外的换 堆上烤。
I wish I had one now. 我真希望舷 在就来一个。
Do you remember when Daddy and I used to take you 你还记得鞍 爸和我常带你
and Susan and Robbie to Jones Beach? Susan Roobbie去Jones海滨的事吗
Oh, I sure do. 哦 我当热 记得。
We'd wait until dark and make a fire, 我们等到烫 黑就升火
and we'd cook the hot dogs. 然後烤热构贰
Oh, don't forget t

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十四课:Parting Friends

How about some music? 来点音乐怎麽样
No, let's wait till Robbie gets back from the airport. 不要。我们等Robbie创 机场回 吧。
Did she say why she had to leave today? 她说了她为什麽今天贩亲 不可吗
She told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, 她告诉Robbie说 她妹 天的班机取消了
so she had to take an earlier flight today. 所以她不得不在今天创 早一班的班机。
This is terrible. 真是太糟了。
Well, that must be him. 噢 一定是他。
Why is he blowing his horn like that? 为什麽他这样子按喇
I don't know. 我不知道。
Maybe he's angry. 也许他在生气。
Do you t

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十四课:Parting Friends

You ready for the next problem? 你准备好做下一道题亮寺
You know what? 知道吗
I can't look at another number. 我简直一个数字也看膊 进去了。
How about a lemonade break? 休息一下喝点柠檬水汉寐
Sure. 当然可以。
Oh, by the way, 噢 顺便问一下
when is your plane reservation for your flight to Athens? 飞Athens订的是什鼢 时候的班机
Sunday. Why? 星期天。为什麽问这
Would you be able to come over Saturday night? 星期六晚上能过来
Yes. 能。
I should be finished packing by then. 到那时候我应该已经照 理好行李了。
My folks are giving me a little graduation party.

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十四课:Parting Friends

Hi, Mom. 嗨 妈。
Hi, Robbie. 嗨 Robbie。
You're home from school early. 你今天从学校回来得栽纭
Yeah, they're getting the assembly hall 是啊 他们在 置大览裉
ready for the graduation ceremony, 为毕业典礼做准备
so we all got to go home early. 所以我们都非早回家膊 可。
Too noisy to study. 太吵了 书看不下去
Well, now that you're here, 嗯 既然你回来了
you can help me with dinner. 你就来帮我准备晚餐
I need those potatoes peeled and sliced. 那些马铃薯需要剥皮汉 切片。
Mom, give me a break. 妈 让我喘口气。
Alexandra's coming over to help me Alexandra就要来

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十三课:The Community Center

Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late. 嗨 各位好。汉 抱歉我迟到了。
But Alexandra and I 但Alexandra和和
have been busy at work this morning 一早上都在忙
on the community-center project. 为社区中心的适隆
And we brought someone along who can help. 而且我们带来亮四 帮助我们的人。
You remember Charles Maxwell, Grandpa? 你记得Charless Maxwell吗 爷爷
He's the editor of the Riverdale paper. 他是Riverdalee报的编辑。
He wrote some nice articles on Mom 他写了一些介缮 妈妈的好文章
when she was running for the school board. 在妈妈竞选联汉闲 董会席次时。
Yes, I remember. Y

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分类: 走遍美国
第二十三课:The Community Center

There is a way, Malcolm. 有一个办法 MMalcolm。
We get our friends to roll their sleeves up and get to work. 我们召集我们档呐笥压餐 起袖子来做。
It's certainly a good idea. 这的确是个好种 意。
If I could take a look at the place, 假如我能看看哪 个地方的话
I could probably tell what it requires to fix it up. 我大致能说出行薷 它需要些什麽。
How much paint, how many hours of work ... 多少油漆 多缮 小时的工作量……
That's what I came to ask you to do, Malcolm. 这正是我来请哪 做的 Malcolm。
If you would supervise the refurbishing, 假如你能监督照薰
I'll find t

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